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The nba all star game recently took place with a multitude of stars lacing up for the same game on the same court. Team Lebron vs Team Giannis battled for victory in a game with too many highlights to count! Durant won the all star game mvp after finishing with an astounding 31 points and 7 Rebounds in a 178-164 win against Team Giannis. Many consider durant to have evolved his game since 2016 adding defence and ball movement when being injected into the warriors system. This has progressed his game to the point where some consider him a better player than Lebron games and the best player in the world. Is durant the best player in the world? Is durant the best scorer of all time ? Where will durant end up after free agency? COMMENT DOWN BELOW ! Enjoy this modified Nike jersey concept for the all star game from srelix durant westbrook nba warriors lakers lalakers teamlakers lonzoball jaysontatum diallo stephcurry joeharris allstarmvp lakersgame kobe allstargame blackmamba lebronjames basketball kevindurant kd michaeljordan easymoneysniper lakernation allstar legend shaq drake durantula nbaallstar

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This was the last game Lebron and Wade will ever play together😭 - Let’s blow this post up🔥👌 - Follow me ( ball_headlines ) for more👀

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TMac makes Kobe TOUCH the earth 🌎 but Kobe gets him right back with an ANGRY dunk 😤 (h/t nba) goatsapproved 🐐

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The future is now old man.

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Follow lajamesfans 🏀🔥 kingjames the goat 🐐 teamlebron wins it last night 😁😁😁👊🏽 ———————- ———————- ———————- ———————— ———————— lakersfans lakersjersey nbaawards lebron nba2k19 nbabasketball lebron16 lebronjames lakers lakersnation lakersgame lakers4life jamesgang👑 kingjames👑 striveforgreatness ballislife🏀 nba striveforgreatness🚀 lakers4life lakersfan losangeleslakers kinglebron nbamemes nbakicks lakersallday lakersnews

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Today, Jett is officially a teenager, which is monumental for the both of us. So, we’re ringing in the years by heading to L.A. for the Lakers vs Nuggets game and beach time! Also, he owes some major props to “barbershop Matt” for helping find the impossibly hard to get Derek Jeter Jordans. Nobody better jump him for his shoes, although Jett would be happy to have “a story” for his future documentaryhis dream, not mine mom momlife birthdayboy🎉 birthday birthdayboy teenager lakers lakersgame denvernuggets denvernuggetsfan nba jordans jordanshoes jordanjeter jordan11 jordan1club momlife birthdayswag birthdaygift lovemyboy boymom boymomlife spoiled spoiledkids

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FINAL | Team LeBron came back and defeated Team Giannis 178-164!🤩🍿 - LeBron finished with 19/8/4

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This one looked familiar. ⚡️ ⇨ 👑

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🌟 Rising star MVP: Kyle Kuzma 🌟

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Man, I’m really done with antdavis23 . I wont defend the pelicansnba for their actions as I do have multiple disagreements with it but Anthony Davis looks bad in all this too. The agent connection with Rich Paul to Lebron, that’s fine just a little fishy and does have some merit to it but I get why Davis wants out and won’t fault him for it. The Pelicans have been run poorly and given bad contract to average players. With that said, come on man. The Pelicans want to limit Davis minutes so he doesn’t get hurt. They are protecting Davis and themselves in future trade talks. Whether you like it not, that’s what’s happening. Then Davis gets hurt and leaves the stadium with his agent during the game? What the hell is that? You don’t do that unless you’re going to be hospital. That looks terrible, especially with Rich Paul there. Looks like y’all were wanting to beat the traffic. And now Davis is going to play in the All Star Game? Ain’t he supposed to be hurt? Why is Davis taking an exhibition game more serious than a regular season game? It just sounds like a publicity stunt in my opinion. So Davis won’t play for the team that pays him but will play with Lebron? Nope, it ain’t right. Obviously there’s plenty of stuff myself and everyone else doesn’t know but this is a bad look for Davis.

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If LeBron wins ASG MVP tonight I’ll give whoever guesses his STATLINE right in the comments $5 on paypal :) (MUST BE A FOLLOWER) SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS‼️ ——————————————— Follow lebronsfactory for more! - nbabasketball  lebronjames23 lebronjames  kingjames  lebronwatch lbj  teamlebron  lebrons  lakersnation lakersgame  lakersgame  lakergang bronbron  lakerswin  losangeleslakers lebronnation  nbaallstarweekend michaeljordan  nbaallstar2019 dhtk  jamesgang  nbaallstar lebron  labronjames  lebrongang  labron nbaallstargame