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These are so insane🤯 📸 briarburns

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gigi out and about in nyc / 14.9.18

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Girls got tickets to their first concert for their birthday! They’re going to see kaceymusgraves in October. They didn’t really get it at first because they’ve never been to a concert 🤣🤣🤣 I’m not sure who is more excited, me or them🤷🏼‍♀️ concert hbd spaceykacey johnsouthard7

2 hours ago

It’s a Slow Burn🌸🌿

3 hours ago

She really has me shook during the bridge 😂😂

5 hours ago

Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour We have spent countless golden hours going back over this album, and no matter what platform you choose to listen to this album in you are rewarded every time with cloud floating bliss. This is not just any normal album, this is something extraordinarily special. kaceymusgraves country singer music vinyl vinylcollection vinylrecords vinylrecord vinyllover vinyljunkie vinylcommunity vinylcollector lp speakers hifi audiotechnica audiophile collector audio audiophiliac love art

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good morning ! the european leg of the tour starts today which also means i see ariana in two days

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these boots said: yeehaw❕ 𝘣𝘺 matildadjerf

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look that cute smile 🥺🥺🥺

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💫🎶Huge Thanks for coming down last night! 🎶💫 Posted withrepostmusiceyeuk Becky Lawrence the Queen's Head, Box, Wiltshire, 16th August 2019 gave a stunning set with her new guitarist Dave Griffin - first time they played togetherher voice sings for itselfsee beckylawrenceuk on Facebook singer singersongwriter pop popmusic rock country countrymusic musiclovers amazing nashville kaceymusgraves dollyparton love follow life cowgirl instagood instamood uk acoustic spotify apple live bellesandgals unsigned gig wiltshire ladygaga

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These 2 albums deserve more listeners. They are simply amazing bodies of work. I’ve recently been listening to them so much and I wish others new about them!Comment your favorite songs from both! 🌈⭐️ kaceymusgraves sametrailerdifferentpark pageantmaterial Also sorry for the bad quality it got messed up when I sent it

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In my humble opinion Kacey Musgraves’ album ‘Golden Hour’ is absolute perfection from beginning to end. This is my visual representation of ‘Golden Hour’ for the aclfestival kaceyatacl contest I started on this artwork three days ago during a beautiful real life golden hour. I finished it last night as I sat outside in the light of a bright full moon. I’m not making this up. 🙂 Technically, this art is now infused with all-powerful golden hour and full moon magic. Thank you so much for changing my life with your music spaceykacey

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she's really pretty 🥺

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Recently attended the screening for blindedbythelightmovie and I was reminded how music can be so inspirational and impactful, even life changing to a lot of people. Don't believe me? See it for yourself cause the movie is out today! - Do y'all have that one song that just always works like a charm all the time? P.S. Thanks warnerbrosca for having me! blindedbythelightmovie movies screening music ad

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“Born in a hurry, always late, haven’t been early since ‘88.” . 💗🍃 . It’s me And a lot of other ppl born in 88. 😂 forsure . I kept hearing this song “Slow Burn” and was finally like what the heck is this? spaceykacey has this velvety smooth voice and this tune is so nostalgic, funny, sweet, vulnerable, and just makes me wanna sway and close my eyes. I love it. I highly recommend you listen to the whole thing if you kinda like this Also for people near Santa Cruz who vibe coffee + music + art! evelynsiguenza and I will be playing some tunes in the early afternoon at 11thhourcoffee on Sept 21! More on that soon Happy Friday 💓✌️ singer singers singersongwriter singersofinsta slowburn kaceymusgraves carolshowsup

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Golden Hour the album and golden hour the time of day are a couple of my absolute favorite things. Another one of my favorite things: our Shiplap Letter Boards!

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"Corre como o rio tentando achar um oceano; Cresce como flor em concreto; Sobe pelas cercas, floresce nas sombras, onde você menos imagina; Pode ser sentido por meio das mais belas melodias cantadas pelos pássaros noturnos, quando todos estão a dormir; O amor é uma coisa doida." (Love is a wild thing - Kacey Musgraves) flowers reminiscing thoughts lyrics countrymusic kaceymusgraves

1 day ago

just found out this girl "stans" harry but accidentally called sott, woman and forgot what his album was called 🤡🤡

1 day ago

we out here failing our classes at the beginning of the year ✌🏻😗 all i could think about during my test wAS HOW HS2 IS COMING AND IM POBRE

1 day ago

i was really a fucking clown to think harry was gonna be prince eric 🤡

3 days ago

fucking pardon? we some clowns 🤡

4 days ago

can i give harry my dog and take a picture with her 🥺

4 days ago

his pwetty smile is what i thrive my life aone 🥺

5 days ago

i would die for this man no questions asked. look at his sweater 🥺 he is baby

1 week ago

im gone for 2 days and this man is in scotland?

1 week ago

how is everyone meeting harry 🥺 imagine saying you fucking met this man oh my fuck