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This man is the reason I am a lakers fan. Really hope we find somebody to do this for our organization again and no LeBron is not the answer. He is great for now but not long term. kobebryant lakers

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That’s got to be harder than making the basket!😂 - 👉Follow thrillingbuckets for more!👈

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Era um domingo de Super Bowl, a grande final do campeonato de futebol americano em 2017. Enquanto todos os olhos estavam voltados para saber quem seria o grande campeão no jogo entre New England Patriots e Atlanta Falcons, dois ladrões invadiam a Lower Merion High School em Philadelphia para cometer um roubo. O objetivo? Obter itens valiosos e dentre eles uma réplica autografada do uniforme aposentado pela Lower Merion do seu jogador mais famoso, ninguém menos que Kobe Bryant, uma das maiores estrelas da história da NBA e do Los Angeles Lakers. Confira a história completa em nosso site. Link na bio. nba

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Yes I know we are still not open yet but wanted to say HAPPY TACO TUESDAY 🤪🤪🤪 Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow morning 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Tag your Wednesday friends 👇🏻

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Remember the game LeBron James had become the youngest player to score 50 points or more in an NBA game? - King James' most spectacular points came on a dunk in the fourth quarter. He crossed over before blowing by Pape Sow and throwing down a thunderous dunk, yelling in the air afterward. - 'I played well, probably the best game of my life.' - He showed his offensive capabilities at age 20 which is insanely remarkable for a guy that to score 56 points, grab 10 rebounds and assist his teammates 5 times with zero overtime. - Can't believe this was 14 years ago today Time goes by. ———————————————————————— Follow shamelesskings for the best shots of the KING🇺🇸🏀🇺🇸 via oldskoolbballofficial 🙌🏾 ———————————————————————— Lebron Bron lebronjames LABron LA TheLand kingjames Liongang jamesgang Lakers Akron 23 Goat lebronshameless King striveforgreatness shamelessdunk shamelesskings losangeleslakers lakersnation lakeshow teamlakers cleveland clevelandcavaliers cavaliersnation

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‪Los Angeles Time: Los Lakers tendrán una segunda reunión esta semana con Tyronn Lue para el puesto vacante de entrenador, el miércoles. ‬ ‪¿Otra vez veremos esto? 🤔⁉️‬ lakers lebronjames

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awesomeantjay was all smiles at Coachella2019 🎩. Who else went to Coachella this year? Who was your favorite performer? . 📱Facetime Skype 👥consultations available for out of town patients 🎨 Master ceramist on site to perfect esthetics 💉 Sleep dentistry available so you can relax 😴through the procedure 💳 Financing options available 📍Dr. Aamir Wahab DDS 👨🏽‍⚕️ 8500 Wilshire Boulevard, 505 Beverly Hills, CA Book an Appointment by clicking the link in Bio above 🔼 📞310.652.2400 DrAamirWahabDDS AamirWahabDDS

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Tb to when Curry won this 🔥 - FOLLOW fatalfloaters FOR MORE‼️

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People who do this to get matched with people who have bad teams 🤦‍♂️

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To everyone who still thinks they hate each other. 🥴

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He’ll never be the same

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This is what (breakfast)Taco Tuesday looks like. 🍳 What other pop-up you know of is doing breakfast tacos? FIRST FIVE comments to TAG five friends receive two FREE tacos! 🌮🌯💣 burritobomba

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Funny , but we need this man on the team next year . Provides shooting and defense would fit great wit bron and so far has been effective in brooklyn 💪💪 lakers jaredudley

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lebron liked this layup from kyrie😹🔥 idontgetbuckets for more!

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Adam Morrison Adam was selected 3rd in the 2006 NBA draft. Many comparisons were made to Larry bird while he was in college so MJ drafted him. Unfortunately he didn’t live up to the hype and Finished his career with averages of 8 points and 2 rebounds. Even worse, There was a lot of good talent drafted after him. Rudy Gay,Brandon Roy,and Kyle Lowry just to name a few. He played for the Charlotte Bobcats and the La Lakers ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● nbabasketball nbadraft gonzaga ncaabasketball ncaa adammorrison lakers lakersnation lakers4life charlotte nba nbaplayoffs bust mj michaeljordan 3 thrid 3rdpick basketball basketballmemes ballislife bball nationalbaskeballassociation trash

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Best player in the pic?

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Welcome To My Page 😏🗣

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6ix on a wave 🌊