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9 hours ago

The perception of time is a puzzling thing for many. Many disputes over the amount of true amount of time in a minute, when in reality time is relative, as Einstein once said. In life, each person perceives time at their own pace. In our own minds, we have pacemaker-like brains that monitor our circadian rhythm and essentially bring us to understand what “an hour” or “day” is. As we age though, our perception of time speeds up noticeably, and there are many factors to play a role in this. Cognitive function, relative memory, all of this causes what is called “proportional theory,” which says that our perception of time speed up with age. For example, a 76-year-old’s year would be a 6-year-old’s week, to elaborate. Overall, present perception of time does not change with age, although reflecting back on previous years may make it perceived as time going faster with age. To elaborate, there are certain ranges of age like the “reminiscence bump” (15-25) in which the clearest long term memories are made; while other age ranges normally cloud up over time. As a more simple explanation, if you are 2 years old, and you think back to the previous year, that’s half your entire life’s memories. Although, as a 75 year old reminisces about his past year, it’s barely a noticeable fraction of his life, where each memory is as forgettable as the last. Another side effect of proportionality theory is that your ability to estimate time becomes sharper, as each and every second you experience, your perception of time is refined within your brain. Hence when a 5-year old is talking about 5 minutes, he may actually be thinking about anywhere from 1-20 minutes, while a 50 year old may very well be spot on with his time approximations. Time overall is likely the single most controversial topic in quantum physics, astrophysics, and essentially all of science, because it is one of the only things that has remained constant since the beginning of the universe. It’s the very defining quality of the hypothetical 5th dimension, and whenever we think we have an understanding of time, we find out more mysteries are to be solved. Analysis complete.