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Zzzzzzz 🌝

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May 19, 2019 Sun.(2) ・A continuation of the previous video🎥 ・😸?😸? ・“How did that butterfly go out of here?“ ・ ・ ・考えるふたり💛 ・先程の🎥の続き……現場検証😸😸??? ・😸😸 ・「あのちょうちょさん、どうやってここから出たのかな? 」 ・ ・ ・ ・ ラグドール もふもふの里 庭と猫 猫と庭 cat ragdoll caturday catgram instacat ragdollsofinstagram fluffy peaceful adorable happycat kat garden gardencat

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デュアルモニターでCast見てきたー😍超かっこ良かった😆💕また行きたーい💓💓 kat-tun Cast firestorm

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Meowmy got me a self-cleaning litterbox from ikuddle.petcare ! ❤️ She’s so happy we now have a pretty litter box to match our interior, and of course I’m delighted because I have a fresh litter box to 💩 every time! Can you persuade your meowmy to get one too? Use this link (there’s one in my bio as well - you can click that one!) https:ikuddle-auto-pack-litter-box.kckb.st/sparty catsofinstagram kat thedailykitten catoftheday catsofworld catloverworld meowed myspot catstocker featuredcats_ig bestmeow topmeowdels catfeaturesdaily cutecatskittens cutecatplus russianblue russischblau blauwerus gato_cats catasticworld happycatclub catractive kedi kattenvanholland whitecatsociety cat_features greeneyes topcatphoto

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LOVE FAN FEST COUNTDOWN💘 Question for 40 days left: What’s your favorite OTP that IS canon in Wynonna Earp? And what’s your favorite OTP that is NOT canon in Wynonna Earp? (If you don’t watch the show you can answer it for any other show you might like!)👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Comment your answer!✨ - My answer: My fav OTP that IS canon is definitely Wayhaught, silly question🤪🤪 my fav OTP that’s NOT canon is probably Wynonna and Rosita, although idk if i’d want it to be canon but i mean,, it’s always so nice in fanfics lmao✨ - wynonnaearp wynonna wayhaught melaniescrofano waverlyearp waverly earp nicolehaught nicole haught dominiqueprovostchalkley dominiquep_c dominique katbarrell kat barrell domkat lgbt lgbtq love loveislove tv syfy pride

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ままにゃとぱぱにゃが結婚した時に買ったダイニングチェア、張り替えるんにゃって、今日家具屋さんが引き取りに来たにゃ。(だからこんな木の椅子にゃの) とーにゃんの椅子には僕がゲーゲしたこともあって、シミになっちゃってたの🤭 あととーにゃんの椅子でよく爪も研いでたの。かーにゃんと仲良しだから嫉妬したにゃの。 新しくなったってまたゲーゲして爪研いじゃうもんね〜。 レオン ざーんねん、今度の生地は爪がとげなくて撥水性のある人工皮革にしたのよ〜。 今度の色は奇抜かも?!インテリアに合うのか?!選んだけどドキドキ。 ノルウェージャンフォレストキャット norweiganforestcat NFC cat catsofinstagram crazycatlady kat gatto catsservant catstagram แมว pusa kot catoftheday ilovemycat fluffy fluffycat ilovealleon rescuedcat

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ThrowbackKK at Cannes 2015❤