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More John Bull fun.

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RANGE ROVER EVOQUE- rhino_rack allowing me to take me surfboards to awesome destinations.

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Off road também pode andar com visual impecável, quem recebeu nossos cuidados dessa vez foi uma Defender 130 ela recebeu nosso acabamento Prata Momo com uma bela camada de verniz, curtiu o brilho, temos esse e vários outros acabamentos para você deixar as rodas do seu carro novas com acabamentos originais ou algo mais personalizado😎 mineirorodas recife pernambuco servicosrecife serviços recuperaçãoderodas reformaderodas pinturaderodas pinturas pinturasespeciais estilo defender130 landroverdefender landrover rodasoriginais rodasesportivas rodas qualidadedevidasempre desempenosemtornear desempenoderodas

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La nave de nuestro equipo!😍 4xcuatro Esta semana bajamos el bumper delantero para modificarlo, además montaremos nuevo winch y le dimos una buena lavada en las puntas delantera del chasis🔥🔥 En la parte de abajo vemos el amortiguador de dirección King que montamos al chasis y la barra de dirección Heavy Dutty ajustable Australiana. 🌍Bogotá 🚜Nissan Patrol Y61 Swb • • • landrover defender 4x4 landroverdefender roadtrip ride mud truck offroad toyota machito landroveroffroad jeep4x4 jeepoffroad rubicon toyotamachito colombia defender4x4 ford nissanpatrol nissanpatrol4x4 nissanoffroad patrol4x4 follow4follow toyotaoffroad toyota4x4  bfgoodrich nissanpatrol4x4

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本日の受付はこちら。 入場してすぐのサイト、赤いディフェンダーとウトガルドが目印です。 諸事情により僕は日中は不在🙇‍♂️ 本日のお客さま、 個別にご連絡させていただきましたが、よろしくお願いします🙇‍♂️ 不在時の管理人代理は、 keycocco さん rahsang_ さん taku4849 さん lady.mari.favorite さん 事情を話したら快く集まってくださいました。 よろしくお願いします🙇‍♂️ 夜には戻ります。 満サイトですが、ほとんどがリピーターさんなので大丈夫だと思います😊 ・ ・ キャンプ キャンプ場作り landroverdefender ホスタ hosta nordisk ウトガルド utgard

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Pretty view from the Airstream in the evenings here Defenders and sunsets go together like PB&J (Pam Beesley & Jim) 😉 . So I’ve been having a small issue with my clutch, and I have some suspicions about what the problem might be but thought I’d pick the collective brain of the Defender community. This usually (but not always) happens when the engine is warm and I’m in fourth or fifth gear: if I start to slow down and go to down shift, as soon as I disengage the clutch, the engine dies. I can sometimes save it by giving it a little gas with the clutch pedal depressed, but often it dies too quickly. It happens sporadically, so it’s not a debilitating problem, but I’d like to get to the bottom of it. Having my engine die on the freeway with the Airstream hitched up isn’t super fun I’ve read about some similar sounding issues with manual transmissions in general, but if any Defender owners have run into this problem and can shed some light, please DM! Otherwise, enjoy the view 🙌 defender defender90 landroverdefender landrover landroverlife defenderlove rvlife rving fulltimerv livingsmall airstream airstreamlife airstreamdreams airstreamliving liveriveted soloadventure wanderess solofemaletraveler girlsthatwander girlsborntotravel thetravelwomen gorving adventureseeker homeiswhereyouparkit adventuregirl travelblogger gooutside rvadventures roadtrip gocamping

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how awesome is this lighthouse! We got away for a few days this week to the east coast of Tassie and had a great time exploring new places! We were planning on camping till next week but a mixture of bad weather and needing to replace the rear axles in Jolene and organise some things before heading off on the Uluru trip on Tuesday made us decide to head home early, pretty glad we did too defender_expeditions td5 defendertd5 defender110 defenderlife landrover landroverdefender onelifeliveit explore expedition overland adventure travelling bearmach allmakes frontrunner rhinorack best4x4xfar offroading tasmania discovertasmania eddystonepoint lighthouse portraitphotography

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Last campsite for the trip! Camping with beautiful views of Shasta!

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More hideout lodge and Butre beach photos. We met a new friend rohan.babla who is going on an epic overland journey - and oh baby, look at that defender Photos from the trip to Butre, Ghana 📷 🧘🏻‍♀️🌍💃🏻 veronicamulhall

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Congratulations smoothasegggss Winner of the Defender Premium Sound Deadening pack installed by Carbuilders 🎉🎉We will be making a YouTube install video to help our DIY guys. If you have any questions about sound deadening a Defender, put it below and we'll address it in the video 👍

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The big girl taking a break in the forest… P.S. if you like our content please help us by tagging a friend and sharing it!🤸🏻‍♀️ Touring Overland Overlanding Explore Expedition ExploreMore Explorers ExploreEveryWhere ExploreEveryThing Travel Travelling 4x4 4wd 4wding OffRoad OffRoading Wheeling RoadTrip GetAway Adventure AdventureIsNecessary Landrover Defender LandroverDefender LandroverDefender130 Defender130 130Defender HCPU HighCapacityUnit 300Tdi

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This week our daughter Sarah rang and asked if we could fish out her old swag, make sure there was some clean bedding in it and post it to her in Queensland where she was picking up her new 4x4 and getting it ready for a road trip. Oh, and if I’ve got time could I knock her up a Travel Bag 😂 Well, her swag which is one of our original Supersize swags, has been in the shed for a while and a bit dusty but was in remarkably good nick. The canvas felt just as good as the day we made it probably over 30 something years ago She got it when she about 5 years old and it’s had a lot of use since then and seen some amazing places! It’s got a couple of patches where we’ve repaired it (spark burn holes from camping too close to the campfire), but apart from that it’s ready for the next 30 years of adventures I reckon. A mouse had recently chewed a hole in her woollen blanket, which I patched and washed, aired out her down sleeping bag, and she was good to go! Oh, and made her a Travel bag 😊 Yesterday, someone put a post on a camping page called Station Hoppers Australia for the best swag recommendations and it was awesome to see how many people gave our swags a big thumbs up 👍🏻 “Murchison River Swags & Bags. All Australian materials, handmade by John & Gabrielle in their back yard shed, Geraldton Australia and sent ALL over the world. Check them out and their reviews. You will not be disappointed 😊 Chantelle W.” “Murchison River swags. Wint find better anywere. Karl S.” “For traditional (non dome / non "tent swag") swags we have some hand made Murchison rivers. The quality is amazing, and a bit of aussie history. Compared to my darche's which have loads of stitching errors and anomalies. Murchy's also have very good mattress density. Brad D.” And lots more. Thanks guys for giving our small Aussie business such a great plug. We actually don’t compete with the big names in swags. We can never produce the quantity of swags they make or most of them have made off shore now, but what we can do is stick to our standards and just make the very best quality, traditional style swags we can using the ducks nutsread the rest below

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Feeding the stingrays scraps of mahi-mahi. Very gentle creatures with soft velvety feeling. positivethinkingdoctor ssca flyingdoctor sailor sailing catamaran sailboat circumnavigation expedition landrover defender landroverdefender maxingout aroundtheworld overland offroad 4x4 sailingblog overlandblog positive positivethinking selftalk positiveselftalk selfhelp explore explorer relentless

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Bug out lads taking over the car park lol bugoutviking

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Stunning 👌👌 1990 3.9l Range Rover in Chamonix white which has just been finished. Soon it will head to it’s new owner in New Jersey. This fine example has received a three stage paint job in its original color. New front grill, new turn signals, new front lower spoiler, new fog lights, new end caps, new logos, new decals, new center caps, and new rear tail lights to bring it up to today’s standards. More classics arriving soon. We ship worldwide at the lowest rates. rangerover rangeroverclassic landrover landroverdefender defender90 defender defender110 discovery landroverdiscovery classic classiccar export v8 mykuwait mydubai dubai uae gentleman toy specialtyclassics

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All day welding bulkhead, but took a break to do some more random orbit sanding on both front wings Now getting somewhere close to the finished look When I'm happy with the whole body A coating of Penetrol will stop the bare birmabright from oxidising and stop any of the old paint from flaking.👍 landrover series3landrover landroverdefender landroverseries landroverlightweight lightweight lightweightlandrover exarmy exmod airportable landroverseries3 landroverseries2 rebuild restoration military militarylandrover forsale landroverforsale raptor series2a landroverseries2a 109 88 landrover109 discovery discovery

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When a subscriber asks how strong our new wheel carrier is unplanned video! 🤓 Wheel, tyre and another 15 stone 😱💪💪🔧🔧🔧 Designed in Britain. Made in Britain. 15stone also made in Britain 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ The first 30 wheel carriers have been discounted for the ORE Beta Program where you get to tell us what you think. Reserve yours now before they go to retailers- type “BETA” in the contact form on our website (link in bio)! ORE-some OREsomecoatingsystem OREstandard landroverdefender landrover landroverclub landroverlife defenderlife defender defenderlove defendersdaily defender_life_style defender90 defender110 defendertd5 defenderlifestyle overlanding ore4x4uk oakridgeengineering ukmanufacturing britishmanufacturing madeintheuk madeinbritain madeinengland British

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