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4 months ago

A weekend in the UK for holdingabsence 🖤 until next time 💪🏻

6 months ago

LET MY SOUL ROCK ~ still rockin’ now even on a Sunday night 3am ~ because the music was awakened in me again ~ one who lives from the heart ~ with compassion for all ~ and possesses a tenacious enthusiasm for music, life, and the planet ~ michaelfranti grammyawards aliciakeys who invited a depth and conscious kindness into every word as usual dianaross who celebrated life at 75 and got the good ones flowing free gaga who entertained from the deep places jlo who gave her all and repped Motown despite the critics dualipa who sung her heart out drake who had something pertinent to say smokeyrobinson who is class all the way rickymartin who can zest up anything seanmendes who is and talented and dripping with joy beberexha who was style and glamour and fought for it and showed up radiant arethafranklin who we miss as the queen of soul allthefeels and so many more inspired but aliciakeys you and your magical peaceful balanced soul shine bright and deepand you, Queen, commanded the word stage to respect themselves, and others. You, are a Musical Queen of your domain and you set the necessary tone 🎹 for the world to sing on key 🎼 and in time 🎶I am grateful for how you stand in your potent influence in any realm. truebeauty keysclub lionessarising alignment 🎸 consciousliving highestself inspired awakentheworld callthemup soultribe 🎹

9 months ago

Students from Marquette High School's Key Club helped remove invasive Callery Pear and Honeysuckle three Saturdays in October starting at 8AM each day! We appreciate you not sleeping in, and look forward to seeing you again in March. volunteer nmot marquettehighschool keysclub nature

1 year ago

I think I've had enough of the cold 🌴🌊 keysclub

1 year ago

Mr Hilfiger 💸

1 year ago

Like a like my chicken 🍗

2 years ago

From summer terms, nationals, and suspensions, it's true we've been through a lot and I can't wait to be back next year 🏊 keysclub

2 years ago

End of Fortnight corporate stay

2 years ago

LEEDS! You've just been added to our upcoming European Tour with support from KOYO and Tall Talker! ❤️ Our ONLY headlining show in the UK this year! agentfresco talltalker koyo keysclub koyoband