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Наш Артист Ванька ( short_vanka) ,готов показать вам свой сниппет на трек "Глаза". Как вам ? Разрыв? Комент оставьте) prilaga weddingsinger song prilaga bestsinger popsinger singersongwriters jazzsinger rnbsinger instasinger singers countrysinger americasinger koreansinger bobbysinger femalesinger desingers singerslife concert singer leadsinger singersongwriter desinger singerisland singerlife operasinger singersofinstagram thebestsinger soulsinger italiansinger malesinger

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[IGORTyler, The Creator] Review When I heard Tyler's Scum Fuck Flower boy properly for the first time I was on a long drive. And as Tyler rapped and sung about various things that plagues his mind, his music spoke more than he ever could. For the first time I had heard music whic was able to emulate exactly what Loneliness feels like. Flower Boy was about many things, but the sheer loneliness oozing out of Tyler's Synth symphonies is what made Flower Boy such a beautiful and personal album. It is still my goto album whenever everything goes south. So how does one top something as perfect as Flower Boy. After all Tyler himself says Flower Boy had everything in place, the beats were clear, the features were sorted, there was no way that it could go wrong. The answer is simple: You don't top Flower Boy. Flower Boy was about loneliness and that is a perfectly calculated feeling. You know when you are lonely. You can understand loneliness. But you can't understand love. Love is mayhem, Love is chaos. This can be heard in certain parts of Flower Boy too. But that' the early stage. Real Love can be like falling into Tartarus. An absolutely maddening unending experience. And that is what Tyler decided to make an album about. That is exactly what IGOR tries to make us feel. It defines and describes the haunting feeling of obsession and infatuation. After all love is not just flowers. There is a dark side of toxicity that is always there when you start getting attracted to someone. Tyler hits perfectly at exactly that. IGOR explores the dangerous side of romance by following an entire journey of falling in love and then breaking it off. The synths are abhorrent but yet so good, it pulls you in just like the person you start obsessing over when you fall in love. IGOR grows on you. Faster than fungus on stale bread. It numbs you. It tantalizes and immobilizes you. Right now Flower Boy still stands as a superior album, but given time to grow IGOR might just turn to be the better album. IGOR perfectly captures not only love, but disdain. Pure heartwrenching disdain. Overall it's a rigorous ride and an acquired taste for people know the disdain of falling in love 9/10

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Avengers Hero Thor, Captain America, marvel Halk, Tony, captain Marvel, Luci Follow me ⏩📱 Art_superheros 💪😘 for ───────────────────────More 💘💫🐯🌎🎨*******🌬🖌🖋⚜💯🆕 ╔╗╔═╦═╦═╦═╗ ║╠╣╬╠╗║╔╣╩╣ ╚═╩═╝╚═╝╚═╝ Tag me on your Art to get a chance to be Featured**************** 💘❤ Double Tep 💘❤***** 🗨Write a comment Below 💬💭💕 prilaga prilaga bobbysinger koreansinger singersongwriter singerlife desinger leadsinger singersofinstagram italiansinger desingers singerslife thebestsinger femalesinger weddingsinger instasinger song malesinger singers countrysinger singerisland americasinger bestsinger popsinger soulsinger singer rnbsinger operasinger jazzsinger singersongwriters concert

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So recently there have been quite a few venues that asked me to “sing jazz” using Instrumental tracks. I do not do this under any circumstances. That is not jazz, however loose the term has become over the years, no matter how much this music that I love so much has evolved. That is karaoke. You can all come at me with hate but I stand by this. Our jazz set is always a collective product that is heavily reliant on the chemistry between myself and these musicians and improvisation. Thank you for your understanding. jazzmusicians jazzsinger livemusic

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זורמת איתכן 😘😘😘 . מניקור ג'ל יסודי 💅🏽 🚩רמת גן, אבא הלל (ליד הבורסה) ☎️לקביעת תורים חייגי- 054-4638384 bestsinger malesinger singerslife desinger weddingsinger song singers singer americasinger prilaga femalesinger rnbsinger jazzsinger operasinger concert italiansinger instasinger singerisland singerlife koreansinger desingers popsinger thebestsinger leadsinger singersongwriters bobbysinger countrysinger singersongwriter soulsinger singersofinstagram

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Jazz live show at Barbra in Ginza On 20th May 5/20(月)銀座Barbra 中央区銀座 7-8-19東京ビルB1 TEL: 03-3571-5769 https:ginza-barbra.com 柚谷奈穂/Naho Yuzuya (Vo) 加藤咲希/Saki Kato(Vo) Nina(Vo) 尾花毅/Takeshi Obana(Ag) 大橋祐子/Yuko Ohashi(Pf) 1st 20:00, 2nd 21:20, 3rd 22:30 (charge ¥ 4500) 豪華メンバーでの出演です✨ 応援いただけたら嬉しいです!どうぞよろしくお願いいたします🌸 StarDSK  stardiskstudiossquad  stardiskfilms  stardiskinc  stardiskstudios  stardiskmodels singer  tokyo  japan  ykfs  japanesesinger  japanesegirl  singersongwriter  jazzsinger  rnbsinger LillaFlicka  BeyCelesté locationshooting photoshooting 銀座 ginza jazzvocal jazzguitar jazzpiano bossanova   

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本日はジャズシンガー北如来那さんとスイーツのコラボライブへ♪ パティシエ南保さんはスイーツコンテストで金賞受賞していて、その作品であるチーズワイナリーは絶品でした!後はチョコのシャロンも頂きました🍰 イチゴショートは今度お店に行ってみます💦痩せる暇なし😅  ライブはguitarに長沼タツルさんを迎えて、 北さんのオリジナル、スタンダードなどなど、選曲良かったです♪ どれが一番とは決めかねるけど、ビリージョエルの素顔のままで、気に入りました😊  同行した一番年が近い従姉妹が、ライブもスイーツも喜んでくれたのが何より(*^^)v ・ ・  ジャズライブ jazzlive 北如来那 ジャズシンガー jazzsinger アフタヌーンライブ  アフターダークカフェ 音楽好き スイートハーツナンポ  札幌スイーツ sapporosweets ケーキ cakes パティシエ pâtissier コラボ チーズワイナリー

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🌿昨日はピアニストの堀内なつみさんと一緒にライブでした。 新緑の美しい季節なので、牧歌的なケルト民謡、ドイツリート、梅雨の時期を先取りして雨の歌をセットリストに取り入れました。 演奏終了後はソルティドッグで乾杯。塩分が気になる。😆 · · Yesterday I appeared on Spring Live,with pianist Natsumi Horiuchi. As it is a beautiful fresh green season, I set the list of pastoral Celtic folk songs, Deutsche Lieder(German songs), and rainy songs anticipating the rainy season. After the concert, we made a toasted with salty dog. I'm worried about salt. 五月のパリが好き(J'aime Paris Au Mois De Mai) Stranger In Paradise Scarborough Fair Green Sleeves Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen(水の上に歌える) Die Forelle (鱒) 爪色の雨(Nail color rain) アルフォンシーナと海(Alfonsina Y El Mar ) Amapola(アマポーラ) Contigo En La Distancia (遠く離れても) パリの屋根の下(Sous Les Toits De Paris) Les Parapluies De Cherbourg(シェルブールの雨傘) It Could Happen To You Stardust The Shadow Of Your Smile(いそしぎ) Insensatez (愚かな振舞い) A Night In Tunisia(チュニジアの夜) Historia De Un Amor(ある恋の物語) Lagrimas Negras(黒い涙) All Of Me 2⃣《 bbm.keiji.official》If you wish, check please ! beneaththeblue_keiji ジャズボーカル ボーカル 歌手 帽子コーデ mensfashion man jazzsinger latinsinger maleportrait 音楽 vocal jazz vocalist classicalcrossover メンズファッション portrait lifestyle  classicalcrossoversinger  classicalcrossovervocal singer picture trip photograph concert  mensportrait 旅行 music portraitphotograph travel

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Шикуем в Ницце. Приятные прогулки по знаковым местам самого красивого курорта Лазурного берега ШИКАРНЫ 💃💃💃 шик группашик шикбэнд бэндшик кавергруппашик шик гастроли вджазетолькодевушки jazzgirlsband jazzband womensbandshik bandshik shikmusic shikband shik girlsband jazzsinger saxophone vocal организациясвадьбы

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Debería subir fotos o vídeos de mi colaboración de ayer con la crazycabinbigband en su franksintatratribute pero de momento, sólo puedo compartir los grandes momentos vividos con Mar Barea, las risas que nos pasamos donde jugamos con nuestros personajes improvisados y nuestros roles divertidos y creativos mientras llegaban nuestros temitas acompañando a miguelangelcortés junto a los musicazos de este pedazo de Big band Algunos de esos momentos se inmortalizaron sobre el escenarionos gusta estar al límite, jijijiy salió bien Un placer marbarea, risas NON STOP Gracias a los asistentes por compartir a son de jazz!❤️🎶 jazzsinger laughs creativity smilefaces improve greatmoments

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TICKETS ON SALE pizzaexpresslive https:www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/kelly-everitt “After a sold-out show in February, join Kelly and her 7-piece band for an evening of Soul and Jazz.” https:www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/kelly-everitt pizzaexpresslive pizzaexpressliveholborn holburn london londonevents londonlive londonlivemusic singer jazz jazzsinger soul soulsinger sessionsinger guestentertainer jazzvenue livemusic vocals piano drums guitar bass saxophone trumpet trombone corporateentertainment blondie hittheroadjack standard

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Spring Summer Update! The first leg of the YOlA Tour has been most friken enjoyable we’re heading to play sold out shows in Saltaire and Manchester tonight and tomorrow and I can’t wait! I also can’t wait to play all these dates with special guests joining me throughout! More info! Find me ladynade on Facebook 💎 Soul Blues modern folkpop Jazz jazzsinger soulsinger jazzvocal jazzvocalist soulvocalist bluesinger Sontronics Taylor Guitars Taylorartist April May prsfoundation hannahoriolojewellery sundayvibes safeplace 🌻🎼 Poster Credit: higherdesignuk Photocredit: seecurley altitudevf holly_cartermusic

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Мэрайя Кэри, пятикратная обладательница премии Гремми,одна из которых досталась ей,как лучшей поп-вокалистке. Она великолепно поет и лично я скажу ,что за вот таких поп-исполнителей мне уж точно не стыдно. bestsinger malesinger singersongwriters operasinger thebestsinger weddingsinger soulsinger singer singers bobbysinger instasinger rnbsinger leadsinger italiansinger femalesinger popsinger concert desingers singerslife koreansinger singerisland singersofinstagram desinger americasinger jazzsinger singerlife singersongwriter song countrysinger

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日光田母沢御用邸の敷地の1/4は、元々は日光出身の銀行家 小林年保の別邸だった場所。日光金谷ホテルの開業を支援したことでも知られる人物です。 敷地内を流れる田母沢川のほとりの九輪草。 中禅寺湖の千手ヶ浜の九輪草の群生地も、6月には開花の時期を迎えます。いつか行ってみたいです。 A quarter of the site of the Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa is originally a place that was a separate residence of Nikko-based banker Mr.Nenpo Kobayashi. He is also known for helping establish the Nikko Kanaya Hotel. Kurinso (Japanese Primrose/Primula japonica) blooming on the shore of Tamozawa River flowing through the site. Kurinso flock of Senjugahama beach of Chuzenji Lake will reach its flowering season in June. I would like to go someday. 2⃣《 bbm.keiji.official》If you wish, check please ! beneaththeblue_keiji ジャズボーカル ボーカル 歌手 日光 voice song jazzsinger latinsinger maleportrait 音楽 vocal jazzvocal vocalist classicalcrossover fashion portrait cherryblossom classicalcrossoversinger classicalcrossovervocal singer picture trip photograph jazz mensportrait 旅行 music sing travel