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5 days ago

My pleads go out to the 2 police officers who were injured in the Riverside shootout 🚫 I pray & hope that they recover from their injuries. I also pray & hope that our hard working officers apprehended the criminals. Our society is tired of crimes and gang activity and vandalism. I hope none of the criminals made it. Their useless existence doesn’t deserve our hard earned tax dollars for them to go back to commit more crime and murder more innocent lives. Thanks to every police department who have the toughest job. And a great thank you to the paramedics too. They both save lives so thank you again police policeshooting riverside riversidecalifornia riversideshooting goodcop goodcops isupportthepolice supportyourlocalpolice paramedic paramedics firedepartment california usa

2 months ago

Scott's a cop! 👏🏼🇺🇸

2 months ago

Wrapping up PoliceWeek2019 with donuts, coffee, coffee rolls, and apple fritters🤗 cliché, I know. But nothing like showing up before roll call so our guys & gals can actually get a bite in before the mayhem ensues🤓 Love you guys! Have a great day and be safe!🖤💙🖤🚔🇺🇸🍩🍩🍩 nationalpoliceweek policeweek donuts lovemyhusband andhiscrew ohthatlittleguy dontworryaboutthatlittleguy itwasntme thinblueline thinbluelinefamily policewifey leowifey policewifelife humanizingthebadge isupportthepolice backthebadge backtheblue cops police lawenforcement firstresponders

3 months ago

This week is for the remembrance of all the fallen officers. It's to support the families who lost a loved one because they were serving and protecting their communities from the harm and danger in this world. There's not a moment Adam goes to work and I'm not scared that the most important person in my life is never going to come home. The relief that comes over me when I get that "Home Safe" text, there's nothing like it. At the end of the day, he just wants to come home to his family, and same goes for his brothers and sisters in blue. So I'm challenging you all to thank a Police Officer this week. Because they'll be the first to come running to your aid, every time, no matter the circumstance To my hubby, his coworkers, and all LEOs out there: I support, love, and stand by you all. 🚔🖤👮‍♂️💙👮‍♀️🖤🚔 nationalpoliceweek policeweek thinblueline thinbluelinefamily policewifey leowifey humanizingthebadge isupportthepolice backthebadge backtheblue cops policeweek lawenforcement firstresponders

3 months ago

💙🖤May 12th through May 18th marks National Police Week! Let’s take a moment to say THANK YOU to all our brave, incredible Abington Police Officers who honor to protect our community and keep us safe everyday. To all Law Enforcement from sea to shining sea, Thank you for your service to our country and to our citizens! And to all the brave men and women in blue who have died in the line of duty, we remember your devoted service and honor your memory and please especially remember Abington Sgt. Alex Kokoros. Sgt. Kokoros was an officer of great strength and dedication to the community. Make sure to say Thank you to our men and women in Blue during Nation Police Week!💙🖤👮‍♂️🚓👮‍♀️ nationalpoliceweek backtheblue supportthepolice isupportthepolice lawenforcement boysinblue abington abingtonpolice abingtonma

3 months ago

Today begins Police Memorial Week 2019. Some don't know this, but I wore a badge for 10 years, been to Washington during this week, and have been moved to tears at the loss of our fallen brothers and sisters. But this year, it is different, my heart is heavy and my mind still foggy. I ask you this week and honestly every day to take time, remember our fallen and celebrate the men and and women who make a choice to put on a badge, the ones that would run towards the danger, and would gladly give their life for you. Shake their hand, stop and pray with them, buy them a cup of coffee, but most of all pray for them. Pray for those who have fallen and their families and their police families that are left with the void that will never be filled. Love the Police. policememorialweek2019 mooresvillestrong backtheblue behindthebadge Isupportthepolice 💙🖤

3 months ago

I keep falling more in love.

4 months ago

I’m not saying police brutality doesn’t exist and I’m not saying that all cops are good. But the amount of distrust in the police is worryingly high bluelivesmatter isupportthepolice propolice