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2 days ago

C A T U R D A Y 🎉 Wishlist for today: -sleeping in sunshine -sleeping in shadow -playing in neighbour’s garden -making humom’s garden one big toilet -eating catcandy -catching flies -sleeping on humom’s lap -irritating neighbour’s dog -sleeping in humom’s bed -meowing to all birds in neighbourhood -sleeping in my own bed -catching a bird -what do I forget? • • katjekrummel catsofholland nederlandsekatten favouritecat catlife caturday calicocat calicocuties bestcats catsofinsta instacats instacats_meow miau catsofeurope catsfollowingcats catstagram petstagram petgram catgram katze chat katje dutchkitty lapjeskat

3 days ago

Hello friends, Gucci has not been feeling well for the past two days.😓😿 She's been vomiting everytime she eats, we finally took her to the vet today. Poor baby got 3 shots🙀. Let's all pray she gets better soon sickcat catlover catfollow calicocat kittensofinstagram calibby hazeleyes brindle lapjeskat domesticshorthair shorthair domesticcat pets petsofinsta kittylove cateyes twofacedcat colourpop patches catstagram petsagram 캣스타그램 고양이분양 samsungphoto cattuso s8plusphotography catsofinstagram catsofw

3 days ago

Chilling on the couch in a lovely beam of sunlight.

6 days ago

Feeling a bit under the weather 💩🙈