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Halong Bay

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⚬⚯⚬⚯⚬⚯⚬⚯⚬⚯⚬ 岡山で部活動 おしゃべり女子写真部 pieni ecoleさん に参加させていただきました。 緊張しいの新参者をあたたかく受け容れてくださってうれしかったです。 カガワナツコさん( happynatsu03 )、ご一緒させていただいたみなさん ありがとうございました! 次回もぜひ❤ 写真は 帰りに少しだけ街なかを歩いて撮ったスナップ。 最近ミラーレス一眼ですら重たくデカい!と感じるようになったので、デイリーユースはコンデジに変更。 この日初めて持ち歩いたけど軽い!小さい!快適! フィルムカメラは梅雨明けから練習スタートしよう。 巧くなりたーい。 おしゃべり女子写真部 岡山 出石町 pieni pieniecole instasnap snapshot ricoh ricohgr3 gr3 griii instasize 今日ではないある日 20190721 練習あるのみ

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: 예전에 누가 나한테 오늘 하늘 봤냐고 물어봤었다 아니 왜? 하니까 하루에 한 번씩 꼭 하늘은 봐, 바빠도 여유롭게 하늘을 보는 시간을 너한테 줘. 라고 했다

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You shouldn’t hoard you clothes, they say. Keep your wardrobe fresh and clutter free, they say. Well, this vintage 11 year old dress is doing me fine right about now thank you very much. Jeez. HOT OUT THERE OR WHAT?! ☀️☀️☀️🥵

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尼崎市水堂にあります水堂須佐男神社です。 前方後円墳の水堂古墳に建造された珍しい神社でもあります。 古墳と万葉の花の宮といわれているようで境内には随所にお花を見ることが出来ます 御朱印も花が描かれて可愛いと人気ですが、この時は人気の為在庫切れでした。 水堂須佐男神社 御朱印 御朱印帳 お花 万葉 尼崎 尼崎市 兵庫県 神社 神社仏閣巡り 神社巡り お宮参り 手水舎 古墳 水堂古墳 前方後円墳 天井画 flower instapic instasnap shrine japan japantrip amagasaki

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W A C O A S T 🌊

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키야 얘두라 나 잘 찍었다고 칭찬해됴라 ! 😳

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Happy 9th anniversary One direction❤writing this makes me cross through a million emotionsit's been 7years for supporting these "laddy lads"they have so much control over me and my mood that no one else possesses. From being the "boys in the stairs " to the "best boyband of the era"they have given us reason to believe in ourselvesthere was timethat I lost a part of myself due to personal reasonsbut 1d taught me to lovelouis taught me to live every day with a smile on face and face the problems bravelyliam taught me to never give upniall taught me to love myself first and also to be myselfzayn taught me to give importance to myself firstand harry taught me to treat people with kindness. We have come across a huge journeystaying beside each otherWe,Directioners have proved to be the best fandom in the whole freaking world again and againwe stayed even when 1d is in hiatusand I'm sure we will stay "till the end" . I'm sure that "We can make it till the end" . I have never loved someone as much as I do to 1dthey r the most important thing in my lifethus, ONE BAND, ONE DREAM , ONE DIRECTION ❤ 1dupdates onedirection onebandonedreamonedirection ot5 liampayne louistomlinson Niallhoran harrystyles zaynmalik directioner 1dfamily directioner 1d onedirection hazza loubear nialler payno djmalik stan1d instasnap instadaily instapic 1dupdates onedirection onebandonedreamonedirection ot5 liampayne louistomlinson niallhoran harrystyles zaynmalik directioners 1dfamily loveloveonedirection niallhoran harrystyles louist91 liampayne zayn 🥕