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Learn, perfect, repeat, repeat, repeat 🦅 VS CORE BELIEF 8 🥊 beatyourbest 🔥 fitness_with_daniel perfecting his technique 🔥 🏆 Take 10% off your first purchase with discount code IN10 and fight for what you believe in! Follow us for product releases & product in action shots from our customers 🦅 letyoureaglefly valourstrike boxing sparring mma training muay thai kickboxing boxer workout boxinggloves boxinguk fitness shin training gymgear fitness mmalife kicking combatsports martialarts ufc bellator fight fighter kickfit hardwork sweat

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Training challenge: climb the hill and descend; run in a circle among the bushes and fallen trees; and hold a shadow fight. On one of these circles, we caught Evnik 😑🙄😑🙄😑 Protect your eyes😎! Before training, check for the presence of dangerous branches, and warn about the danger. Think over the entire route and go through it yourself. In detail, Explain to the which way they will turn the body, when they will run under the branches of the trees. Every tilt of the body and turn, must be thought out, agree with the technique of boxing спорт sport champion fast exercise тренировка trening punch ufc boxing fight fighter mma martialarts boxeo бокс kickboxing muaythai thaiboxing karate kungfu taekwondo dad тренер saadvakassfamily evnika boxingtraining boxinggirl boxingcoach padwork

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La seule façon de faire du bon travail est d'aimer ce que vous faites 😇💪🏻

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Old training video with dvinfinity19! Working on some elbows and hands while my foot was recovering from a minor injury. muaythai kickboxing

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Saturday morning

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• . SALVADOR SALVÀ EN KAZAJSTÁN . Nuevo reto profesional para Salvador Salvà lejos de casa 🛸, representando al Boxeo español, siendo actualmente el único juez / árbitro internacional en Cataluña A estas horas ya en el pesaje oficial de la macro gala que tendrá lugar en el Almaty Arena de Kazajstán Mañana sábado además de ser el Árbitro de uno de los combates estelares, formará parte de los 3 jueces internacionales en el combate por el Título Intercontinental WBA - wbaboxingofficial entre : . 🥊 Nursultan Zanghabayev (Kazajstán) 🆚 🥊 Iván Matute (Venezuela) . TODO TOP KING ESTARÁ PENDIENTE 👀 - - muaythaiamateur muaythaiteam k1 boxing trainingday muaythai topkingmalgrat ring fight fightsport fitness healthyliving hardwork muaythaieducation boxeo muaythaiamateur traininghard fighters disciplina partner kickboxing topkingseries catalunya topkingmalgratdemar superation fighter fitness topkingtrainincenter topkingmalgrat topkingseries amateur rammuay boxing

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The team smashed it today at SMMART (A rookie MMA competition in Aberdeen). Callum Clark and Craig Gracie won their divisions, closing out the 65 to 70kg category. Callum controlled with great wrestling display and dominant top game. Craig showed some slick striking and even showed his ever improving ground game with a nice armbar finish. Craig Hepburn was up next and showed some great striking closing the distance and taking his opponent down with a nice takedown, initially passing guard and showing some controlling top game. Unfortunately his opponent managed to work his way to closed guard and caught Craig with a nice kimura from the guard. Craig demonstrated strong skills and it was a positive learning experience for the ! Lastly was big Thomas Jack, another one of our coming through the ranks. Thomas showed great composure with his opponent coming out swinging. He displayed his ever improving boxing on the back foot, walking his opener into the left hook from hell and earning him his first KO. Unfortunately Jack was unable to compete as he had previously won the tournament. A bit frustrating after cutting the weight and being told he was allowed to compete but still the camp taught him a lot. Win or lose we are extremely proud of our boys! Well done! MixedMartialArts MMA MMAFighter MartialArts MMALife Fighter Like Boxing BoxingLife KickBoxing MuayThai ThaiBoxing Striking JiuJitsu BrazilianJiuJitsu JiuJitsuLifeStyle Spam BJJ Grappling JiuJitsuLife Judo Wrestling L4L R4R Fighting JiuJitsuMisfits Misfits SBG SBGUK

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3°colocado na etapa copa do mundo (Yokoso Dutch Open). Agradeço a Deus primeiramente por fazer o que gosto, depois minha família, minha esposa mayafabri e filho ARTHUR que são a razão do meu viver, amigos e alunos, e também minha equipe e patrocinadores, pois sem vocês não seria possível chegar a aonde estou welltasca_consultorimobiliario wfitconsultoria baracho_ricardo_ thaisuplementos aires7475 marina.delorenzo carneiroj cfpr43 juniorvidalmuaythai juniorvidalteamlondrina offacademia dr.rodrigominholifavareto elis_hernandes Agradeço também imensamente ao semmyschilt por sua hospitalidade aqui na Holanda., guilherme_belarmino que me ajuda em tudo no que é possível e fabiano_mineiro por essa oportunidade de vir para Holanda. Agora chegar no Brasil daqui uns dias voltar a treinar, corrigir os erros e se preparar para as próximas batalhas londrinakickboxing JUNIORVIDALTEAM wfitconsultoria cbkb wako marinadelorenzo lutadorluta k1 kickboxing

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NEVER a light session with stokethai 🥊🔥

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🔹️ Ashley Yoder vs. Syuri Kondo confirmado no card do UFC Greenville, 12 de Junho na Carolina do Sul. - 🔹️ Ashley Yoder vs. Syuri Kondo officially set to UFC Greenville's card, June 12 in South Carolina. - wmmafighting

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👊Great kickboxing session at Burton Latimer last Wednesday. Just like to say we are very proud of all members for the hard work you’ve put in to training‼️All you guys have progressed very nicely over last few weeks! Keep it up and train hard🥊the grading is fast approaching! Meanwhile if you are looking for great activity for yourself or whole family, come and join us at Burton Latimer WMC every Wednesday at 18:30 First lesson is free 🥊👊🥊

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"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Just a taste of what my man casatellitakespictures and i get in early in the morning. 5 exercises and 5 sets non stop👊. This man is 40 and killing it with like me No Excuses! 💪💪

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Great morning workout with my boy Jordan. Killed me! riseandgrind🌄