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Our Monroe Top Is Back 😁😁😁 Available In Mustard (Just Restocked), Neon (New), Fuchsia Pink (New & Almost Sold Out), Orange (Sold Out Taking Pre Orders) & Black ( Just Restocked)👸👸👸 When You’re Feeling A Little Extra Or Have A Hot Date This Is The Top 💕💕💕 XoXo Pink Canary 💋 toronto kensingtonmarket women torontofashion torontolife canada torontoblogger 416 torontowedding gaytoronto female torontofashion trending thesix thatsdarling love instatoronto torontoweddings fashion torontomoms torontosale pink yyz torontostyle gorgeous torontolife shop pinkcanary shopto seetorontonow

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BEST CITY IN THE WORLD Happy Victoria Day in the6ix

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The three amigos 🌮🌮🌮 . Baja Fish Tacos ($6): Fried haddock topped with tomato salsa or pico de gallo, mayonnaise and cabbage My long anticipated visit to Seven Lives definitely lived up to its expectations! This was definitely one of the highlights of my taco food crawl at Kensington Market, and the fish taco was delicious! The deep fried fish was crisp and substantial, and all of the toppings were fresh and flavourful. There isn't a lot of seating, but I would totally go back just for this! 😍🐟🎣 tacos kensingtonmarket instagood igfood foodgram instafood feedfeed eatfamous foodie foodshare foodblog foodblogger foodgasm toronto torontofood torontolife torontoeats toeats toreats tofoodies tastethesix torontofoodie yyzeats yyz tastetoronto toronto_insta blogTO narcitytoronto 6ixgrams 6ix

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My last post of the evening but I just had to mention this lovely cafe I went to today! livelihoodproject 😊 the hot chocolate was amazing! ✨

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A very few from kensingtonmarket today. Haven't been here in sometime, man have things changed. Madelaine and I also just rode the subway for 2 hours. Got off at different stations and explored a bit, full on adventure with no plans other than Kensington & photography . Back alleys are so much fun, you get to see some things that scare you and make images that others haven't made fujifilmx100t streetwork fujifilm fuji_xseries blackandwhite photography toronto adventuretime adventure

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Kensington Market: we have looked at Kensington up to the 1950’s. Here’s a look at the 80’s. As a kid I remember scenes like this in Kensington. From the sawdust covered floor of European Meats, to the incredible aromas from the cheese shops on Kensington, to the intense smell of seafood and fish from Baldwin St. If these posts have sparked a memory it’s time take a trip down there again! Photo: Street corner businessman selling rabbits out of back of his truck is just part of the smells; the crowds; the commotion and the sounds that make Kensington Market a marvelous shoppers paradise for Metro's immigrant population. Photographer Bezant, Graham , 1980. Courtesy of Toronto Star Archives via The Toronto Public Library toronto_past torontopast torontohistory toronto vintagetoronto historictoronto torontoarchitecture torontobuildings torontohistorytour torontophoto torontoinsta torontovintage toronto_insta oldtoronto blogto imagesoftoronto tohistory narcitytoronto canada torontolife torontoigers archivesofinstagram curiocitytoronto ontario tdot thesix janeswalk jewish jewishhistory kensingtonmarket

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Gold Leaf Cheesecake✨ eativefilmcafe Would you try this Gold covered Japanese Cheesecake? 🍰🎌

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New popup in Toronto utopiapopup in Kensington Market. 8 rooms to explore, thanks to utopiapopup for hosting!

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The Joanne Dress, designed for our in-house Palette collection, has everything you could ever want in a dress! Stretch for comfort, adorable patterns, AND pockets! What more could you ask for? ⠀ Available in 5 prints! ⠀ .⠀ SHOP ONLINE using the link in our IG bio! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ canadiandesigner canadianbrands canadianclothing torontobeaches kensingtonmarket torontostyle torontofashion CanadianDesigners torontofashionista torontodesigners canadianfashion dresses womenscardigans womensfashion canadianfashionblogger springfashion springsavings springstyles canadiancreatives springisintheair fashioncanada madeincanada RoncesValles

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Took a walk down Major street towards Kensington Market today the houses are so beautiful here! Not one of them the same! 😍 Kensington Market has loads of tasty food from local produce love all the graffiti here as well👌🏼 everything’s so colourful!

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It’s not everyday that you meet someone inspirational. 🌿💐 I was quietly going about my KensingtonMarket veggie shopping routine when I noticed agneswywrot’s hair and specifically the wild pressed flowers in a charming arrangement making their home at the back of her head. I had to ask her about this, and she graciously afforded me time. She apparently loves pressing wild flowers and has quite a lot in reserve at home. She remembers that she picked the leaves featured here somewhere near Halliburton, but she could only remember that the flowers she was rocking today were from Ontario. She simply creates a new arrangement for her hair whenever she feels that it’s time. Agnes is super cool and clearly is a creatively minded genius with a good eye, so it was no surprise to discover that weddingbellsmag has listed her as one of the top wedding photographers in Canada. You can see her professional portfolio over at her aptly named Instagram account: northern_wildflower. You meet really cool people while grocery shopping in the Market. 👍 colourful kensington hair hairaccessories pressed wild flowers wildflowers pressedflowers beautiful cool fashion style stylish elegant wedding weddinghair weddings weddingphotography weddingphotographer toronto ontario canada yyz the6ix 4️⃣1️⃣6️⃣ supportlocal PedestrianSunday PedestrianSundays

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Spiderman🕸 귀욤

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Last Friday, we raised $450 for the torontocatrescu 😻 Plus the £5 (thank you, traveler!), we'll call it a solid $455 and change. Whether you drank for it or donated straight to it, we couldn't appreciate the generosity more, and the kitties thank you too! Hope to see everyone again next month ❤️

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Mirages of promise. A heartfelt spiritual. With eyes forever open. These desert sandstorms weather my mind. Like cliffside waves on sandstone rock. I’m forced into navigational times. With a strength of stone and a broken clock. This fractal compass is splitting. Which way forward now? How much time do I got? We’ve been walking forever into rocky destruction. The agitation brings a pleasant comfort. I’m finally hearing Atlantis. Such beautiful desert illusions. Growing stronger in volume. I’m hearing things. Doves. Singing sweet songs. Sweet melodies brought. Perhaps they’re real. Still, this storm weathers hot. I’ve been moving forever. With eyes forever blocked. I give up. I slow down. My eyes close. I stop. I breathe. I relax. These desert particles then drop. Down slows nature’s internal clock. Ocean waves rock gently and mellow. Gorgeous fields of vintage green. All I see are pathways of golden yellow. I spot birds flying overhead. Enter buzzing feelings. They sing and bellow. From my feat to my head. Perhaps before I was misled. My eyes wide shut brings the destination homestead. For once I can see. For once it is near. Hello Atlantis. It’s nice to meet you. My advice? Close your eyes. It’s beautiful here. - HF

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Life imitating art? I dunno why but I thought this pile of petals to be perfect. kensingtonmarket