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As the only all Dual Language school in the Omaha Public Schools, Jackson Elementary provides students with instruction in both English and Spanish. Not only does this opportunity support secondary language and cognitive skills, but it also helps students grow in their intercultural competency starting at a age. ilovepublicschools language nebraska world worldly culture cognitiveskills teachersfollowteachers teachergram teachersofinstagram iteachtoo iteachbilinguals iteachbilingual readingspecialist iteach igteachers teachersofig teacherblogger duallang teacher learning words learn study education focus development intelligent brain mind

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Last night I got to go see the ever so wonderful, eloquent, and inspirational Michelle Obama 💜 With Jimmy Kimmel as the moderator! It was such a breath of fresh air to hear kindness and caring, messages of positivity, so much laughter, and intelligence, all of which is greatly lacking with the current White House administration. There were lots of video clips and stories shared about Barack and her girls and tears were definitely shed! I miss that family so much! 😥😭 One of my favorite stories she shared last night was about their last night in the White House the day before the next inauguration. You’d think they’d be very busy preparing for their move out/inauguration or just having family time that night but their daughters and some of their friends begged Michelle to let them have one last sleepover in the White House so she let them! The next morning she had to rush everyone out bright and early because the Trumps were coming but she had realized she had no idea how any of them were going to get home because all the roads were shut down around the White House 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ This was a sold out show and the biggest crowd she’s had on this tour of hers! Way to go Washington! Now everyone needs to get out the VOTE in 2020! Let’s get intelligence and positivity back in the White House! 💙 No more of this leading by fear and hate we’ve had to deal with the last 4 years! Russel Wilson’s Wife Ciara as well as Eddie Vedder also made appearances to discuss who they are becoming! IAmBecoming WhoAreYouBecoming MichelleObama JimmyKimmel BarackObama TheObamas EddieVedder Positivity Inspirational Intelligent Caring Laughter Eloquent VOTE2020 BestFLOTUS IMissThemSoMuch DumpTrump

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Poem : I guess I’m not goood enough, bitch wtf . poetry Man all these boys approach me with the same approach. It’s to the point , I feel like they come and go with the same flow. The water drains and now I can’t swim, I can’t float. He said he fly like a bird but I’m shark do do do do, do you know how to choke on someone and act like we anit cool witch ya ya’ know? Cause the lie you yell and tell to me. He’s the only one he believes in himself. Cause some point you need to wake up I’m humble. Im broke intelligent and bitch nigga who don’t give a fuck. Mannnn mama threw me the street, foster parents didn’t care if I eat. I’m to strong I don’t sleep. I’m surviving cause I was raised in the woods with wolfs. I’m to smart to be deceive, I feasts on the truth and you feast on me. Watch how everything don’t make sense cause I’m not there To add and subtract. The feast didn’t start by you , I prepared the ingredients for you to eat. You so fucking dumb ,you think you played me ?? Well played, Cause baby You used me But I used you You’re crazy Why the fuck Didn’t I claim You sooner They said I did this and that lol that’s just a rumor. I guess I’m not goood enough, bitch wtf . poetry I guess I’m not goood enough, bitch wtf .

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Tbh it's the same with couples, friends and families. I appreciate and truly value/respect each one who always has and will be there. Learning from your mistakes and from one another, It's amazing looking back with gratitude that you didn't give up. We're all different and nobody's perfect so now that I'm older more experienced mentally mature, I always find it interesting to get to the causes/root of the problem by being patient listening and understanding eachother by letting your ego or guard down, it's a beautiful feeling! (Which took practice for me) It takes even more strength! Especially to believe in someone who finds it difficult believing in their self, you'll be GLAD you did and did NOT stay bitter, they'll appreciate you even more in return. It's such an important life lesson to value your loved ones more than material possessions, keep them close, don't get lost in your head or close your heart off, or pride yourself in your ego. Nobody's perfect we're all trying to get through life but together makes it much more easier and JOYFUL! 😁🙏💗 night thought mentalhealth awareness inspire mind body soul spirit attitude strength power health love energy love value couple friends family God good wise woke women grateful humble intelligent growth life lessons

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Deante is the definition of a loyal man. He loves his mother and any woman he loves has to love him as his mom does. He is competitive, handsome very attractive all the the ladies wants to be his girl, but he is very particular in who he dates. He almost always wins at every thing he does, very intelligent and good with numbers. Very fashionable. The perfect son, the perfect man. His dreams and aspirations will take him far in life he will be successful in life If ur looking for the perfect man u need a Deante. urbandictionary said it best 🤣💪🏾‼️ love who you are even if it’s not a theedeante explore 🗣📸 thejoejames

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This patient came to us at the Norwood 6 stage of baldness which is considered severe. At this point, there is not enough hair left on the scalp to significantly improve a person's coverage. Our clinic has developed our Dr.UGraft technology to safely remove large quantities of body hair and expand the patient's donor supply. This approach helped this patient receive a total of 25,000 grafts taken from the head, nape, chest and beard area. His results are shown here. hair hairline menshair menshairstyles hairlosssolution hairmakeover newbeginnings happyending instagood menstagram lookingood reinventyourself hairinspo hair hairgoals hairoftheday hairtransformation hairloss hairjourney hairofinstagram hairgrowth innovation hairtransplant technology outsidethebox intelligent solutions mens menstyle bald

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🔸️🔶️PRONTO NUESTRA PÁGINA WEB WWW.BODYBEST.CL ENTRARÁ EN ACCIÓN🔶️🔸️ . 👉SUPLEMENTACIÓN ESPECIALIZADA SEGÚN OBJETIVOS: . 🔸️Asesoría en la compra 🔸️Los precios más bajos del mercado 🔸️Pack de Suplementos (mientras más suplementos, más economico) 🔸️Descuento CODIGO TEAM 🔸️Inscripción Amigos de (BODYFRIEND). Precios Especiales y atención😎 . 👉ASESORÍA ONLINE Y PRESENCIAL: . 🔸️Asesoría según Objetivos (Competitivo - Disciplina Deportiva - Personalizado) 🔸️Apoyo Físico 🔸️Apoyo Psicológico Deportivo 🔸️Apoyo al Deportista 🔸️Proyecto Bodybest . 👉Para lograr este Gran Proyecto contamos con profesionales con basta experiencia en el area: . 🔸️Preparadores Físicos 🔸️Motivadores 🔸️Profesores de Educación Física 🔸️Nutricionistas y Dietistas 🔸️Kinesiologos 🔸️Psicólogos Deportivos 🔸️Masoterapeutas 🔸️Otros . 👉Quienes apoyarán en cada area específica para que el deportista profesional o amateur cumpla satisfactoriamente su objetivo 👉Area de Reclutamiento Profesionales de la Salud y Deportes 🔸️🔶️ES OTRA INNOVACIÓN DE BODYBEST.CL🔶️🔸️y . bodybest_advisor . acción actitud confianza seguridad garantía atención asesoría respaldo plan planes paquetes bodypack bodybest_nutrition bodybest_advisor perseverance perseverancia constancia constance empresa empresas enterprise conglomerado unión equipo equipment mentalidad inteligencia intelligent supplements suplementos

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HappyBirthday to Dr Wladimir klitschko. Born 25 March 1976, he is a Ukrainian former professional boxer who competed from 1996 to 2017. He held the world  HeavyweightChampionship twice, including the wbcboxingwbaboxingofficial (Super),  ibfboxingworldboxingorgintlboxingorganizationofficialringtv magazine and  lineal titles. A strategic and intelligent boxer, DrSteelhammer is considered to be one of the best heavyweight champions of all time. He was known for his exceptional  KnockoutPower, using a strong jab, straight right handand left hook, as well as excellent  footwork and mobility, unusual for boxers of his size. HappyBirthdayChamp! EasternVibesBoxing in DXB, WeExpectNothingButHardWork Dubai

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The Secret Technology That Is Taking artificialintelligence To New Places Are the robots really taking over? By robots, I mean artificially intelligent machine-based learning algorithms that mimic the workings of a human brain. Except… they don’t really. With all the buzz about artificialintelligence ( AI) and machinelearning now you would think that the human brain Read the full story on bigdata analytics bi businessintelligence cloud iot internetofthings visualization ai datascience startup innovation transformation AI artificialintelligence

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Make a study schedule that fits your way of studying and do not leave anything for the last minute. While some students do seem to thrive on last-minute studying, often this way of partial studying is not the best approach for exam preparation. Write down how many exams you have, how many pages you have to learn, and the days you have left. Afterwards, organize your study habits accordingly.⠀ BEST COACHING IN HSC - JEE / NEET⠀ For inquiry contact : 9920030136 or dm on insta/fb⠀ JEE NEET MAINS HARDWORK student computerscience study success engineering engneeringstudent indian mumbai best class classes informationtechnology trnd trend trending trendingnow glorious academy intelligent rise iit enterpreneur exam mumbai

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motivationmonday You ever look at a picture and it takes you back to a time!?🤔 This pic is my reminder to keep hustling because this isn't even close to a final form Always move pieces according to your goals. Dont lose who you are to your looks. They can fade quick or a crippling injury can occur. Dont take on a fulltime persona. Invest in self love and knowledge instead! mindset competition hustlehard grind bodybuilder classicphysique abs personaltrainer motivation shredded shredded asthetics goldenera npc ifbb ifbbpro inspire intelligent workout muscles grandrapids passion

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LIFE RULE: Virtuality VS Reality Facts: We aren't living just in the reality anymore. A lot of us spend the most time in the virtual world. In some case we feel more comfortable being in the Virtuality than living real. Tips: The Reality should dominate your day. 5 things you can do to have a interesting Reality and to not be too much in the virtual world: . -Talk, play or cook with family/friends -Take a walk or do sports -Read books or newspapers -Sing or dance -Meditate life world reality virtuality real virtual mental problems matrix green computer robot intelligent smart people humans infinity

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So my best friend miss_sofieeeee won this photo shoot on Instagram. When she asked me to be apart of it I of course was excited and accepted the invitation. This was such a fun experience, we’ve been so lucky to be apart of their anti-bullying campaign. Thank you unleashe_official boo2bullying for sharing this experience with me and and allowing me to break out of my shell ❤️ photoshoot boo2bullying loveyourself youareloved iamloved youarebeautiful beautiful californiagirls caligirl blackandwhite smile peace ✌🏼✌🏼 loyal proud intelligent loved iamjustme unleashe

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So proud of you destiniartis_ I can't believe you have played your last highschool basketball game! Way to end it with major personal accomplishments: Spotlight academic award, All conference honorable mention Defensive player, Team Hardhat Award,Team Defensive player of the year, Team Captain, Team MVP! augsburguniversity auggsbergauggies your getting an excellent student, great individual, My Daughter ❤👏🏾😁 GODSWORK collegebound countyourblessings intelligent&athletic leader auggies diversity

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Всем привет☺️👋🏻 Спасибо вам за то, что вы здесь🙏🏻 Предлагаю нам всем познакомиться таким образом: напишите, пожалуйста, в комментарии ваше образование (если нет - не стесняйтесь, поставьте пропуск, поверьте, оно ничего не решает;)), а через тире напишите, кем вы сейчас работаете (или чем заняты бОльшую часть времени, даже если вам за это не платят), а еще через тире напишите, чем вы обычно занимаетесь, чтобы поднять себе настроение и вдохновиться:) Например: Экономист - Продаю бытовую технику - рисую природу:) Или: Инженер - Преподаю труды в школе - стреляю в тире и тд) Потом я расскажу, в чем суть дела😉 Поехали⤵️✊🏻 me video instavideo знакомство обомне follow followme lifeisgood beautiful clever intelligent москва moscow purgaeva_myway beauty happy behappy bebetter beyourself purgaeva_myway happiness lifeisgood onlygoodvibes