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ANNE-MARIE FLANNERY . Repost • • • • • • Monoprint with gelli plate ✨ Getting a bit addicted to this process💞 Big shout out to my mam for hoarding fashion magazines her whole life so I have a limitless supply 😁 . printisntdead monoprint printmaker gelplate gelliplate irishartist peopleofprint irishart fashionmagazine emerge19 print printspotters peopleofprint printisntdead printmakersofinstagram limerickprintmaking irishprintmaking irishvisualartists vai visualarts artcollege lsad lsadprintmaking pcp contemporaryprintmaking print4urlyf printlikeyoumeanit eatsleepprintrepeat ivyartistcollective limerickprintmakers limerickcity

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I think I can safely say ‘I’m excited’ that my art will be on show in Hong Kong at Affordable Art Fair in May with the Dublin based Sol Art Gallery. Great line-up of artists who will be flying the flag for Ireland and Irish art in Hong Kong in May. Have a great day 👍👍 irishart abstract art Ireland Positivity positivevibes Dublin abstract irishartists contemporaryart watercolour healthylifestyles wellbeing health revitatise goldleaf squares precision engineering order decorative design precious decor May wallpaper aafhk HongKong

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Former Railway Tunnel cont oil, coloured wax, pencil and tape etc on paper and plastic 2018-19 painting at theMuppetPuppet art modernart & contemporaryart - wip profile for irishpainting and modern irishart… very post  postimpressionism and post expressionism too - neoexpressionism ?? I don’t know, you should ask a curator a contemporaryartcurator or a contemporaryartcollector, people who can write an artreview about paintings or architecture - it’s not what I do… I paint pictures - I have old & modernarchitecture paintings on sale saatchiart, does that make me a saatchiartist?? Nah, it’s the saatchigallery for that, but if you are an artcollector and if you are interested in paintings of postmodernarchitecture or architecturepainting in general check out my saatchionline portfolio at - I think that’s everything… or is there anything I forgot?? Oh yeah… kunst

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It is not Saint Patrick’s Day anymore! My painting I did today though is Ireland and slightly Saint Patrick’s Day themed all the way through. I’m loving this green going on! The Title of this art piece is “Green, green Ireland”. I added some great details like a little Leprechaun sitting on an old crumbling stone wall with his smoking pipe, a rock with a huge rune stone with a triquetra symbol, an old castle on a hill in the background, and the clovers in the grass. How Irish can things get?! ireland saintpatricksday irishart watercolorpaints green leprechaun clovers ilovepainting irishcastles watercolorpencils

9 hours ago

The second in a series of prints that I will be releasing online very soon dm for details 😁

9 hours ago

marchmeetthemaker Day 18. Decided to go with lesson on this one. One of the most important lessons I've learned is that not everyone is going to like what you make. And that's ok. That might seem pretty obvious. It's one thing telling yourself that before you put anything out there. It's another thing entirely to see/hear the comments. But not only do there seem to be a few people out there who like it. I really enjoy what I do. So I'm going to continue 😘 embroiderersofinstagram stitching stitchersofinstagram embroideryart modernembroidery fuckyeahembroidery  contemporaryembroidery hoopart hoopla theartofslowliving imadethis damngoodstitch makersgonnamake embroideryinstaguild embroidery handembroidery irish irishart irishartist irishmade bealice craftsposure craftexposure embroidelicious keepcreative stitchart

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Keon denydesigns Duvet Cover‬ ‬ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 💥FOLLOW LINK IN MY BIO For My Deny Designs Shop!😊‬ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ‪ duvetcover bedding abstract brushstrokes painting art abstractart gradient painted bedroomdecor bedroomideasbedroominspo dormroom waves fashionista interiordesign irishart vbrant artistlife instaart neon rainbow fluidart handdrawing handdrawn luxurylifestyle luxuryhomes

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10 hours ago

Really enjoyed working on this!sitting up on on the ladder listening to tunes, painting away in the great atmosphere of mothermacs pub! Many thanks to mothermacspub for being so sound with an endless supply of chocolates and ladder-unfolding and a good dose of craic! Really enjoyed this one Thanks a millon guys xxxx painting louisadonnellyart muralism mural walls art illustration mixedmedia streetart urbanstyle originalart limerick limerickcity design irishartist irishart painter contemporaryart

10 hours ago

20% OFF for redbubble Today Use code UNIQUE Expires March 18, 2019 11:59pm ‪•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••‬ ‪💥FOLLOW LINK IN MY BIO For My Redbubble Shop!😊‬ ‪•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••‬ ‪SHOP:‬ ‪•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••‬ ‪ mug coffeemug abstract brushstrokes painting art abstractart gradient painted home artofthedaycoffeeholic coffeeaddict tea teaandcoffee butfirstcoffee irishart coffeefirst artistlife instaart neon rainbow fluidart handdrawing handdrawn teatime kitchenware

10 hours ago

My skull carving has been none existent for the past couple months. I need to get a set up so I can process skulls more efficiently and I've been in a creative hole too. But in a strange turn of events I can thank painting Warhammer 40,000. I learned a technique called dry brushing. Now I've wanted to make a skull look like it's had something like charcoal rubbed into it to highlight the carving but I've had no clue how to pull it off. Until now! Thanks Warhammer! skullcarving bonecarving occult pagan waterfordartist irishart

10 hours ago

I am reposting This tiny little beeShe is absolutely stealing my heart ❣ what do you think? 🐝 it is for sale in my online store link in the bio. Different sizes are available. Feel free to DM me for more info. I am also offering a little sale on many of my originals and prints bee bees beekeeping oilpainting etsy art illustration drawing draw picture photography irishartist sketch sketchbook paper farming pencil farm instaart beatles instagood fly irishart followforfollowback creative photooftheday instaartist graphic graphics artoftheday illustration

10 hours ago

Say it as you mean it. An •artifact•. A time to act. An “art-of-act”. Fed on a spectrum of tectonic thoughts it comes. Excavated from under the rubble we all once stood at. A Phoenix-like shape. A magnetic mojo leaving behind a trace of recycled vibes. An Ascending fire that never goes out. The •Master• of rebirth. There is no water hole to quench such thirst - Just the rawness of free-falling and the four winds blowing in its wings. Call it in as you mean it. Your •artifact•. Your time to act. Your •”art-of-act”• | Art & story: Kamila Lizis ‘19 AstroArtIreland Venus Pluto watercolour poetry

10 hours ago

Some time ago when I was still at home I painted this beauty on a round canvas What do You think? Should I get some more of them and try to push out some odd shapes? 😉 Also stay tuned for my 10k followers giveaway I will announce soon all the specs Originals and prints available in my online shop link in the bio countrydecor cow cowpainting cowart instacow instaart oilpainting watercolor watercolorpainting irishart ireland irishfarmatt loveireland artssle artshop cheapdecor nature portrait cowlove cowboys irishfarmart homedecor cowsofinstagram cow

11 hours ago

Shenanigans • • • 1 Reformed Ruffians? 2 “Whiskey, you’re the devil.” 3 “And it’s lend me ten pounds, I’ll buy you a drink. And mother wake me early in the morning.” 4 The reveler and the rover. 5 Delano vagabonds. 6 Irish blessings. 7 Mo theaghlach. 8 Desmond Egan w/ Aloysius O’Kelly. 9 Traffic. 10apparently too much. • • • irish irishfest materdeiirishfest topcity topeka delano wichita wichitairish stpatricksday stpaddysday stpaddy stpatrick craic reveler rover irishrover shenanigans irishwhiskey thepogues vagabond ruffians theaghlach irishblessings desmondegan irishpoet aloysiusokelley irishart freedom prayers veritasaequitas

11 hours ago

Did you know that we have free lunchtime pop-up talks every Tuesday? Tomorrow’s talk will be all about this beautiful portrait of designer John Rocha by artist Geraldine O'Neill. Our guide Carmel Coyle will be speaking. Meet in front of the painting in Room 23 of the Dargan Wing at 1.15pm, all very welcome! irishart irishfashion nationalgalleryIRL johnrocha geraldineoneill Image: Geraldine O'Neill (b.1971), Portrait of John Rocha (b.1953), Designer, 2015. ©️the artist.

12 hours ago

Batik, oil and stitch

12 hours ago

For the tea lovers Mother's day is fast approaching so why not treat your mum to something unqiue, that will last a lifetime! "Tea Time" Only ONE limited edition print available on my Etsy Shop (link in Bio) corinafitzgibbonart irishartist dotwork illustration pendrawing teatime tealover artforsale mothersday irishart artistlife teaofinstagram print tea illustraionlover artoftheday drawingoftheday art artist instaart instaartist illustrationoftheday ETSYIRELAND shopsmallireland timefortea vintageteapot itsthelittlethings mothersdaygifts affordableart etsyireland shopsmallireland

12 hours ago

Batik, oil, pastel of Lurgan Park