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John Wick Tilogy SteelbookFrame I like the concept and idea of John Wick the Boogieman. The retired assassin who is forced to return to the game for foreseeable circumstances and everyone's favorite, revenge. However, the over the top nonstop action can at times look too coordinated and does not flow elegantly. Particularly in Parabellum's hand to hand combat scenes where Keanu is up against some of the best in the industry, Yayan and Cecep who if you've seen them in anything else are much faster with their movements. Notably slowed down to allow Keanu to throw his punch or kick. Not to take away anything from Keanu as he works endlessly to look his best on camera and perform most of his stunts, so this is no huge concern while watching. What really did bother me about Parabellum is how Sofia, Halle Berry's character doesn't seem to run out of bullets That detail does make me cringe at what could possibly be one of the best duo scenes in Chapter 3. Enough ranting Keanu kicks ass and he's given us an amazing character who we can actually see his merits on camera and not the camera giving us the illusion of believing we saw an action scene johnwick johnwick2 johnwick3 parabellum keanureeves babayaga steelbook steelbookcollection mrwick steelbookframe steelbookcollector ianmcshane laurencefishburne lancereddick markdacascos yayanruhian ceceparifrahman thecontinental excommunicado theboogieman psychobuys

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“John Wick: Chapter 2” gives fans more of what they liked from the first film. More action, more thrills, and more gore. With Reeves and his new pup back from the first film, it is set to be an awesome experience. With the first films antagonists dead, this one introduces new threats, who are arguably more evil. Wick (Keanu Reeves) is not safe from the Continental (the assassin organization), as the plot of this film revolves around the fact that Wick has a fourteen million dollar bounty on his head. Just about anybody can be a threat, which spices up the films plot and suspense. [SPOILER] Santino (the main villain, played by Riccardo Scamarcio) annihilates Wick’s home, leaving him with nothing. This makes Wick more vulnerable than ever [SPOILERS END]. He is on the run and very vulnerable. The intriguing action and gunplay makes a return in this film, and is considerably more over the top. Not only is there more shootout scenes, but there is a great emphasis on the information on the firearms, such as the Kimber 1911 and Benelli M4. The fight scenes are also more creative, as there exists more knife fights, and even a pencil fight. With all of the killing, there is a lot more gore. This film is considerably more bloody than the original. It’s just as gory as “Rambo” (2008). For instance, with any headshot, they’re is a considerable amount of blood. Many of people are stabbed and brutalized. Reeves goes all out in this film, just like in the original. He is clearly having the time of his life playing the character. He IS John Wick. While the antagonists are entertaining to watch, it isn’t very satisfying to see them get picked off one by one like it was in the first film. They’re just there to get dropped by Wick, which is okay because it’s fun to watch. Overall, John Wick 2 is a very solid sequel. With the action bumped up and Wick dropping bodies, it’s a fun film. Overall, it’s a 7.5/10. johnwickchapter2 johnwick keanureeves actionfilm actionmovie film films filmreviews movie movies moviereviews cinema guns johnwick3

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Después de negociar con la Adjudicator y para demostrar su lealtad Winston le dispara varias veces a Wick, quien cae desde lo más alto del edificio. Aunque para todos John Wick ha sido eliminado, se revela que lleva un chaleco antibalas y logra sobrevivir a la caída. El asesino a sueldo aparece mal herido junto al Bowery King, quien de alguna manera también sobrevivió al castigado de la Adjudicator, y ambos dejan claro que tienen un gran problema con Mesa SupremaQue final 😬¿A quien más se le paró el Corazón en esa caída de Mister Wick? 😬😲 KeanuReeves JohnWick3 JohnWickParabellum Babayaga Bogeyman BoweryKing KeanuReevesArgfcInter🇦🇷 Créditos al propietario 👍

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Leading up to the September home release date for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the John Wick Road Trip gave fans the opportunity to experience the World of Wick in person. The epic road show touted the iconic 1969 Mustang from the film, gave fans the opportunity to escape an army of assassins by motorcycle, and displayed never-before-seen props straight off the set. From NASCAR to NFL games to Best Buy locations across the US, the mobile exhibit continues to drive incredible engagement as we make our way to our final stop in Los Angeles. johnwickmovie JohnWickRoadTrip JohnWick3

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keanureeves johnwick3 credits to owner , Keanu Reeves international group on facebook 🙏

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🔪👨🏾‍💼THE BAD MAN IS BACK 👨‍💼🔪 John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Is available for BluRay and digital streaming. Got any questions on the world of John Wick don't worry the BEGIN brothers got ya back. We got you covered in our full breakdown of all things BabaYaga in our deep dive into the interconnected universe of John Wick. Link in BIO and HIGHLIGHTS. beginpodcast johnwick3 johnwick johnwickchapter3 johnwickchapter3parabellum lancereddick ianmcshane keanureeves keanussance keanusance asiakatedillon chadstahelski chadstahelski laurencefishburne halleberry angelicahouston thereallancereddick

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• 🔥 New Arrival 🔥 • “As I live and breathe! John Wick. The man. The myth. The legend.”

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Excellent John Wick VFX breakdown from the folks over on team johnwick! 👇 🎬📽Follow Us cloverkeyshop! Film Tips, BTS, & Extras!🎥🎬 👆 🏷 Tag A Film Friend!😀 Via:  cameralust digiartpiles managerjon • • • • • • 🎬 John Wick: Chapter 3 - VFX Breakdown by Method Studios • For more, follow cameralust keanureeves vfx johnwick3 digiartpiles johnwickchapter3 actionfilm moviescenes behindthescenes jw3 filmmaking chadstahelski johnwick3 gunfu ianmcshane Laurencefishburne davidleitch visualeffects

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Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix ❤

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John Wick 3 Zavvi Exclusive with Adjudicator coin 🖤🌈 . Swipe ↔️ more 📸

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Amazon UK Exclusive slipcase, includes metal hotel lobby card and gold coin 😍 Unexpected full glossy steelbook too, although that back art is a bit questionable lol 🐕🤔 . Swipe ↔️ more 📸

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John Wick Bakal diangkat ke dalam game namun bukan game action shooter seperti harapan kami, melainkan game strategi. - John Wick Jex akan rilis pada tanggal 8 oktober ini dan eksklusif di Epic Games Store. - John Wick Hex dikembangkan oleh Bithell Games yang sudah cukup berpengalaman dalam membuat game indie seperti Quarantine Circular, Volume, dan Thomas Was Alone. - Game ini dibuat bersama dengan stunt coordinator film aslinya, JoJo Eusebio untuk menjamin gerakkan John Wick dalam yang mirip seperti aslinya. - Beberapa aktor seperti Ian McShane dan Lance Reddick juga terlibat dalam proyek game sebagai voide actor karakter mereka dalam game. - John Wick Hex akan menjadi game strategi dimana pemain harus merencanakan setiap tidakan yang akan dilakukan dan merespon perlawanan dari musuh. - Peluru pun juga terbatas dan reload bisa memakan waktu yang cukup panjang sehingga perencaan menjadi sangat penting disini. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - infogamemobileid steamwalletmurah infogamer jualgamepcmurah jualgamepc infogames gamepcmurah beritagames beritagamer johnwickchapter2 johnwick3 dvdgamepc beritagameterbaru gamepc gamepcpekanbaru beritagame infogame steamwalletmurahindo infogameonline johnwick2 johnwick steamwalletmurahbanget beritagameindonesia johnwickparabellum infogamers steamwalletmurahmeriah johnwickchapter3

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- Halle Berry⁣⁣ - ⁣ halleberry⁣ - Shoe size : 8 ⁣⁣ - Before becoming an actress, Berry was a model and entered several beauty contests, finishing as the first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant and coming in sixth in the Miss World 1986. Her breakthrough film role was in the romantic comedy Boomerang (1992), alongside Eddie Murphy, which led to roles in films, such as the family comedy The Flintstones (1994), the political comedy-drama Bulworth (1998) and the television film Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999), for which she won a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ halleberry johnwick3 johnwick halleberryfeet