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8 minutes ago

The step-bro (Nichi the white cat) and me. Chillin’ like some villains. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😴😴😴😴😴 lazy sunday fundays.🙃🙃🙃 ————————————————— Mi hermanastro (Nichi el gato balnco) y yo. Agustirris como compirris. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 domingos de flojerita. 🙃🙃🙃🙃 sundayfunday lazy flojos bros opossumsofinstagram tlacuachesdeinstagram catsofinstagram zarigüeyas lostlacuachessonchidos jacintaartemia soyjacinta iamjacinta deweba tirada out domingos moimingos

9 minutes ago

Chilling by the pool. lazy

13 minutes ago

Lazy 💐

14 minutes ago

Happy Sunday! ♥️ We (as in Izzy, Oskar and myself) are being lazy af today and binging Netflix. Watching Lunatics and The Office but I think I will switch over to Outlander when I get homecan only handle so much Outlander at a time because I cry almost every episode 😂 either tears of complete sadness or over their love😍 Yep. I’ll admit it. 😂 Decided to put sweats on and venture out for a little treat of soft ice cream 🍦 for the weenies. They love Shirley’s nomakeup makeupfree fresh freshface sunday sundayfunday sundayvibes treat icecream smalltown smalltownliving smalltowngirl dachshund dachshundsofinstagram doxie doxiesofinstagram weeniedog weinerdog weinerdogsofinstagram babies greeneyes brunette smile lazy lazyaf netflix netflixandchill

14 minutes ago

Perfect weather for a mid-day nap outside💤🌞 HappyEaster 🐰

17 minutes ago

Happy Easter. Had a good band practice, bought my favorite beer, nice walk with the dog, now relaxing till got comes onthen laundry 😑

18 minutes ago

I *hate* laundry. Folding clothes specifically. They end up sitting here for longer than I’ll admit. 😝 lazy laundryroom laundry chores

18 minutes ago

This is my Easter Sunday 🌸 My luv woke me this morning when got home from work with a beautiful rose. 🌹🌹 My Afternoon consist of being lazy, enjoying an amazing cup of coffee and my favorite book. (This is my 2nd time reading this book) I highly recommend this book “You are A BadAss” by Jen Sincero. I hope you all have had a great day today youareabadassbook sundaymood chilling sleepy home fashion sunday cats_of_instagram cat sundayfunday sundayvibes sundays snuggles me lazy catsofinstagram instagood cats love dayoff instacute lazysundayafternoon moodoftheday aesthetics food lazysunday easter love fashiongram via hashtagexpert

18 minutes ago

True Life: I was too lazy to wash my hair this morning so instead I took longer to put my hair into double buns than it would have taken me to wash and dry my hair in the first place 🙄 Side note, I’ve been taking biotin for about 10 weeks to help rebuild some of the damage I’ve done to my hair by all the coloring (I was thinning/breaking at my hairline and in the back), plus haven’t colored my hair for that long too, and it really seems to be helping. I don’t notice my thin hair at my temples as much anymore, so I’m calling that a win. Now that the hair is feeling better, it might be time for a color touchup. lazy truelife coloredhair bluehair doublebuns biotin lazysunday

22 minutes ago

I should be cooking but she's a bad influence lazy

32 minutes ago

Herkesin senin hakkında bir fikri var. Tanımları, sıfatları, sözcükleri. Nasıl birisin? Ne istiyorsun? Neleri seversin? Hayallerin nerede başlıyor? Nerede bitiyor? Üzerine yapışıp kalan, onlar söyledikçe gerçeklik kazanan bu fikir, senin mi gerçekten, bilmiyorsun. Sen; birinin aşkısın, annenin kızı, babanın oğlu, başarılı, ezik, yetenekli, sünepe, güzel, çalışkan, merhametli, acımasız, kıskanç yada sinsi. Başkalarının senin hakkında söylediğini kendi gerçeğin sanabilirsin. Başkalarının hayallerini kendi hayallerin sandığın gibi. Gerçekte ne olduğunu sadece tek bir şekilde anlarsın, seçim yapmak zorunda kaldığında. Ancak, seçimlerin sana ne olduğunu gösterir. 👠👑 Azra Kohen fi çi pi azrakohen fidizisi canmanay beautiful lazy beauty ugly hardworking bookstagram bookshelf books bookstagrammer bookworm bookaholic bookphotography booklover kitapalıntıları kitapkurdu chanel coffee

33 minutes ago

Mr Snoozy wanted a lie in this morning, he wouldn’t even get up to be brushed😴 - Went around the farm ride and he seemed to wake up then, passed about nine horses bc he wouldn’t stop jogging when I wanted to walk🥵 - cricketcanfly wheresthebrakes lazy horse pleasegetup

49 minutes ago

preguiça de domingo ☀️ o q q rola? :c sunday lazy