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Falta poco! 🙏🙏🙏 Repost xmenmovies • • • • • • X-Men, let’s go! Get your tickets to see DarkPhoenix in theaters June 7. DarkPhoenixTickets.com ENTRADAS YA DISPONIBLES EN ⬇⬇⬇ https:www.darkphoenix-tickets.com/🔥 peliculasdefox DarkPhoenix. XMenDay xmen DarkPhoenix JeanGrey Cyclops professorx Magneto mystique Storm Nightcrawler Quicksilver beast sophieturner jenniferlawrence marvel fox Mystique RavenDarkholme xmendarkphoenix sophieturner jenniferlawrence jlaw jessicachastain JamesMcAvoy michaelfassbender jamesmcavoy nicholashoult fox marvel comic film

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I FINALLY got to watch Glass 📺 Glass (2019) Samuel L. Jackson said of working with James McAvoy on the movie, "As good as I like to think I am or what I do and how I do it, watching somebody transform characters in front of your eyes and have an argument with four different people is pretty amazing." HappyTearsHorror horrormovies HorrorCollection horrorfamily horrorfan horrorart HorrorCollector HorrorAddict horrorobsessed horrorfan lovehorror instahorror horrorgram horrorcommunity horrorclub horrorobsessed photooftheday horrornerd horrorjunkie horrorfilms halloween🎃 halloweeneveryday split sundayfunday sunday unbreakable mnightshyamalan sarahpaulson brucewillis jamesmcavoy samuelljackson

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After Mike calls and memories begin to emerge, Bill hastily goes off to have a moment alone. (In my head this takes place in his publisher’s office building.) Another edit of mine—footage/audio/music rights belong to wbpictures itmovieofficial newlinecinema and the creators of the film ‘Filth’. (Please note: I know Bill isn’t supposed to have a English accent, but he does live in England as a adult in the book [plus many of jamesmcavoyrealdeal roles use his real accent and, frankly, these films scenes were the only ones I found that I could make work story wise].🤷🏻‍♀️ So, for the sake of this edit, let’s assume Bill picked up a bit of a accent, whether intentional or not. Additionally, I know this may not fit as well together as my last edit, but I worked hard on it. Any constructive criticism is welcomed; that’s how we learn, after all.) it it2 itmovie itmovie2017 itmovie2019 itchapter2 itchaptertwo jamesmcavoy billdenbrough jaedenlieberher losersclub thelosersclub pennywise pennywisetheclown pennywisethedancingclown ittheclown stephenking stephenkingsit finnwolfhard sophialillis jeremyraytaylor chosenjacobs jackdylangrazer wyattoleff georgiedenbrough jacksonrobertscott billskarsgard itedit itedits

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I really love to see him in tour mode He repeatedly posts things, he jokes, he shows us his beauty It's a big gift to James's fans tour JamesMcAvoy thankgod 😍🤘🙏

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i hate this ac. xblackless for tagged

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X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) • This film stars well everyone. The cast from the first three x-men films, is back to reprise their roles. The world is in ruins after the sentinels have attempted to exterminate mutants and all humans who help them. A few remaining members of the X-Men are in hiding. Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) send Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back in time to the 70s to stop the sentinel program before it is born. Logan must convince the past versions of Charles (James McAvoy), Erik (Michael Fassbender) and Raven/ Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) to work together and stop Trask from creating the Sentinels. All of the performances are great. Hugh Jackman is perfect as Wolverine. And it’s interesting because he has to think about how to convince these people to work together and he can’t always just use his claws or get angry. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are amazing. They both have some really great scenes with a lot of emotion behind them. You really feel like they’ve been through a lot. Quicksilver is introduced in this movie and has a really cool scene. The action is great. The musical score is amazing as well. This movie kinda resets some of the timeline and fixes the mistakes made by X3 and Origins, which was nice. I really loved this movie. Amazing story that feels like it has some emotional weight, fun action and great characters. Rating: 9.5/10 • xmen xmendaysoffuturepast professorx jamesmcavoy patrickstewart magneto michaelfassbender ianmckellen mystique jenniferlawrence wolverine hughjackman movies moviereview review marvel

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Фильм: «Стекло» Режиссер: М. Найт Шьямалан. В ролях: Брюс Уиллис,ТЛюк Кирби, Аня Тейлор-Джой, Джеймс МакЭвой, Сэмюэл Л. Джексон, Сара Полсон, Спенсер Трит Кларк, Джейн Парк Смит, Diana Silvers, Адам Дэвид Томпсон. США, 16+, Драма, Фантастика, Детектив. Kinovkino Стекло Кинотеатр Премьера Cinema Kino Video Movie Follow4follow like4like Instagram Films Videos Actor Cinema Кино Style Swag Love ВКино Фантастика Фантастика Драма Glass BruceWillis JamesMcAvoy SamuelLJackson SarahPaulson

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Haben wir den Film gemocht ? Oh ja ! Die schauspielerischen Leistungen waren natürlich ohne Abzüge fantastisch! jamesmcavoyrealdeal großartige Leistung Für mich der beste Teil der Reihe unbreakablemovie war gut aber nichts besonderes. Ich hab den Hype nicht verstehen können. Split hat mich damals fantastisch unterhalten und umso neugieriger war ich auf glassmovie. Kein typischer Superhelden Film in dem der Fokus auf Action liegt. Stellenweise gibt es Action aber diese ist nicht das was wirklich wichtig ist in diesem Film. Ich empfehle sich die Trilogie anzuschauen! bluray bluraycollector collection blu glass split unbreakable movie movieaddict cinema cinephile collect instamovies instagram samuelljackson brucewillis jamesmcavoy disneydeutschland bitte Wendecover einführen 😃

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Every Sunday we post our Sunday Seven Selection/Triple ‘S’ Review no spoilers, no waffle, just straight to the point scores out of five for the film’s Cinematography, Script, Characters, Casting, Performance, Entertainment and Overall Score together with one word that sums up the whole film for us, which is not as easy as you may think 🤔 This week from ‘Glass’ Watch for the above 👍 filmlovers indiefilm film filmreview cinematography cinema critiquecinema glass dualpersonality jamesmcavoy visualintel filmmad stokeontrent samuelljackson brucewillis mnightshyamalan filmcritique thehorde thebeast number24 securityguard theoverseer thebroken intelligence brawn brains

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Check out: bit.ly/contrazoom2019 to stream the debut episode of Contra Zoom podcast where we rundown summer 2019’s best movies!

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Looks like maybe the scene in which Jessica Chastain stated that has “the most blood that's ever been in a horror film, in a scene” could possibly be in the girls bathroom from The Losers Club’s old school! 🎈

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Losers club🎈

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Some of Keira Knightley’s outfits in Atonement, 2007. 🌾

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🎓 Сегодня предлагаем окунуться в приятные воспоминания, листая школьный фотоальбом Людей Икс. Давайте вспомним наших любимых персонажей в комментариях ниже. Кто начнет? Финальная глава «Люди Икс: Тёмный Феникс» в кино с 6 июня в 3D и IMAX 3D: www.dark-phoenix.ru ЛюдиИкс ТемныйФеникс XMen DarkPhoenix JamesMcAvoy SophieTurner MichaelFassbender XMenMovies