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Top Ten Most Influential Hip hop/Rap Albums Of All Time(NO ORDER). What Other Hip Hop Albums Are Most Influential Of All Time ?

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From the desk of Gunna

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Is Meek Mill a Jay Z with his rapping ability and influence on the culture? mymixtapezapp

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. ☆情報解禁☆ essense x Stillas Special Collaboration TOKYOを拠点に活動するブランド、 Stillasとのコラボ第二弾が 4月27日(土)に発売決定🔥🔥 "DEAD PRESIDENTS TEE" 映画『DEAD PRESIDENTS』と JAY-Zの名曲、『DEAD PRESIDENTS』が融合したVINTAGE STYLE TEE❗️ VINTAGE市場では、97年より前の物を指す今、『DEAD PRESIDENTS』をキーワードに95~96年当時を連想させる最高傑作です💯 大き目のプリントも当時物を彷彿とさせる仕上がりです✔️ しかも、今回❗️ 第一弾で即完売してしまった THE WORLD IS YOURS TEEも限定復刻🗽 詳細は後日SNSにてUP致しますので お見逃し無く👀 jayz nas raptees deadpresidents 90s mensfashion street streetstyle streetfashion select selectshop instagood essense yokohama essenseyokohama l4l likeforlikes ファッション セレクトショップ エッセンス コラボ スタイラス

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john_artwork2013 🔥🔥💯 🤝 I'm cartoonist and I do all kinds of graphic work 🎨🎨🎨hit my dm if you need one📩📩📩 you won't regret working with me 🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻 I stand on my word hiphop hiphopmindset hiphopculture jayz kanye chancetherapper designer hiphopmusic hiphophead hiphopjukies beyonce lilwayne kendrick jaycole kendricklamar bigsean kidcudi andre3000 travisscott asaprocky asapmob childishgambino snoopdog drake eminem champagnepapi joeybadass

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Flipped this 🔥 record by Skeeter Davis and also composed some things around it back in 2015. Tag an artist you can hear on it. Was thinking bambambaklava and joeybadass

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Had to give you a career to destroy it 🤬

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What Are Some other Hip Hop Albums that y’all consider Perfect ? 👇

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After the events of the week, I have to say ones belief system is at a heightened sense. What is so "Good" about someone's death, in mass celebration (Good Friday). After deep consideration for victims, it is not an easy plight. Everyone has a "right" to their own opinion and interpretation. However, having experienced certain events, I can say it is not a celebration, but a day of remembrance and solidarity that is dreadful to celebrate. I observe, read, and listen to people speak of things, but I am not sure if they actually take into account what is being said. God is omnipotent, that can be exemplified in many states. We know what is inherently right and wrong as humans, but choose otherwise due to our own "belief". We speak of mental illness, demonic forces, but never get to the core of why things occur. Some humans would rather see suffering than assist to alievate a situation. We may conversate, but are leery to bend our values to compensate another's. Aggression and hatred start to form even when one isn't aware. One may claim they are of holy nature but it isn't so; because most of, if not all of the circumstances that occur, would not take place. Some even believe that life is not of a spirtual nature. This needs to stop! I would like to encourage the medical community, church officials and government of nations to congregate, without a pompous attitude. Also any capital, is spent assisting those in need and not relics to be idolized. For example, this is the sword, cross or gun that (fill in the blank)In Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 28 it states "God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.” Being fruitful means: producing good or helpful results; productive. We truly need more of this in our lives to breed positive results. As they say many will come in "his" name but that's not "him"! love life laugh smile happy usa catholic muslim government jayz bible religion france globally

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👀🔬🧐 Desde sempre a gente sabe que nada se cria, tudo se recicla nesse planeta, né, nom? E assim segue o baile Por isso, o aMeraCoincidencia surgiu pra gente tirar aquela pulguinha marota de trás da orelha de "já vi ou ouvi isso em algum lugar" e ficar de olho (de forma descontraída) naqueles que se inspiram um pouquinhooooo além da conta em coisas que já existem. Vale ressaltar que os posts têm a intenção de serem leves e humorísticos e não estamos aqui pra acusar/apontar dedo pra ninguém. Cada um com suas conclusões. 😈😈 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Vocês verão aqui meras coincidências (ou não) da música, TV, moda, fotografia, cinema e o que mais for divertido. Aceitamos sugestões de posts. Bem-vindos Divirtam-se⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ aMeraCoincidencia Beyonce Beyoncé LanaDelRey Jayz Humor

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I hope we will do simlar collage with previous dvd tours + fwt and otrII ❤️ rp beypoland