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1 month ago

The pain in our fat legs, the hungry beasts in our tummies, the hearty conversations-worth the 4 hours/8 miles hike 🥰 JESSventures

1 month ago

A stunning view is what makes me come back for more hikes ✨😍 JESSventures

1 month ago

Ferris wheel and ocean breeze 💕✨ JESSventures

1 month ago

AHHHH SO COOOLLDD Thank you ponponjustine for this spontaneous adventure-from picking beach clothes in a random store to buying sunblock, towel, and beach umbrella in Vons, and lastly walking to the beach in sneakers and block heels. What a fun day 😂❤️ JESSventures

1 month ago

Aunt: We need to bring the hiking poles! Me: We don’t need those! It’s going to be an easy hike! ***Later on, ended up using them 😅🙈 JESSventures

2 months ago

🙌 Someone: you look pretty / beautiful / some generic compliment for females that makes me cringe Me: *has zero internal reaction but says thank you anyway because it's polite and I'm not a complete dick* Someone: you're so clever / brave / strong. Wow Jess, I love how passionate you are about food! Here, have some pizza. Me: 😎 *mindgasm* so when are we getting married? SOMETIMES WE NEED TO REMIND EACH OTHER THAT HAVING AN AWESOME PERSONALITY, SHOWING BASIC RESPECT AND KINDNESS, HAVING A SENSE OF HUMOUR AND STRONG VALUES IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING AESTHETICALLY PLEASING. Amen. internationalwomensday diainternacionaldelamujer womensday womensrights 8m strongwomen kickasswomen strongmind strongspirit fightforyourrights iknowwhatilike beyourself womenrule independence femaleempowerment feminismo feminism jessventures

3 months ago

Came across this mysterious-looking house whilst exploring in the countryside and suddenly wished I could swing from one of the trees onto the top balcony so I could see what it's like inside. At this point I became conscious of two things: 1) I'm mentally unhinged but it's what makes me a unique fucking badass so there we go let's just roll with it, and 2) I have played a lot of Tomb Raider. explore venturing trekking senderismo majestic houses abandonedhouse mysterioushouses palmtrees exploring spain countryside countryhouses balconies burjassot valencia prettyarchitecture comunidadvalenciana explorevalencia beautifulplaces sunlight palacial womenwhoexplore jessventures

3 months ago

Do me a favor. Close your eyes, and breathe in the mountain air • The picture doesn’t do it justice. You’re just going to have to believe me. If you’re not here- you’re missing out. • • • mountains california mountainair locationscouting locationscout mountain ca cali gorman santaclarita socal fresh freshair sunny sunlight beautiful wonderful amazing missingout fomo adventure jessventures hills mountainsgandalf youjusthavetobehere wishyouwerehere travel soul goodforthesoul perfection

4 months ago

New Year, New Nah just kidding I can't be arsed with that shit. As long as I have food, a bed, a roof over my head, dogs, people I love and am relatively mentally stable (only relatively), then we're winning ;) Just a reminder for y'all that you're rich as long as you make the most of what you have now. Feliz año. Let's see what the 2019 journey delights us with :P hello newyearsday 2019 chill ilooklikeanelf letsdothis positivevibes hippie lifeisanadventure positiveattitude browneyes hazeleyes👀 gratitude healthymind happiness strongminds freespirit thinkingminds appreciation perspective sendinglove believeinyourself yassqueen jessventures

4 months ago

My holidays have officially begun and I'll be away from my trusty old keyboard for a week or so, so I'm spreading happy vibes courtesy of Jimmy Cliff ;) I can see clearly now. jimmycliff icanseeclearlynow piano pianosongs happysongs inspirationalsongs sunshineyday femalemusician blackandwhite ebonyandivory tickletheivories pianomusic soul singerpianist singing playingpiano keyboard happymusic happymusician positivevibes festivecheer altgirls womenwhoplaymusic musicsoothesthesoul jessventures