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5 years ago

LeBron James with cavs overr LeBron James with heat anyyyyydaayyyyyy i meann in cleveland he just idk bleww my mind even tho i'm a kobe fan thiss guyy just had thattt swagg his citty that ⃣2⃣3⃣ the shoes, the buckets and throwdown dunkss too bad he didn't win a ring you can't do it alone i mean KD has russell since wayyback kobe bitched for players if not he wanted to get tradedi think the celtics are the reason he wanted to go to miami cause you take a look at the big three back then he killed the celts soo bad in the playoffs TWICE when in miami give this man his throne its his league and he's going to do it again mj had pippen and had a team sooo let's not even get started itiswhatitiss lbjjcavss2⃣3⃣🏀 kingjames thegreatestrightNOW admit it he's just playing with the league right now been in the finals 4 timess and tryin to go to the finals again for the 4tthh time its alotdamnn mad lovee bruhh💜do u 🏀🏀 ⃣6⃣