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My uso came in yesterday for that Spring Break Fresh Up! Good luck on the interview, I mean CONGRATULATIONS $WIPE➡️➡️➡️💈💈💈 Been focusing and trying really hard to better myself as an individual and a hair stylist. In a short time, barbering has taught me so much more than hair. It’s time to turn it up a notch! To anyone considering going into a barber career, or just interested in doing hairschool, private school, Finanial aid, Apprenticewhat ever you decidemy small advice to anyone thinking about chasing any dream Just Do It student4life barberlove barbersoul_ barberstudent menshaircut sidepart classicman classichaircuts newman whodis wahls samoanbarber teampoly day1customers Thanks2AllThoseThatSHOTwithMe intheGym freshfadesdaily makethecut goalcrushers entrepreneursChangetheWorld JustTrynaChangeLives🇼🇸 pnw Seattle Tacoma

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Beach holiday next week Is it too late for this now? 😅 SaveAndShare Have fun💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Disclaimer: You can NOT just work on your abs and expect them to come say hi. YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE FAT 🙅🏻‍♀️. If you wanna lose your belly fat, you still need to work on the rest of your body Credit to and repost from kayla_itsines sweat One of my most requested videos! BEGINNER ABS 👏💪 This is for people wanting to build up their core/abs! You can set the reps to whatever suits you but I’ve put some in there that everyone can use as a guideline ! Try these for 3 rounds and see how you go! You can even add some of these into your full body workouts ❤️ mondaymotivation strongcore

8 hours ago

Just happy and proud of myself - little wins, step by step, consistency over perfection! Another day in the gym! This time - after an amazing long day full of beauty, make up, cosmetics, great meetings and talks in another town. In the end I was thinking- should I find а gym here, should I train at all today? And then I said to myself - I need to go, I promised myself that I will keep going 🥁🎸🏋🏻‍♀️ And found an amazing place by the way 🤓. Просто се радвам и съм горда от себе си, заради малките победи, стъпка по стъпка, постоянство срещу перфекционизъм. Още един ден във фитнеса! Този път след прекрасен дълъг ден, изпълнен с много красота, гримове, козметика, чудесни срещи и разговори в друг град. Накрая си мислех - да търся ли фитнес тук, изобщо да тренирам ли днес? И след това си казах - имам нужда да отида, обещах си, че ще продължа да вървя напред ☺️ И междудругото открих прекрасен фитнес 😀😝

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🌟Why should you host a Zyia Partyoh let me tell you the ways!🌟 . Do you want the chance to get all of this: * 3-Pairs of Pocket Light n Tight Capris * 1-Pair of Hi-Rise Flame 7/8's Leggings * 2-Bomber Bras * 1-Boyfriend Lounge Sweater * 1- Copper Charged Tank . She recieved all of this for ONLY $120 😲🔥 . That's right ya'll one of my awesome hosts just got 8 items for the cost of basically two regular priced items 🙌🏽🙌🏽 . So, you see more than your wallet can handle? Do you think your friends would enjoy something like this? It’s the best way to save money and still get ALL the activewear on your wish list. They will love you for introducing them to Zyia and you will earn a little Zyia shopping spree on me! 😘 . Who is ready to party with me?! I am now booking parties for April, with 4 spots left Message me now to get on my calendar. Zyia parties are the BEST parties! Comment below and we’ll find a day that works 💜🌙💚🌙💜 ZyiaActive independentrepresentative HostaParty inthegym dailylife nightout youpick quality comfort style onemorerep selasfitnesswear

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Sunday in the gym took it easy and faffed around mainly 😆 (1) procrastinating between sets of pull-ups (2) contemplation in-between lateral jumps (3) break between tricep dips (4) thinking about some bicep curlshonest I did workout! (ish). I’ve got a heat/sweat rash on my back that is driving me crazy hence me not wearing the usual T-shirt gymselfie inthegym lazygymday lazysunday gymrat gymbunny stronggirlsrule fitspiration fitnessmotivation strengthtraining fitnessgoals gym fitness gogogourri

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Another one from the 💫🌌Midnight Photoshoot 🌜🌕with housecatstudio Fabian - thank you ❤️ Make Up Artist: the gorgeous dannielsjames.mua Daniel, I know we can't say by these photos but your make up was badass! That glow effect was out of this world✨🦄 fitnessbra lurvsportswear lurv favbrand fitnessphotography fitspo fitnessfashion fitnessphotoshoot fitnessmodeling fitmodels dustypink yogabody nikesneakers fitnessleggings anytimefitness kettlebells fitwomen plyobox gymphotography gymphotoshoot inthegym 🏋️ crossfitlovers

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GYM TIPS— 1. Wear an alien shirt so that everyone will think you’re weird and no one will talk to you. 2. Double-tie your bun so it stays in place. 3. ALWAYS remember your Just Strong gear disclaimer: I did not work out in Chacos but I wish I could 🤷🏼‍♀️ . If you want to try out Just Strong, use my discount code CSHICKS10 for 10% off!

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There’s something about this sight that I’ve always loved: glitter and grit. There’s more than one way to be anything; how you define isn’t important, but what you do is. Catching a glimpse of my nails flashing in the light as I curl my fingers around a bar or a weight or a machine as I take a deep breath and get ready for another set is a reminder of who I am in a space it took me a long time to be comfortable in; it’s a reminder that I’m there for my body and my mind; it shows that there is sparkle with the strength, that I can have both. Thanks also to the filthy creature who covered that bar in chalk notguilty nailsdid inthegym fitness thisgirlcan girlswholift recovery health wellbeing dropitlikeasquat glitterinthegym noplacelikehome

2 days ago

I’m back on the ‘gram, and also back in the running shoes I wore for *that* half marathon 😬 dontblametheshoes

2 days ago

Don’t limit your workout because you think you don’t have the right machine or know how to use it to do an exercise! 🙌 Sometimes, I use the cable machine to do some hip adduction or abduction exercises. I like to mix it up between this, the hip adduction/abduction mean, resistance bands and ankle weights! ⁣ •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ •⁣ hipadduction cablemachine glutework gluteworkout glutesworkout howto gymequipment bombshell bombshellsportswear bombshellfitness workoutroutine bootypump workoutclothes ankle anklet liftingweights coordination mobilitytraining californiagirls californiagirl gymislife hipabduction balancing leggingsarepants leggingsarelife inthegym⁣ ⁣

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Some sessions inthegym are not meant for showing yourself or others what you can do, rather than working on properform so you can learn and get better at something you want to achieve. I have been kinda shy about doing powercleans since I got shoulder/rotator cuff surgery in 2016 and still have clicks in my right arm at times, but power cleans are such an important lift that affects different body muscles from back to legs and core that I feel the need to work on them often, whether it be using barbells like this at lafitness or dumbbells at Planet. Yall may not see the 10s on the sides of the big 45-lb plates, so 155 is what I'm using for my reps, but that's my highest I have used for reps so far and I wanna get into the 200+ range soon. I usually do close grip, but I feltthatshit when I went widegrip tonite! 🏋🏾‍♂️ 💪🏽 powerlifting weightlifting weighttraining weightroom LAFitness LAFitnessLifestyle CordovaTN Memphis

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Instead of rugbyrepost to start the week we're doing a repost to show you some love before you step on the pitch this weekend. greenvillerugbyclub ko1katsu beijing_she_devils crazy_piratesclub lakenhamhewettladiesrfc Good luck this weekend and remember to SupportYourMate We hope everyone has been enjoying the different types of posts that we have been trying out and just to let you know about slick swag to help with everyday life check out _poppinup_ phone accessories. Download RuConA now available in the app store to see exclusive content At RuConA our passion for playing, watching, coaching, and reffing rugby matches continues to grow That's why we love to see our followers on the rugbypitch  inTheGym ️, and participating in ️ filmSessions . You're awesome And for those missing out on the fun getOutAndPlay rugby Not only do we promote getting active in the rugbycommunity we want to promote those involved in making our community stronger. If you're looking for a repost just tag us in your rugby pic encouragement rugger goals rugby discipline worktogether ruckon youthRugby youtharethefuture usarugby strength stamina explosion getresults

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It’s no surprise that we’re getting sprayed worse on 322 than any other day. This will make more sense when the new material is released! In the meantime, let us recognise a far more helpful event, which also took place on this date. 37 years ago the mighty ironmaiden released one of their many masterpieces, thenumberofthebeast! We hope this one fuels your workouts today, too! Crank, accordingly! metal onthisday skullandbones newmusic music original NWOBHM 🇬🇧 workout gym inthegym atthegym destroythepower

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When he’s not in the gym with athletes, author Mike Volkmar loves DIY home improvements, reading fiction and helping coach his ’s activities. What do you like to do outside of the gym? author coach gym inthegym

2 days ago

New lights are going up in the Tracy Fieldhouse! wootwoot

2 days ago

Banging arm session with jonnsbodyconditioning this morning to earn tonight’s cheat meal 😎 started with some flat bench as a feeder for yesterday ending on a drop set of 110/80/50 but feeling it now teamshapechangers

2 days ago

I spent a lot of time in my life creating reasons why I couldn’t work out. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, but I didn’t have time. I would be sore when I went to work, which would make me a less effective bartender (no joke. I still use this.) I would but (insert one of the many reasons why I couldn’t get my butt off my office chair to go.) While I love this sign, and wine, I’m done creating excuses for working out.

2 days ago

I said I'd skip 100 3 minute rounds by week's end outside of the other challenges I've done. It went horribly wrong to start. The 1000 push ups challenge and all the skipping thrashed my arms. But through the pain, the cramps and throwing up I've been able to bring it back round. I'm up to 75 rounds done with tonights really late night sacrifice to the training God's. 23 rounds in 1 go. When I said I'll do it or die trying I meant it. wayofthewarrior warriorsdoitbetter warrior doitordietrying determination doitforyourself not afraid to die inthegym nopainnogain hardwork allthewaytothetop gymaholic plusfitnessdoesitbetter plusfitness sydneylife