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Somos Caninos Hijos del rigor En rondas por distintos caminos Custodiando al malhechor Con nuestros canes vamos forjando Binomios invencibles Con sus rugidos avanzando En espacios invisibles Lo posible esta hecho Lo imposible lo haremos Con amor y respeto Porque son más que un perro Son nuestros camaradas Escudo protector Nobles baluartes Mucho más que un CAN ushuaia tierradelfuego k9 k9training rottweiler rotweiler lealtad fidelidad perros dog ceac

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Hooman said we had to go home. I likes playing water splooshes😔😔😔 _ 📷 : asher_the_gsd_ 👌🏻Check out our store for the best tees, mugs, leggings and gift ideas🐕🛒🎁 👉Tap link in our bio gsdcorner 👉 Tag gsdcorner to be featured 🐾 germanshepherd gsd germanshepherdcentral germanshepherddog germanshepherdsofinstagram germanshepherdsonline gsdlove gsdpuppy gsdofinstagram dog dogsofinstagram gsdword germanshepherdworld ilovegermanshepherd k9 k9unit policedog germanshepherdcorner gsdpuppiesofinstagram germanshepherdlovers germanshepherdclub gsdoftheday dogoftheday germanshepherdoftheday gsdpuppy germanshepherdpuppy dog dogoftheday puppy

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Molto bella sta foto fatta con lg k9

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backtobalancek9 - After I post a video like this I usually get a hand full of questions on how I get Salem to do this and if there is a how-to video. Let me just shed some light on the complexity of what seems like one behavior. Focused heel work is something that any trainer can obsess over and make them self go silly trying to clean up every little aspect. For me it’s one of my favorite things to teach. To a handler and dog what looks like one behavior is actually so many micro behaviors that slowly comes together to make one. I’m focusing on his eye contact on me, how forward he is to me, how parallel his shoulders are, is he able to move his backend separately from his front end, the list goes on and on. Aside from the technicality part of this command you then need to work environmental challenges and different distractions. I have spent 100’s of hours on this one behavior and will likely spend a 100 more hours nitpicking every tiny detail. For any of you that see that and say I must have this or for those that have already found a love in heel work, welcome to the dark side we welcome you😈 precisiondogsport fritter11 backtobalancecanine dutchshepherd dutchie dogsofinstagram dogtraining dogtrainer dutchshepherdlovers dutchshepherdsofinstagram workingdog workingk9 focusheel k9 workingdogsofinstagram workingdogmagazine santanarow rockxlucialitter rockstar gappayuae gappaydubai dubaidogs dogsindubai

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🔜 Les jours de pluie 🌧 • 🐶: Donc là t’as décider de parler du ciel qui pisse c’est ça ? 🤦‍♀️ • Quand tu te dis que tu va peu être pouvoir passer une journée tranquille à la maison pour une fois 🙆‍♀️ 🐶: Non non non Jeanette ! Est ce que tu m’as bien vue ?! J’ai l’air d’être un chien de salon ? 🙄 Alors aller on se bouge le popotin et on va courir dehors 🤩 après tout l’eau ça n’as jamais tuer personne 🤷‍♀️😁 • Quand t’essaye de garder ta maison propre 🐶: mais pourquoi elle sort l’aspirateur toute les heures ? 🤦‍♀️ 👩🏽: Tyron non! Essuie les pattes la! 🐶: elle a toujours pas compris que quoiqu’il en soit je ferais exprès de marcher dans la boue et de ramener des bâtons tout sale dans sa maison 😏😏 • N’essaye pas de te mettre en mode Beyoncé des bois, tu va plus finir comme Mimi Cracra 💩 🐶: ééh une grosse flaque! 😁je vais attendre qu’elle passe et sauter dedans au moment où elle passe, histoire qu’elle soit dans le même état que moi 😈 • Pour finir qu’importe le temps, nos Loulous on besoin de sortir et de se dépenser, n’oublier jamais ça ❤️ 🐶: Voui voui voui ! Courir après les oiseaux 🐦, ramener pleins de bâtons, sauter dans l’eau, se rouler dans l’herbe , ça c’est le chien paradis ! 😍🐾 malinoisofinstagram belgianshepherdmalinois belgiummalinois dog doglife dogsofinstagram instamalinois photography photooftheday bergerbelge bergerbelgemalinois rainingday raining securitydog southoffrance frenchriviera malinois malinoislovers malinoisworld malinoispuppy browneyes malinoisofficial malinoislife k9 instadog 2k19 belgiummalinois 🐾 🐶 love

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Indiana State Police (ISP) 3/11/06 - 4/22/19 K-9 Officer Kane was laid to rest yesterday unfortunately. There was no health issue with Kane. It was just old age and it was time. I mourn for Trooper Stephen Wheeles, he was the K9's handler. Rest in Peace Officer Kane! Photo Credit 📷: Twitter Partners 🤝: indiana_emergency_vehicles west_coast_emergency_pics highway_patrol_sheriff thin_blue_life50 americas_first_responders k9unit lawenforcement officerdown policelivesmatter💙 backtheblue💙 thinblueline policedog police statetrooper statepolice indianasfinest indianastatepolice indy k9

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Today I finally tried Vanilla Black’s brunch! Paul chose the Banana Bread and I went for Avocado and Poached Egg on Brown Toast. They’d run out of spicy chorizo over the bank-holiday weekend but I didn’t miss it one bit. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the eggs poached to perfection! Water arrived promptly for the dogs. I also have a thing for toilet cleanliness wherever I go for meals and VB did not disappoint - impeccable! Very friendly staff too. 👍🏽 dogfriendly dog dogsofinstagram food drink kennington park dogwalk walk k9 canine puppy pupsofinstagram cafe coffee coffeeshop shop book bookshop cake relax music vanilla black letmydogin vb_kennington

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I likes grass, grass is tasty 🌾😋🐾

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Mais um grande cão para conhecermos hoje. Elgos du Chemin des Plaines, esse é neto do G'bibber, famoso pela mordida cheia e possessividade, foi bastante usado na reprodução por esse motivo. Cão docil e sociável, fácil de lidar. Elgos passou as gerações futuras suas qualidades temperamentais e também a característica mancha branca no peito. cavazzoni.kennel cavazzonikennel cavazzoni kennel belgiummalinois malinois maligator workingdog policedog guardiandog k9 nvbk topdog superdog dogtraining trainingdog malinoishistory doghistory

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A picture of some of our staff waving goodbye to what we hope is a permanent forever home of our darling, “Daisy Sophie Mae”.😃 It will soon be three weeks since she arrived home. Her transition has not been the smoothest…however, her parents are some of the most patience, compassionate and caring couple.😍 We have not officially signed her over yet, but fingers cross our Daisy has found a forever family,t three years of being a homeless shelter dog.😃❤️ Of course we will keep you updated. 😉 adoptdontshop rspca barbados shelter helpinganimals animallovers dogsofinstagram takemehome foreverhome rescuedogsofinstagram savinglives thankyou happy kindness love compassion family thoughtful home dailydog k9 woof bark rescuedogsofinstagram dogsofinsta win daisy

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ONLINE-SHOP OPEN DOG-HOME&LIVING-MANUFAKTUR Servus und Moin Moin, es ist so weit auf www.tauleinen.de findest Du ab SOFORT einen großen Teil unserer feschen Produkte. Von Kringle Candle, Home & Living bis hin zu Tauleinen Anfertigungen. Zum 1. Mal gibt es bei Tauleinen auch ein Mega Angebot! Also stöbert durch den Shop. (Die gesamte Tauleinen Auswahl wird täglich Stück für Stück erweitert ) Also es kann los gehen. Liebe Grüße aus der Olympiaregion Seefeld von Marco und Kai seefeld2019 gipfelstürmer goldenretriever seefeld tauleinen sylt dog dogs instadog instadaily onlineshopping shop hundeliebe visitseefeld hund hunde gay accessories instagram tirol hamburg elbe pferde haustiere landhausstil alpinestyle k9 wandernmithund hundeleine kringlecandle

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My Easter break weekend adventure car rides happy face 😆

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둘이서 장난감 물고 우다다ㅏ💨

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wesson_the_gsd ctk9services gdhue garydhue To command a beast of such strength, speed and ferocity with delicateness, nuance, and artful subtlety is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience. In my opinion, the marriage of power and finesse is the most beautiful form of control.

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Went to a dog park this weekend and met a group of pretty cool dog walkers! What a great experience it was to be so welcomed and feel like family with some of the most savage shit talkers the world will ever know! gdhue garydhue ctk9services

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Almost caught a foot to the temple!