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Que foi Magnetim, gagueja não 🤣 ✅ Siga minhas badernas nas redes sociais e inscreva-se no meu canal: 👊 👊 👊 👊

2 hours ago

Goodnight to Keanu only. My friend and I had a heated debate for about 45 minutes while I was driving home from work over who is the most attractive male Skarsgård so leave a comment down below who you think Keanu’s most fanciable Skarsgård would be (the answer you’re looking for is Bill as it’s the only correct answer) keanureeves keanu photo actor handsome lightofmylife

2 hours ago

Just seen Between Two Ferns: The Movie and lemme tell you, right up my alley. Loved it. And for the fans of Keanu who have no sense of humour and believe that Keanu wasn’t 100% on board with his little bityou’re going to hate it keanureeves keanu photo actor handsome lightofmylife

4 hours ago

Keanu Reeves in Paris. What’s your favourite Keanu movie? Follow for more 🔑

5 hours ago

Quick Draw! Challenged myself to do a fast sketch & inking (under 5 min) with NO erasing (except the most basic guide lines) to see what I could do Obviously my subject was Keanu, but not with any specific period or reference in mind (although Scott Favor naturally comes to mind, of course) . The proportions for his facial features are still definitely off, but I think it's still pretty awesome to see what I've learned over the past 6 days really pay off here in a sort of 'raw quick draw' exercise test . (Drawn: 9/20/19) . Medium: Art-n-Fly sketchbook paper | Generic No. 2 pencil | Staples brand Gel Pen (Black) . djehdraws drawing sketches sketch lineart ink art practice fanart keanureeves keanu quickdraw cartoon style

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• 🔥 New Arrival 🔥 • “As I live and breathe! John Wick. The man. The myth. The legend.”

6 hours ago

Als je The Matrix voor het eerst kijkt, doe het dan goed 🦠🔋

6 hours ago

Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix ❤

6 hours ago

John Wick 3 Zavvi Exclusive with Adjudicator coin 🖤🌈 . Swipe ↔️ more 📸

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Amazon UK Exclusive slipcase, includes metal hotel lobby card and gold coin 😍 Unexpected full glossy steelbook too, although that back art is a bit questionable lol 🐕🤔 . Swipe ↔️ more 📸

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Today's train warm up sketch is of course an old fav 3/4 view of John Wick! (Inking and shading were done after I got off like always lol) . All done from memory of what Keanu looks like rather than a specific reference photo too small to get the eye highlights in and some of the proportions are still off because it's hard to draw on a bumpy commute but doin' my best I think I'm starting to get a little more consistent with the shape/design of John now which is nice to see even if the hair is a little bit of a hog mess lol . (Drawn: 9/20/19) . Medium: Cardstock paper | Generic No. 2 pencil | Staples brand Gel Pen (Black) . djehdraws drawing sketches sketch lineart ink art practice fanart keanureeves keanu johnwick johnwick2 johnwick3 cartoon style