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4 days ago

The wonderful davidmcalmont will be celebrating Billie Holiday’s legendary 1956 concert at Carnegie Hall at hideaway_live. Watch the full interview video 👉🏻 link in bio.

6 days ago

Lady Sings the Blues. This is what I see in my mind when I hear the music of Billy Holiday. I see colors with music and the music creates different forms with every artist and song. Music is seen by me. I can see the music. This painting is 20”x24” on museum grade canvas. billyholiday blues bluesmusic acrylicpainting acrylicpouring artistsusanmarie bluessinger jazz art chicagoartist ladysingstheblues Music portraitpainting blue ChicagoBlues Artist womanartist Painting GalleryArt ContemporaryArt

1 week ago

Acting gives me life, while music feeds my soul. I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling tortured by the idea of having to choose one passion over the other. Fortunately, my latest project presented me with an opportunity to combine the two. How lucky am I, and what an important reminder to not play small?! Shining your light inspires others to shine right along with you. I’m doing my part. Are you? . “Don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration I don’t think you can go wrong.” - Billie Holliday moviemagic setlife ladysingstheblues shine melanin melaninpoppin jazz allthatjazz actor singer triplethreat blackgirlmagic glowup keepshining mood issavibe hustle diva sing 1930sfashion whatsyourdream music la harlem cityvibes lalaland

1 week ago

Stranded in Chicago due to an April snowstorm! ❄️

1 week ago

Hey look, my record matches my book: Lady Sings the Blues, by Billie Holiday and William Daly • If you can’t tell, I’ve been loving turning on my old Billie Holiday records and reading this book. William Daly captures Billie’s voice so well, it’s like you can hear her reading it directly to you. This book is funny enough to make you laugh, heartbreaking enough to make you cry at others, and deep enough to make you pause and think about your own life and dreams. And literary work aside, as a musician, I’m sure I will find myself revisiting this some years down the road. • • • BillieHoliday WilliamDaly LadySingsTheBlues jazz music book nonfiction autobiography read reader readmore bookstagram

1 week ago

Had a dream come true today. I met an icon and one of my all time favorite heroes. The coolest of the cool. The Baron of Cloud City, Mr. Billy Dee Williams. Words cannot express how humbled I was to meet him. He was very kind and gave me some solid words of encouragement. "Never hold back from your deepest desires and fly high for the stars". Thank you, therealbillydee . I can't wait to see you and Chewie back in the Falcon one last time this holiday season on the big screen 😁 starwars starwarssunday starwarscelebrationchicago chicago sundayfunday theempirestrikesback returnofthejedi theriseofskywalker mahogany brianssong thejeffersons batman lando undercoverbrother harveydent bespin ladysingstheblues landocalrissian smooth milleniumfalcon cloudcity colt45 coolest icon legend meandbillydee blackdontcrack photooftheday

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The coach singin in Vegas

1 week ago

"Am I blue Am I blue Ain't these tears, in these eyes telling you How can you ask me "am I blue" Why, wouldn't you be too If each plan With your man Done fell through ()" billieholiday ladysingstheblues blue💙

1 week ago

Dos talentosas, bellas y arrolladoras cantantes son las invitadas del próximo lunes en el Hoochie Coochie Club: pilar_padin y rodelpozoo . Van a desplegar su magia acompañadas por nuestra banda estable todoterrenodescomunal, así, todo junto: moro_drumms, guido.skr y gonza.ros. ¡Vení a conocer el ciclo de Blues que convierte los lunes en una fiesta! Lunes 15/04, 22 hs., en nuestra casa palermitana de barelclubok, entrada gratis.  Diseño: unapolaca hoochiecoochieclub blues musicaenvivo ladysingstheblues ciclos arte entradagratis barelclub masqueunbar amigos cerveza palermo

1 week ago

Tour time is coming See you soon Belgium! Get your tickets today! ❤️😘 Repost comptoirbrugge ・・・ 🎶Juke Joint Sessions🎶 Freggles is er alvast gerust in, ze heeft haar ticket al voor Juke Joint Session n°10: JJ THAMES. Er zijn nog tickets beschikbaar. Meer info op comptoirbrugge jukejoint jukejointsessions jjthames bluesmusic bluesclub liveblues musicvenue keepthebluesalive powerlady ladysingstheblues soulful supportsmallmusicvenues supportlivemusic

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