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This video still of Aida was taken from a video art component that is presented in upcoming performance work and exhibition event "The Address". Inviting as many people as you can means you'll be contributing to making this important event and discussion on HOUSING IN MONTREAL happen. I am so proud and excited for you to see this work and for it to activate you See U en fin de semaine prochaine mtlhousing crisedulogement ☞ link in bio Saturday MAY 25th 7 PM Sunday MAY 26th 3 PM + 7 PM 4975 rue Paré ☆ métro NAMUR☆ ✷ ۝ sosososofine voir_autrement_ amplifierlesvoix kngfuperformanceart documentaryart videoart ethnography newmediaartist realtime nonfiction facetoface stillimage investigative art meet rencontre listen ecouteactive think reflexivepractice recherche research advocacy affordablehousing storytelling conceptualart expose exposition duoexhibition exhibition

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19 Mayıs, 100 yıl önce Mustafa Kemal Atatürk'ün Samsun'a çıkarak milli mücadelemizi fiili olarak başlattığı gündür. 19 Mayıs, işgal kuvvetlerini topraklarımızdan söküp atmak için milli iradenin, birlik ve beraberlik ruhunun, güçlü bir inancın uyanış günüdür. 19 Mayıs Gençlik ve Spor Bayramı Kutlu olsun. dedektif dedektiflik Maviay istanbul Yetimoğlu dedektifegitimi PrivateDetective Turkiye TRdedektif Arastirma ProfesyonelArastirma maviaydedektiflik ÖDD uluslararasıdedektif dedektiftr özeldedektif ankara turkey Antalya İzmir PI Investigative GenealogyTesearch CommercialRrsearch TurkshDedektive

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Jedes Jahr erbeuten Betrüger mit Scheinfirmen rund 50 Milliarden Euro - durch Umsatzsteuer-Karusselle. René Bender erklärt das illegale Geschäft.

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🔎 ‘Investigations Uncovered’ 🔍 Great to hear from knowledgable filmmakers who shared both their experiences and wisdom last night! Panellists included: Ben Zand, Livvy Haydock, Ed Howker, Sirin Kale, and David Henshaw. Creds to royaltelevisionsociety for organising another superb event.

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A segment from a March documentary about Fentanyl, following a father that turned to the Dark Web to feed his addiction. Within months he was a fentanyl kingpin in Texas’s Panhandle. Animation by Atthar Mirza thesittinghun 2d 2danimation 3d 3danimation ae aftereffects animation animator artistsoninstagram c4d cinema4d toonshader illustration illustrator instaart instaartists loop mograph motion motiongraphics news storytelling fentanyl opiods opiodcrisis investigative investigativejournalism

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[House of Cards theme song playing in the background, on repeat, DUH] • NEW READ! • Picked this book up during the last Big Bad Wolf Sale in Johor. A solid semi-velvet hardcover for RM10! • What striked me about this book was the fact that it was written by a New York Times bestselling investigative journalist and a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his stories on warrantless wiretapping by the NSA. This book is divided into three parts — Greed, Power and War. Almost completing Greed and I can’t believe the occurrences and information Risen gathered on the Bush administration post 9/11. Risen is still fighting a legal government sponsored campaign against his writings and aggressive investigative reporting. This is his way to fight back. I must say, the American politics nerd in me is enjoying it! 😍 • kitaabanwithkaur reviews books currentread currentlyreading politics politicalscience war greed power america murica malaysianreaders americanpolitics honestbookreview bookreviews bookstagram malaysianreaders readers read books nonfiction jamesrisen investigativejournalism investigative reporting reporter nytbestsellers newyorktimes

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Abstract portrait of arusbridger Principal of lmhoxford speaking to oxfordguild Author, and former Editor-in-Chief of guardian, Alan Rusbridger speaks to oxford_uni students about fakenews and the changing media landscape. My gratitude for the indulgence! Fullres is much more detailed. © 2019 and shutterstocknow portraiture oxfordshirephoto colour projection allegory male journalist 4thestate realnews investigative truth media newspaper photographer sony a99ii sigmauk speech talk reallyinteresting peaceful watcher assange snowden reutersinstitute

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TIL about Nelly Bly, America’s first investigative journalist who faked being crazy and was sent to an asylum, where she experienced misdiagnosis, abuse, and harassment. In 1887, “Behind Asylum Bars” was printed. A grand jury investigation soon forced NYC to allocate more money for the mentally ill. | about America first investigative journalist nelly | Picsart | Website:

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THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING TO THE SCREENING LAST WEEK 💚 IF YOU ARE AROUND CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS TODAY THERE WILL BE ANOTHER SCREENING OF ONE THE EPISODES IN THE LVMH THEATRE FROM 6PM 🚨 IF NOT GET READY TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE AS THE FIRST EPISODE WILL DROP ON YOUTUBE FROM TONIGHT 💥💥💥~ ~ ~ ~ ~ fashion news journalism broadcast fashionnews communication investigative raw centralsaintmartins college launch screening tvshow live event current issues mode fur leather luxury fake material couture fourrure cancelled content culture finit mode pfw

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Come have a drink 🍻 and invest in Matter’s first investigative podcast series! (I mean, who doesn’t want to drink AND do good at the same time?) 😏⠀ ⠀ The series focuses on a small, now-demolished carryout in WeinlandPark. The carryout and the owner were sued in 2017 as a public nuisance for alleged criminal activity, seemingly based on the idea that carryouts are hotspots for crime — an idea perpetuated during the gentrification of Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati. The series will tell the story of Natalia’s Carryout and explore whether or not there is truth to the crime claims, what “crime” means for a changing neighborhood and why carryouts in particular are targeted.⠀ ⠀ Make sure to tell the bartender you’re with us! 🍻 20% of all Land Grant Beer sales go directly to the podcast.⠀ ⠀ Grey Matter Media, the parent organization for Matter, is fiscally sponsored by the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) and as such, INN accepts donations on our behalf.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ nonprofit localbeer development asseenincolumbus 614living OTR overtherhine cbus columbusliving developus

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Time stops for no one. Never has, never will. So if you've got dreams, actualize them. Goodness knows I'm trying to actualize mine. I recently turned 33. This photo was taken about a year ago and in the time between this photo and today, so much has happened in the area of making things happen. Let's see. I've relocated from Senegal to Nigeria. (If you think it's easy to send all your furniture from one African country to another, especially when one is Anglophone and the other is Francophone, think again, my friend.) I've started shooting my first documentary film. I received two grants for ongoing media projects, fingers crossed for a third! Making progress on writing a book. I finally got to report in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which I've always wanted to do. Completed an investigative journalism assignment on how schools in northeastern Nigeria are trying to stay open despite ongoing terrorism. Covered the 2019 Nigerian presidential elections as a correspondent for France24. Held a screening for my film. Through it all, I've got family. I've got my back covered. I've got joy. And I've got more to do this year! Whew! Keep your head up. To all my sisters with the lofty dreams, my creatives, my artists and my fellow storytellers. My brothers with deep souls, my dreamerswe can do this. staygracious focused bedetermined womanonthemove goalgetters professional journolife reporter journalist filmmakers positivitywins canon dreamers independentwoman ambition stayfocused streetphotography womanontheroad creatives storytellers journalists positiveaffirmation womentravelers femmetravel CanonCNA Photo by daichi_photography

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It still seems surreal, but the reality is that we did it telemundo47 obtained 14 Emmy Awards and this feat comes with the collaboration of the entire team.  Against all odds, we take risks and more importantly when these risks fail, with the same passion and desire, we try again.  Giving up is not an option and this is the result of just that, a group of unstoppable and uncomparable professionals.  Eternally thankful to God and the real protagonists, the entire team from all departments who made this happen. bestmorningnews bestdaysidenews besteveningnews breakingnews weather investigative responde

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Super proud of this nomination! Regardless of what happens, I’m just happy this series was recognizedmy co-workers and I saw an issue, continued to cover it, and got actual results for hundreds of residents. That’s journalism 👍 emmys tv news nomination journalism investigative

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