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2 hours ago

The Banshee takes her prize 24x36" oil. Based on Irish myth of the Banshee collecting a soldiers soul. irish irishartist artgallery

3 hours ago

The drawing has been a little rusty, so why not start off with our local girl gang? 💕☘️💄 Victoria Secret, Pixie Woo, Paul Ryder and Regina George, AKA Dragged Up Dublin! Everytime I go to a RuPaul girl in Dublin I am equally as excited to see these 4 ladies slay the stage. I will probably colour these sometime and pop them together. I hope you girlos like them and see you at a show real soon! 💋 —— victoriasecretdublin pixiewooo rupaulryder itsreginagorj —— lineart drawing cartoon anime manga drag dragqueen irishdrag irishdragqueen victoriassecret pixiewoo paulryder reginageorge draggedup draggedupdublin irishartist

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5 hours ago

New Spring Flowers by Maria Dowling Oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm framed as shown. 54cm x 63cm. €425.00 See framed in comments below Deposits accepted. Payments in installments over three months . International Shipping Service available. flowers vase oiloncanvas artgallery pictureframing instaartist instaart gorey sea springflowers stilllife stilllifepainting art thegaslampgallery gaslamp irishart irishartist wexford affordableart home spring ocean

5 hours ago

I haven't drawn my lil caricature of myself in a while sohere I am 😅 I didn't want to do anything too serious on this page because paint from my previous illustration bled through

6 hours ago

Final art works framed for the exhibition, it’s been a joyous experience working with these 10 year olds ! So much creativity! Love of nature and great team work 🙌🙌🙌

6 hours ago

gemma_aylward and novice_jess were also so kind to include their pieces of art in our art raffle on Thursday next 28th March. Stay tuned for more artwork announcements! There is no need to attend the event in order to take a part in the raffle so why not check out the link below for more detailed information about how to buy a raffle ticket - just visit our official Facebook event: waterford discoverireland discoverwaterford waterfordwalls waterfordwalls2019 legalwall graffiti graffittiart irishgraffiti streetart streetartlovers streetartireland art artstagram artwork artist spraypaint irishstreetart irishgraffiti irishartist fundraiser fundraisingevent

6 hours ago

Been seeing quite a lot of red tailed kites riding the air currents near us recently. Consummate predators and, to me, incredibly beautiful. ‘Raptor’ here is done in soft pastels on Sennelier pastel card. Reference photo by Alan Patchett sourced via Shutterstock. Hope you like it! birdofprey redkite birds wildlife wildlifeartist art artist artistsoninstagram painting softpastel arty artoftheday northernirishartist irishartist ukart britishart artcollector artgallery originalart oxford oxfordshire cotswolds countryside countrylife homedecor interiordesign

6 hours ago

“I wandered lonely as a cloud” 🌼 This little Raindrop has found a job & a sweet home. That’s all you can hope for the little ones really isn’t it?😉 soproud Thanks so much to Lorraine for sharing this lovely photo with me today. I hope Daffodil Day was a success & got the huge support country wide as always. A great cause that saves lives. My good Mama has been organising it at home since 1970, and this week with a lot of this year’s daffodils flowering really early, a 92 year old lady donated beautiful daffodils she hand-knitted. So lovely ☺️☺️ handcraftedisbest 😉😉 Have a lovely weekend everybody 🌼🌼🌼🌼 porcelain handcrafted connemararaindrops rachelwebbceramics galway daffodils poetry madeinireland irishartist homedecor homeinteriors westofireland businesscard holder officestyle ceramics stitch knit daffodils springtime

7 hours ago

"Magic Mushrooms" this beauty is going on a little adventure next week along with a few other pieces So excited Watch this space all will be revealed soon Limited Edition prints available on my shop (link in bio) . corinafitzgibbonart irishartist print magicmushrooms mushroomlove inspiredbynature art artist instaartist instaart artistlife artlover mushrooms pendrawing illustration artoftheday dotwork drawingoftheday illustrationoftheday irishartofinstagram keepcreative dreambig etsy etsyireland artforsale shopsmallireland art_empire

7 hours ago

"Blue Leaves" This framed piece was inspired by a plate shard I found in ploughed fields. I enlarged the pattern on the shard and needle felted it onto different sized circles to represent plates and crockery. Currently on the Artwall leitrimdesignhouse until end of March handcreated handmade feltplate needlefelt woolfelt wool pottery ceramics alisonhunterartist sligo plate art creativityfound irishartist chinaplate textileart felt visualart mixedmedia plate leitrim leitrimdesignhouse blueandwhite

8 hours ago

At the rate this little beauty is growing, it won't be long before I'm looking up at him. With that in mind, I wanted to capture my point of view while he's still looking up at me this way, I'm pretty sure in 10 years time, it will be a very different expression 🤣. "Leon" oil on canvas 40cm x 40cm. Swipe ⬅️ for process and reference used portrait portraitpainting portraits_ig portraitart irishartist irishhomes irishart interiorinspirations instaartist instaart artofinsta contemporaryart interiordecor artforyourwalls dailyart modernart painting interiorinspo followmyart art_spotlight oiloncanvas oilpainting artworld artistoninsta artoftheday artrealism

8 hours ago

My heart belong toGolden Fluid Acrylics. I m coming to end of my bottles soon and wondering how to justify a restock. They are just so gorgeous to work with, especially on this new florals series. Note to selfstart doing the lotto! 📸 christineburnsphoto goldenfluidacrylics

9 hours ago

S w e e t . P e a Finishing off Clodagh sleeve today with some florals. Sweet peas, chrysanthemums and violets all to represent different members of her family 🖤🖤🖤 Done using asgoodasgoldaftercare 🔥

9 hours ago

Some of the seaglass necklaces that I've been making recently! Made from seaglass that I've collected on Irish shores and strung on adjustable black hemp cord. I'll be selling these and lots more at the artfullydublin market tomorrow in Lucky's from 3-8 pm! luckysdublin €10- €12 each. 💛💕💛 The emerald green one is gone already but I have loads more in the works!

9 hours ago

What’s that? I’m in bredajackson’s film? Whoop! I’m playing a scorned ex-lover who gets to scream at ciaransmyth12 (aka John) and I’m not going to lie - it will be fun. VERY FUN.