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Just watched 📺 Final Destination 2 (2003) 🎬⛟💀📽 You Can't Cheat Death Twice 🎬⛟💀📽 Watched another Final Destination movie on Netflix I really like this movie That opening scene is 1 of the best in horror movie history in my opinion To THIS day I still will not get behind a Log Truck cuz of this movie I bet I'm not the only one! Lol The deaths are pretty cool I like the premise behind the Final Destination movies This one is probably my favorite Final Destination movie 🎬⛟💀📽 FinalDestination 2 Netflix OpeningScene Good Favorite Letterboxd NotHorror HorrorFan Collection HorrorCollection HorrorCollector ShortFilm Film FilmMaking HorrorAddict HorrorMovies Halloween HalloweenMovie Halloween40 Halloween2018 MichealMyers JohnCarpenter Nightmare NightmareOnElmStreet FreddyKrueger FridayThe13th FridayThe13thMovies Jason Chucky

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Yesterday was the 139th anniversary of the sinking of the Elizabeth Dane, a clipper ship that was wrecked as a mysterious fog bank rolled in on the edge of Spivey Point, near to were the township of Antonio Bay, California, would be settled The vessel, carrying a leper colony to pastures new, was overtaken by a sudden mist that was so thick it was said that one could not see more than two feet beyond their own faces, however a bright light cut through this fog, and Captain Blake steered towards this beacon Disaster struck as the Elizabeth Dane was cleaved nearly in two by rocks along the shoreline; the beacon they had followed was not a lighthouse showing the way but a large campfire on the beach, leading everyone aboard to their doom Just as soon as the ship went down that fog dispersed and there was not one survivor recorded from the wreck. Their deaths however signified the birth of Antonio Bay, but with it came dark tales told in hushed tones regarding the return of Blake and his compatriots. Ghosts of the past searching for those responsible for the fire and their untimely demise This revenge was sought during the events of John Carpenter’s 1980 masterpiece, The Fog. It’s a classic ghost story with a genuinely haunting atmosphere despite its relatively contemporary setting. It’s also one of my favourite films of all time, so today lets raise a glass (or an Easter Egg) to Captain Blake, and to those lost off of Spivey Point when that fog bank rolled in TheFog Fog JohnCarpentersTheFog Carpenter JohnCarpenter AntonioBay SpiveyPoint ElizabethDane FatherMalone Blake CaptainBlake TomAtkins AdrienneBarbeau JanetLeigh JamieLeeCurtis HalHolbrook NancyLoomis CharlesCyphers Ghost Revenant Phantoms Horror Gore Scary Scare Terror Movie Film

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Now listening to one of the best of John Carpenter’s soundtracks. Escape from New York has such moody and cool sounding music, it’s a definite favourite. ———————————————————————— escapefromnewyork film movie moviereview filmcritic bluray dvd collection bluraycollection vinylcollection cinema nowwatching cinephile love followback instagramers vinyl photooftheday amazing horror follow4follow like4like scifi instalike igers picoftheday johncarpenter instadaily instafollow followme

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HALLOWEEN: CONFESSION (Via DJs.Terrifiying.Show) — Do you agree? Do you disagree? Or, are you undecided?