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So I get chat restricted once again for stating facts and giving advicenice one RIOT leagueoflegends

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Sígueme ~ proteamlol ~ Shaco troll 😂😂

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Sígueme ~ proteamlol ~ Pinche Brand feed 😂🔥🔥

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Show me that baby face. Oufit= fashionnova

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On May 17th, the North Bergen eSports teams competed in their first eSport tournament held at the Helix facility. NBHS put two teams fourth in both Overwatch and League of Legends. Our teams competed against High Tech High School, Memorial, and Weehawken in bracket competition. In Overwatch, one of our Bruins Teams went undefeated to claim 1st place and the second Bruins team claimed to 3rd place after a defeat to High Tech twice. In League of Legends, the first Bruins team went undefeated taking 1st place and the other team took 3rd place after two losses. During the competition, which was cast live on Twitch, colleges such as Rutgers and NYIT were present scouting a few of our players and allowing the coaches, Mr. Ensman, Mr. Enrico, Mr. Estela, and Dr. Keshishian some opportunity to network. They were even offered the opportunity to scrimmage the NYIT team! Hopefully, they can get the opportunity to do the same with Rutgers, who just won the collegiate championship in Houston. esports helix helix_esports_usa northbergenhighschool northbergen competitivegaming overwatchgame leagueoflegends gaming hudsoncounty

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Day 2 of animecentral2019 was an absolute blast! Especially the huge area with all the photo scenes for everyone to use! We brought the leagueoflegends onesies out to play again for the first part of the day. It was a LOT hotter in them than we anticipated, so we didn't wear them for long, but they were so fun! After that, we spent the rest of the day as Ky and Dizzy - we love cosplaying these sweet lovebirds! We get to be our dorky snuggly lovestruck natural selves, and the costume designs and characters themselves are awesome too 😉 . cosplay cosplayersofinstagram makersofinstagram couplescosplay leagueoflegendscosplay riotgames lolesports rengar rengarcosplay prettykittyrengar prettykittyrengarcosplay aurelionsol aurelionssolcosplay guiltygear guiltygearxrd guiltygearcosplay guiltygearxrdcosplay kykiske kykiskecosplay kycosplay dizzy dizzykiske dizzycosplay dizzykiskecosplay acen acen2019 animecentral

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gonna do an nsfw soon ;3 ac deadaudio dt tagged

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s(crap) ac hinaudios dt no one atm