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6 minutes ago

I am super proud of the people that train with me but Saturday I was impressed by them. panoramicresumes ran her first 5k jchan_90 ran her second one and her time is improving and two others not pictured crushed it. capgar78 ran pushing his daughter and ran at a 7:45 pace. Two others not pictured ran as well and crushed it, one person beat last years time by 7 minutes. Rowan is pictured but as usual he was too lazy to run so he just greeted everyone as they finished. Again proud of you guys as always. medical_art_center keepmoving stayinspired getbettereveryday middletownnj 5k

8 minutes ago

Sometimes all we just need is to be encouraged. Stop the negativity ❌You don't know who is as strong as you to take in negative words. Tell your family, friends, neighbours, well wishers 'keep moving'. Tell them how proud you are and not how disappointed you are. Give them reasons on why they should keep trying. Sometimes that's all it really takes. Encouragement. mondaymotivation mythought encouragementquotes keepmoving thereishope

11 minutes ago

I swear this woman never stops making me love her more. Saturday we spent the day driving around in my non a/c pick up, and she slid right over to the middle to sit next to me. It was hot as hell but we just had a great time together. After all these years she still surprises me, I’m a lucky guy. luckyguy happiness noexcusesmonday

13 minutes ago

So breakfast was avocado mash with tomato, chives, scallion and feta (if not vegan) laid out on oven cooked slices of sweet potato. A definite one I will perfect. 👌🏼 I like to use plenty of tomato and it sweetens it up. Enjoy ☀️ personalchef retreatfood sweetpotato avocado plantbased vegetarian vegan tomato meal goodmorning travel culture food eatyourcolors simplelife pilates yoga keepmoving greens healthy nutrition fitness holistic enjoy tasty healthydish breakfast foodie

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It’s so much easier to make food look nice and appetising, and eat when I’m hungry rather than when the lab dictates it, when you’re off work. Usually I have to wait till after 10 and I’m flippin’ starving by then Hoping to go back tomorrow 🤞🏻🤞🏻 I’m seeing my GP later, but in the meantime brekkie of berries, banana, a tiny bit of crumbled choc digestive, a tiny bit of choc shot and a spoonful of 100% peanut butter with 0% fat Greek yoghurt. Counting 3SP to be on the safe side, but think it’s likely to be nearer 2. Happy new week everyone! myzonemay restday chillout reading running crosstraining hiit onplan wwuk wwflex wellnessthatworks weightloss myjourney myzonemoves keepmoving rawfitness motivation fitpoints myjourneytohealthy thisgirlcan

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🚶🏻‍♀️4km Recovery walk in the dark🌌 it was actually a good idea despite the sore legs (good legs were left in Akatarawas yesterday 😬) I found it was better to be moving with sore legs than staying still and feeling the pain at every single movement! What is your tip? wherearemylegs moving keepmoving sorelegs walking caminar marcher wellington

21 minutes ago

Es gab Zeiten, da habe ich schlichtweg vergessen, wer mich was gelehrt hat. Gleichzeitig hat mich das gelehrte bis hier und zum heute gebracht. Heute weiß ich mehr als gestern und werde mein Lachen nicht mehr verlieren. Einen sonnigen Start in eine neue Woche. iamsmile iamsmile burnout fuckoff depression youarenotalone life lifecoach mindset narcissisticabuse trauma gaslighting enoughisenough bepositive motivation coaching keepmoving believe werloslässthatzweihändefrei toxicpeople substanceabuse yolo diekunstzulachen dieachtdielacht glück dreammaker smilemore

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Two pics taken only 40 min apart. Castricum beach: foggy and cold, Castricum dunes: blue skies and warm. Yesterday I had a 13km run with several weather conditions. 😄 Don't you think the enormous beech tree is a true gem? At least I think it is a beech tree geographyiseverywhere running 13km runnersworld runninggirl fitmom fitgirl keepmoving sportenisgezond bewegen fitness beechtree beech nature naturelover dunes beach labradoodl seafog zeemist mist sunday sunny teacherlife momlife castricumaanzee castricum dekijkuit zoomers beukenboom

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The cat-cow has been a staple for my pre exercise routine for years. No matter what session I’m doing I always find these beneficial. Going in and out of thoracic flexion and extension is the best way to unglue the whole spine👊🏼 - Spending a lot of time sitting or just not moving enough in general? Try these to open up the spine, specifically mid back and the chest wall. Whether you add them to your pre exercise routine or just as a general daily ritual I guarantee you they’ll be equally beneficial👌🏼🙌🏼 Give it a go - Contact me for more information regarding a range of personal training services. It's time to unlock YOUR true potential🔓Email 📧 or DM me with any of your enquires👍🏼 - DLfit keepmoving functionalisforever

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Happy Monday Who’s dancing with me tonight? 19.15-20.00 Cambourne Village College! Book online at or just drop in! Who’s there?? 😁🤚

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When my daughter was learning how to swim, she always had a starting point at the pool. She would always walk to that point and dive. So to help her, I marked the point to ensure she didn’t miss it. But I noticed that when the coach was around he would just pick her up and throw her into the pool from any side and she will still swim So I asked the coach what about the starting point? He said, “Madam please wipe off your mark. That will rather make her stuck trying to get it safe and correct. This is not the only pool she will experience and she must have the power inside of her that any pool she experiences or even the ocean, she can swim.” . I realized he was so right it was a focus on her trying to be perfect rather than using the power within her to move regardless of the location “Our excellence doesn’t lie in our perfection but in our power to start, sustain and finish no matter the situation.” . So what’s keeping you in start mode? Waiting for the perfect partner, the perfect time, the perfect place or just like me, the perfect starting point? Sometimes we just need to generate our power and jump personalimpact personalimpactcoach personalimpactseries highperformance highperformancecoach confidence business entrepreneurship inspiration failforward keepmoving theHELPCoach

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Haven't posted breakkies in a while. Recently I just throw the banana on top of the porridge to make it quick So perhaps they haven't been that "good looking" lately, but nourishing and yummie either way ☀️ What I do now though is adding chia seeds, ginger and cinnamon inside, and putting it in the oven for 10m. The recipient has to be baking-friendly, and be careful when taking it out! Use those gloves rather than a kitchen towel (not that I do it all the time but I should!)🦋 How's the week looking like team? Have you gotten a fulfilling and satisfying breakfast today? Eating well is so important, in eating Disorders recovery and in general either way. Don't stay hungry! Xx breakthestigma edrecovery nutritious delicious eatingdisordersawareness itsoktonotbeok mentalhealth brainfood noobsessions enjoylife eatwell eatoften nomnom eats breakfast foodfreedom keepmoving recovery desayuno porridge energy avena foodie foodfreedom eeeeeeeats

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Strive for excellence everyday do what you have to and make it work don’t let set backs keep you down if you get knocked down stand up and push harder we all face obstacles and set backs it never lasts forever do what you have to lifehappens lifequotes southafrica nevergiveup keepmoving

39 minutes ago

4 WEEKS! 4 SEMANAS! 🤩🏆🇰🇷 THE TRIPLE CROWN A TRÍPLICE COROA Universe, Olympia & Arnold 👑👑👑 Making history in Bodybuilding! Fazendo história no Fisiculturismo! E segue o plano wffuniverse mrolympiabrazil generationironbr arnoldclassicsouthamerica fisiculturismo bodybuilding bodybuilder musculação nabba wff ifbbproleague npc musclecontest musclecontestinternational pamteam bicudoteam flex biceps segueoplano keepmoving mruniverse mrolympia triplicecoroa triplecrown

52 minutes ago

Yay I have a new thing I love having a new goal and focus in my training and thanks to itsalishadobson I am going to be attempting to perfect (or at least attempt) an unassisted handstand and even a walking handstand I cannot believe how hard it is and I admire anyone who can do these with such ease. NEW•GOALS•NEW•MOTIVATION ————————————— handstands gymgoals liftingweights corestrength abs trx gymnastics motivation newthing selfpreservation keepmoving personaltrainer

1 hour ago

[i samarbete med litomovesverige ] Gillar du att röra på dig? Hur rör du helst på dig? Sedan plusmamman började sin viktminskningsresa så har hon blivit otroligt mycket rörligare. Varje dag innebär minst en timme pulshöjande aktivitet - Det finns tusen sätt att röra sig på och tusen skäl att göra det för kroppen mår så bra av det. Denna veckan ska vi åka på träningsresa till Kroatien det ska bli helt underbart att kombinera sunt och gott leverne ♥️ litomovesverige för rörligare och hälsosammare leder - en naturlig boost för din rörlighet - Naturligt rikt på vitamin C och antioxidanter som har många goda egenskaper och bidrar till att bibehålla hälsosamma och rörliga leder litomove keepmoving hälsaochfitness healthandwellness weightlossjourney viktminskningsresa minresaräknas utmaning minus30kilopå30veckor

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If it’s Monday it must be Catalonia. Have an awesome week.

1 hour ago

Buggy Beat this morning at 10am, a good start to the week! Remember after the hard work we'll relax around a nice drink 🤗