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A Muslimah doesn't need to marry a man who dies for her . But she needs to marry a true muslim man who lives for her , to help her be the better believer and take her to lead her to Jannah Ma Sha Allah 😍💚💝 follow for more ☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟ islamicpost islamicpost islamicpost jannah islamicpair islamicwomen islamiccouple deen muslimah alhumdulillah allah jannahgoals islam islamicreminders islamicpost hijab hijabigirls nikah islamicgirls quran quransayings islamicvideo love halal hijabi mashaallah islamicvideos beautiful niqab allah sunnah hijabiqueen followme comment

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யா அல்லாஹ் இது போன்ற தீங்கான விஷயங்களில் இருந்து நாங்கள் உன்னிடம் பாதுகாப்பு தேடுகிறோம்!ஆமின். islamicquote islamicquotes islamicwomen tamilbayan

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Whose looking for the preetiest abaya this Eid?❣️ This gorgeous nida maxi abaya made in the finest known korean nida with intricate embroidery and delicate beadwork is the latest design from our Eid collection 2019. Shop this pretty piece in black and other beautiful colors too. Can be made in buttoned open and in all sizes! Dm us for more information! theabayastore

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🌐For watch full video on Safaonline YouTube chennal and Share this video صفا آن لائن کی نئی پیش کش _*راہ عمل*_ औरत का असल मैदान उसका घर है l 🎙 DrRukhsanaNikhatlari "_*عورت کا اصل میدان اس کا گھر ہے* 🎙خطیب: *ڈاکٹر رخسانہ نکہت لاری صاحبہ (سابق پرنسپل ممتاز پی جی کالج لکھنؤ)* islamicwomen islamichousewife womensrights

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👉 Islam_ki_shahzaadi. Awesome Islamic page fast follow gyzzzz Just Islamic thoughts 😍 Like. 👍 Comments 😍 Tags 😊😊 Follow .⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️ Follow 👉 Islam_ki_shahzaadi Follow 👉 Islam_ki_shahzaadi Follow 👉 Islam_ki_shahzaadi PS Must Inspiring Page I Have Ever Seen 💯 I Bet You Will Get Addition islamicquotes islamkibeti islamicquotes islamicwomen islamicbatein muslimah muslimwomensday qoutesmuslim islam islamorada ahlesunnatwaljamaat jamaicangirls jamateislami

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"!صوت المرأۃ ثورۃ صمت الرجل عورۃ!" - There are countless real-life queens in the world but I legit found THE ONE I'd prefer! Alaa Salah! - The Nubian queen that woke the world! - The voice of a woman is indeed a revolution! - Image courtesy: lulualmasoud alaasalah sudan sudaneserevolution

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Jab mout k bad aurat ka parda wajib h Tu is zindagi mai hum isse backward mindset! Or ispr behas mubhaisa q karte? Jb Islam ki shezadiyoo ki pehchan parda h! Tu ye feminism?, liberalism? Ye sb Shaour ki kami h? Ya Islamic states main Islam se doori h? Aye Qur'an mai Allah kiya farmata h wo b ghor krlete h❤ 1)Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 33 Surah Ahzaab verse 59: O Prophet, enjoin your wives and daughters, and the believing women,that they should cast their outer garments over their persons. It is expected that they will thus be recognized, and not molested. Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.💯✔❤ 2)Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 24 Surah Nur verse 31: (O Prophet) enjoin the believing woman to restrain their gaze and guard their modesty, and not to display their adornment except that which is displayed of itself, and to draw their veils over their bosoms,and not to display their adornments except before their husbands, their fathers, .and also forbid them to stamp their feet on the ground lest their hidden ornaments should be displayed. May ALLAH guide us all to straight path May ALLAH guide all man & women to obey all the right practices of Islam ❤ women womens modestwomen modesty girls ladies guidance awareness islamicwomen hijab hijabi hijabers parda importance awareness guidance allah womenempowerment mens husbandandwife

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One day a rich man gave a poor man a basket full of garbage 🗑 The poor man smiled at him and left with the basket. He emptied the trash, cleaned it, and then filled it with beautiful flowers 💐 ⠀ The poor man returned to the rich man and gave him back the basket 🧺 ⠀ The rich man was surprised and asked: "Why do you give me this basket filled with beautiful flowers, if I gave you garbage?» ⠀ And the poor man said, " Each one gives the other what he has in his heart» ⠀ You agree?😏

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Femministe nello Yemen Sotto il Chador indossano gli anfibi e sono davvero rock islamicwomen

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Eid Collection 2019. Embellished korean nida kimono abaya with buttons running from top to bottom to give you a statement and a modest look this Eid✨ Available in all sizes and beautiful colors. Dm us for information.

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Work is Sunnah. Many people prefer to forget about this Sunnah nowadays. The laziness eats out the society from the inside. First, you are too lazy to work, too lazy to solve any difficult issues, then you lazy to require knowledge, then laziness begins to manifest itself even in the most basic things like meeting with a friend, cleaning the house, talking with family, in the end, laziness completely absorbs a person😑 ⠀ From this swamp of inaction, indifference and powerlessness there is only one way out - Quran and the Sunnah✨ Quran is a cure for all diseases. Our prophet (peace be Upon him and the Mercy of Allah), his sahabs and righteous predecessors are our best example that we should equal to. ⠀ The best of people were not inherent in such quality as laziness! First, they all understood the danger of this dire disease, second - they always resorted to Allah for help from this malaise🤲🏼 For Shaytan is always trying to bring down a person👹 And if he can not bring down a person at once, he begins to do it little by little. As a result, when a person is completely lazy - his heart begins to die🥀 Why? Because he's just not being looked after. And what else refreshes the heart, mind and soul of a person, if not knowledge? Knowledge is power💪🏽Knowledge is the weapon of the believer. Knowledge is conviction. If a person leaves knowledge - he leaves Allah and then Allah leaves such a person. But if a person begins to demand knowledge, he turns to Allah, then Allah answers him🙏🏽

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Mard apni nazrain neechi Nahi Karna Chahta, orat parday ko jahalat smjhtii hai or talash dono ko izat ki hai. 😭😭💯💯 Pata Nahi hum mard or orat yeah kub smjhain gay k hamarii baka hamray rab k bataay ehkamat main Hai. 💯💯 Keep supporting follow meejastic_words islamicquotes islam islamicwomen islam islamicposts muslim muslimwomen urduwriter urdupoetry urduaadab urdusadpoetry urdupoetrylines urdushayeri pakistaniwriters paksociety pakpoetry kalii❤️ selfwritten quran quran quranverses sunnah muhammadﷺ quranicquotes follow4followback followforlike followforfollowback likeforlikes like4like likeforfollow

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That was the last strawI just got caught with emotions. I came to myself when I saw his eyes full of resentment and fear. The baby was already looking at me with frightened eyes. I reached out to him, trying to apologize for yelling. But he didn't come into my arms. His lips trembled, and tears flowed from his eyes. I felt terribly guilty. I remembered myself as a , when my mother screamed at me like this, i remembered how scared i was. I remembered how I had promised myself that I would never yell at my like that. Why am I doing this now? What can i do with this maternal aggression?😖 ⠀ I receive a lot of letters with similar content. One way or another, every mother had a moment in her life when she couldn’t restrain herself and broke down on the . But even sadder when it becomes a common method of communication😓 ⠀ As a rule, after this moments of break down, mothers experience a strong guilt, a fear that it will become a trauma for the , as it once became a trauma for her. Thats why everyone wants to hear a simple mechanism, how to learn to be calm and balanced mom🧘🏻‍♀️ ⠀ Studying the topic of maternal aggression, I realized why despite the large amount of information on the Internet, people still have questions on this topic, why it is difficult to implement it in practice. After all, aggression can have many reasons, and each reason will have its own "treatment". ⠀ Most often they say that this is a consequence of resource depletion. When mom is at zero and has no more strength to be patient😥 She turns on the autopilot, which follows the instructions and patterns from childhood. ⠀ But why are we so exhausted? And is it possible to prevent it?🤔 ⠀ And what to do if an avalanche of emotions hit the ? How to clean up the consequences? What to do with guilt? ⠀ I will write an article on thos topic if it relevant for you. Comment down below if this situation seems familiar to you 👇🏼