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☠️REST DAY ➡️ RECOVERY DAY📈 ¿Para qué sirven los días de descanso?¿Qué sentido le das? Una buena utilidad para estos días es RECUPERAR🔋, no solo nuestros músculos, sino también nuestra motivación, confianza y energía ¿Cómo podemos conseguir recuperar mejor a nivel mental? 🔸Saca 3 o 4 cosas que hayas hecho bien los últimos días 🔸Establece qué te gustaría cuidar los próximos días, así le prestaremos atención 🔸Poniendo al día nuestras tareas y organizando los próximos días 🔸REALIZANDO ACTIVIDADES PLACENTERAS. ¿Qué te gusta hacer a parte de entrenar? ¡HAZLO!😊 Os habréis dado cuenta que esto no es solo para el deporte. Es importante que cuidemos todo lo que nos importa, no solo el deporte y trabajo, sino a nosotr s mism s y a quienes apreciamos. Somos PERSONAS antes que DEPORTISTAS❤️ ENJOY ITrainMyMind GenteFuerte NoFunNoGain NoBrainNoGain WorkHarderWorkSmarter Psicologia PsicologiaDeportiva Coaching Coach Crossfit CrossfitEspaña Strength Powerlifting Wheightlifting Gymnastic Padel MindSet golf football basketball rendimiento fitness halterofilia wheightlifting triatlon atletismo crossfit crossfitgames open intheopen mma judo

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We’ve all had this 😂🙈 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Repost chalkllamas with get_repost ・・・ The head rush is real. HandstandPushups headrushcrossfit crossfitopen crossfitgames crossfitathlete intheopen wod workout gymmemes crossfitmemes weightlifting humor satire fitness gym lift chalkllamas jstcompeteprogramming jstathlete ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📝 fitness_feed_media 🎶 esc_sounds 🥛 wheyduk 👕 _rebeluk

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Brand new design “UNBROKEN” from Typo Series are now in with Black & White colors. 💀 unbroken

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Com•mu•ni•ty a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Community is about people supporting, celebrating, inspiring and elevating one another.

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You get great by doing ordinary things extraordinarily well 👊🏼

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What makes Onus so amazing? Plain & simple - the people. Our community🖤

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Working on power snatch coz I love them so much. People have asked me recently why I have a coach, when I myself am I coach and offer online coaching. Well the answer is pretty simple, I don’t know it all, and despite being very confident in my abilities as a coach, I’m more than happy having someone so rely on with my programming and it’s working out very well (thanks coach_zt you’re a total lad). With that being said, there’s a lot of friction in the fitness between people that think their way is the only way and the problem is that’s just not true, it’s about finding the right fit for you and what you want to achieve. I’ve been so lucky to work with a whole bunch of amazing coaches in my time, there’s too many to mention, but I’ve learned different things from each of them and they have helped me grow and I plan to keep on learning hardworkbringshappiness therxproject proteinsuperstore crossfit fitnessmotivation fitness gym gymmotivation gymtime motivation gains gainz olympiclifting wod middlesbrough teesside trusttheprocess gymnastics fitfam transformation fitnessmotivation intheopen blog fitnessblogger blogger lifestyleblogger dadbod

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Почти месяц руки не доходили сесть за видео с 19.5 open2019 в reebok_crossfit_krylatsky До идеала еще далеко, надо практиковать с видео также, как с фото😁 reebokcrossfitkrylatsky theopen intheopen 19point5 nofilter crossfit кроссфит reebokrussia bemorehuman жизньвдвижении reebokcrossfit crossfitcommunity sport canon canonrussia canonru tamron tamron_russia sportphoto sportsphotography

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Got them PRs, time for some parathas. Repping javeri.asma In hindsight, PR videos should be made from a rear angle to avoid recording facial expressions In my defence, I thought I was going blind. 🙄 Say MashAllah, happy weekending deadlifts kayjaystrongtribe newyears resolution twentyninteen wedontsweatwesparkle deadlifts girlswholift absinthemaking myfabletics nikemetcontribe strongnotskinny fitfam consistency selfcare progress intheopen intheopen2019 hardworkpaysoff gettingstrongereveryday fitgirls crossfit hardwork gymnastics legsfordays fitnesskarachi cycling karachi zenfitkarachi muvbase

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Damn! I should’ve done this a long time ago. Oh well, better late than never 17 lbs down and work in progress! 😁

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MAKE PROGRESS OR INVENT EXCUSES angrybeartraining • • • ▪︎Programmation en ligne et à distance ▪︎RX / COMPETITOR ▪︎ACCESSORY WORK • • • ENTER THE DEN. JOIN THE BEARS. • • • ANGRYBEARTRAINING CrossFitLimoges COD MPIE HWPO hardworkpaysoff bringafriend bemorehuman poweryourlegacy legacylifter crossfit crossfitaddict fitness fitfam fit woman fitboy eatclean strong power gymnastics weightlifting training crossfitgames follow muscles happy intheopen open swimrun

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Transition FlexFriday💪🏽 thank you to Amanda and Dave crossfitfrederick for letting me drop in today and kill this “Marathon” 2 rounds for time: 400 meter Run 26 Hand Release Push-ups 400 meter Run 26 Kettlebell Swings (50lb/35lb) 400 meter Run 26 Sit-ups 400 meter Run 26 Deadlifts (75lb/55lb) 400 meter Run 26 Air Squats 400 meter Run 26 Box Jumps (24”/20”) (61:27) TGIF fitnessfriday fitnessmotivation fitnesslife fitnessinspiration fitnesslifestyle fitnessjourney fitnessaddict fitnessmom fitnesslove stretch fitnesswomen fitnesscase12 fitgirlsinspire SpringFITwCase2019 CrossFIT2019 crossfitgirls flexfridaymotivation crossfit crossfitter crossfitfamily intheopen

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Did you know, One Cadbury Caramel Egg contains 170 calories?? 🐰 On average, for every one minute of burpees completed you can burn 10 calories. One egg = 170 burpees 😮 CrossFit563 CrossFit LiveActive563

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Tag someone who you think would love this one. Start at 0:00 with 8/5 calories on the assault bike and accumulate as many reps of thrusters as possible in the remainder of the minute. At 1:00 jump on the AB again and go for another 8/5 Cals. Repeat until you reach 100 thrusters in total or you are not able to complete the Cals on the bike. M-42,5kgW-30kg ——— crossfitbox crossfitcompetition crossfitcommunity wodlife crossfitgames crossfitgirls crossfitlove openprep crossfittraining openseason crossfitfamily paytheman crossfitaddict crossfitberlin hwpo crossfitmotivation crossfitgermany wod crossfitlife crossfitter crossfitathlete crossfituk crossfitopen intheopen justdontquit thruster assaultbike

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I’m thankful each and everyday for the amazing team that I have. I don’t say it often enough but all of my success wouldn’t be possible without all of the amazing people I have in my life. Warning, it’s story time. Not many people know, but I had a back spasm on the Tuesday between 19.3 and 19.4. I was doing some weightlifting and after I finished, leaned over to grab a weight plate and immediately felt pain in my lower back. I continued putting away the weight, hoping it was just that once and that it would subside but it did not. I was supposed to do a metcon with overhead squats and Strict pull ups next but when I went to squat down was in a lot of pain. When I told justincotler, my coach, he said call dr_andrew.park right away. I was instructed not to do anything the rest of the day except lay down and a movement that Dr. Park explained over the phone and epsom salt baths. I did just that and saw the doc the next day. I definitely noticed improvement but was still in a good amount of pain. Continued to follow Dr. Parks prescription and listen to Justin. Fast forward to Thursday night when open workout 19.4 was released. I was glad it wasn’t heavy deadlifts but the thought of that many burpees scared me a little for the sake of my back. Being completely honest, when I woke up Friday morning, I wasn’t quite sure if/how it was going to happen but I did the exercises Dr. Park gave me and the warm up instructed by Justin. With those 2 things (and adrenaline 😉) I was able to make it through the workout pain free and come in first worldwide This just goes to show how important it is to surround yourself with people that truly support and believe in you. So thankful for Dr. Park and Justin everyday! I know it was a long story but felt I had to share it. Now Happy Friday! crossfit thankful intheopen crossfitchicks team smile crossfitters crossfitgames flexfriday fbf pumpedlikepearce thankyou 📷 wodapalooza

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Devils in the details Posted withrepostwhiteboard_daily FBF flashbackfriday . | COACHING CUE | . “Knuckles down” - Content for caption from Matt Bruce brucebarbell with brute.strength . When? Keeping the bar close and arms long during the pull of Olympic lifts . How? When the athlete grips the bar, cue them to point their knuckles down . Why? “This turns the elbows towards the end of the bar and it also engages the tricep slightly to keep the elbows from bending prematurely.” . “This allows me to finish, keeping the bar up and close” - Bruce . For more information see theliftingfix video on Youtube “Knuckles Down - The Lifting Fix feat. Matt Bruce” . I hope you found this helpful. If so, please repost or tag someone who needs to see it. onerepmax strengthtraining hspu ttb gymnasty shome crossfitters toestobar coaching fitness trainingtup crossfit crossfitopen fitbalm intheopen cfgymnastics videodelay

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👁Как улучшить свои навыки в гимнастике? В прошлый раз мы обсудили улучшение вашей работоспособности и как увеличить силу. Теперь немного слов о гимнастике. ▪️1й - Вам нужно подтянуть или научиться какому-то определенному навыку. В этом случае можно взять навык и отрабатывать его в течении недели, 2-3 раза в неделю по 15 минут. ▪️2й - проработать гимнастические навыки в целом. Тогда план на 2 недели может выглядеть следующим образом ⠀ ✔️НЕДЕЛЯ - 1 1й день Строгие подтягивания Набрать в сумме 30-50 повторений ⠀ 2й день ЕМОМ - 10 мин 10 Отжиманий от пола ⠀ 3й день Выходы на турнике 10х4 ⠀ 4й день ОТДЫХ ⠀ 5й день Е3МОМ - 15 мин 5-7 Заходов на стену ⠀ 6й день 10 РАУНДОВ 100м Бег 1 Подъём по канату ⠀ 7й день ОТДЫХ ⠀ ✔️НЕДЕЛЯ - 2 1й день Горизонтальные подтягивания на кольцах 5х10 ⠀ 2й день Строгие отжимания на кольцах 10х5 ⠀ 3й день ЕМОМ - 10 мин 8 Прыжков через тумбу 4 Выхода на турнике ⠀ 4й день ОТДЫХ ⠀ 5й день Е3МОМ - 12 мин 400/300м Гребли До конца времени максиму строгих отжиманий в стойке на руках ⠀ 6й день 5 РАУНДОВ 15 Подъёмов ног к турнику 200м Бег ⠀ 7й день ОТДЫХ ⠀ План очень примерный и его задача дать представление как работать над гимнастикой. И главное - планируя занятия по гимнастике учитывайте что Вы делаете в основной тренировке. 🔥Читай предыдущие советы по LIFEHACK CrossFit1905 ! ⠀ Наш сайт: ⠀ CrossFit CrossFitRussia CrossFitOpen GoRussia InTheOpen КроссФит КроссФитРоссия КроссФитОпен РоссияВперед crossfit1905 crossfitcommunity кроссфит reebokrussia reebokcrossfit reebok фитнес тренировка weightlifting gymnastics кроссфитмосква crossfitmoscow питание здоровье мотивация

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💢Новый класс по Самбо сегодня в 18:00! Занятия проходит для всех! Мужчин, женщин и подростков. Ждём Всех !🤘🏼 ▪Самбо – это самооборона без оружия. Свое начало самбо берет из японской системы дзюдо. Самбо помогает улучшить физическое состояние человека ! Помогает развить - силу, выносливость, ловкость, координацию и общую двигательную активность человека SAMBO CrossFit1905 ✔Тренер: Виктор Малышев. ▪МС по Самбо и КМС по дзюдо! ▪Высшее спортивное образование ▪Опыт работы тренером более 🚩Занятие длится 1.5 часа ⠀ ▪Наш сайт: ⠀ CrossFit CrossFitRussia CrossFitOpen GoRussia InTheOpen КроссФит КроссФитРоссия КроссФитОпен РоссияВперед crossfit1905 crossfitcommunity кроссфит reebokrussia reebokcrossfit reebok фитнес тренировка weightlifting gymnastics кроссфитмосква crossfitmoscow питание здоровье мотивация

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"Este grupo de gente de Kulapi village y PJV vino a ver mi actuación durante el workout 19.2 en su campo de baloncesto. Esta es la razón por la que hago CrossFit y por la que he trabajado duro para llevar a Papua, Nueva Guinea el primer Afiliado de CrossFit " CrossFitPortMoresby,” para la gente de PNG. Estoy deseando dar a conocer el CrossFit a la gente de PNG y viceversa.” - Kila Kilaverave 🇵🇬, actualmente segundo en el Open 2019 en Papua, Nueva Guinea. - crossfitgames crossfit crossfittraining CrossFitOpen InTheOpen CrossFitGames

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Estás contento con lo que conseguiste en la tabla de clasificación en el CrossFit Open? . ¡Solo tienes 6 meses para mejorar y volver a enfrentarlo! Lo Sabías? . 🤳Lee más sobre este tema en mis historias 🤳 . Seis meses puede parecer mucho tiempo, pero en términos de desarrollo físico, es un período de tiempo corto para crear cambios y establecer adaptaciones fisiológicas. Esto significa que debes seguir un esquema específicamente diseñado para convertir tus "Oportunidades de desarrollo" (No usemos el término debilidades) en fortalezas, lo más rápido posible El CrossFit Open es importante y para este nuevo formato lo es todo (Mientras dure este nuevo formato), debes dejar de perder tu tiempo con entrenamientos al azar que no se trasladarán a los sistemas de energía que se requieren al hacer InTheOpen. Necesitas Enfocate en una estructurado que se base en aumentar tu resistencia muscular , capacidad de trabajo , potencia anaeróbica, límites aerobicos y habilidades La verdad es que necesitas pensar en una estructura que esté específicamente orientada hacia tu objetivo de ubicarte en mejor posición en los próximos 6 meses a partir de ahora. Solo hay un puñado de movimientos que aparecieron en InTheOpen desde su inicio, y sí, cada año se introduce un nuevo movimiento, debes estar preparado para todo Hemos creído en la regla 80/20 en la fase competitiva via InTheOpen, donde el 80 por ciento del trabajo se hace en lo conocido como "CrossFit Classic" lo cual se vuelve el terror y las pesadillas de todos los atletas y fue nuevamente demostrado en estas 5 semanas que acaban de terminar y los otros 20, están bien preparados para las sorpresas Es importante entender que hablamos de IntheOpen, tu estructura de trabajo puede tener muchos caminos, no sólo via el Open, Sanctionals, OGOQ, Games o simplemente cualquier competencia nacional en la que desees estar, si bien el balance debe existir toda la temporada, hay meso/macrociclos ideales para pulir ciertos movimientos más que otros 📝 frangutierrez_cf 👨‍💻 BLMAthletes 🏋️‍♀️ luaneth_alveo Fittest In Panama 18/19🇵🇦 .

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The force was strong for all of our CFR athletes during the 2019 Open. 💫 Here’s a little recap of some of that epicness! • • • Be sure to check out our IGTV or go to the link in our bio for the whole video! 😉 • • • CrossFitRolesville CFR CFRstrong CFRintheopen19 intheopen crossfitopen crossfitgames CFRfamily strongcommunity crossfit forgingelitefitness health fit fitness workout starwars theforce motivation gym sweatlocal wakeforestnc rolesvillenc 🔻CFR.FIT🔻

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🤸‍♀️⏱️ Any Fibonacci fans in here? 🔸 During the event in the 2018 crossfitgames, men and women completed 5 handstand push-ups and 5 kettlebell deadlifts, 8 handstand push-ups and 8 kettlebell deadlifts, 13 handstand push-ups and 13 kettlebell deadlifts, then picked up 2 kettlebells and lunged with them overhead to the finish line. 🔸 When this workout made its first appearance in the 2017 CrossFit Games, women had a different rep scheme from the men. Women completed 3 handstand push-ups and 5 kettlebell deadlifts, 5 handstand push-ups and 8 kettlebell deadlifts, then 8 handstand push-ups and 13 kettlebell deadlifts, before picking up their kettlebells for the lunges. 🔸 The official female record for this workout is held by tiaclair1 from crossfitmayhemfreedom, who won the event in 2018. 🔸 With 4450 points, Tia sits in the 1st place of our AthletesLeaderboard. It looks like she’s in a very good shape. Do you think she’s planning to win the Games three times in a row? 😏 crossfit crossfitters crossfitlife crossfitgirl crossfitsanctionals crossfitgames roadtothegames crossfitopen intheopen crossfitmotivation motivation functionalfitness functionaltraining crossfitaustralia

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How I feel with a full week of training, after 3 weeks off. 💩

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repost brazilcrossfitchamp ・・・ 🇧🇷 Vai ser épico! 🇬🇧 It will be Epic! Sponsors: fortifyequipamentos reebokbrasil anjosdowod bearcosports aubicon crossx.oficial Minha equipe : Box= crossfitpassofundo Nutri = rafaelalesseuxnutri Médico = drpedrofernandes Periodização = stronghold_elite_training Mental Coach = juliaveltman Recovery = merecebelezabemestar Quiropraxia = ericazabotquiropraxia 💪🙌 Onde você está ? Aqui ! Que horas são? Agora! O que você é ? Este momento! As pessoas entram em um Box de CrossFit e me perguntam: Ei, Onde estão todas as as máquinas ? NÓS SOMOS AS MÁQUINAS! CROSSFIT NÃO SE EXPLICA SE VIVE! brazilcrossfitchamp crossfitkids perfectsuplementos merecebelezabemestar ericaquiro oficinacoser crossfitbrazil vidadecrossfiteiro thecrossfitgames crossfitkids widalpacheco CrossFitPassoFundo crossfitbrasil crossfitter hugocrossoficial cfbroficial2 vidadecrissfiteiro crossfittv bearcosports cfnutella intheopen CFPFvaiDominarOMundo crossfitkids

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If you don’t think you can then you’re right. Go and believe you can and you will! throwbackthursday to a little squat therapy. 365x2. It was a top end set trying to get my legs back underneath me after I took a couple weeks off for the crossfitgames crossfit fitfam fitness muscle supportmilitarymuscle TeaMM fitnessmotivation fitnesstransformation lifting squat smolov deadlift depth bench iam1stphorm buckedup wokeafpreworkout rogue tacticaltraining functionalfitness intheopen

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Your body is a strong machine, but you gotta fuel it with a powerful mind. MetConProject MetCon

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cubo_fitness bringing the thunder to her Tabata ab wod with some AC/DC! What songs would you like us to working for the future? Comment below! ⛈ 💪