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Comment below 😄👇🏻 In case you forgot some of the names: Amon (Noatak), Tarrlok, Unalaq, Zaheer P’Li, Ghazan, Ming-Hua, Kuvira 🍃 🍃 Give credit if you repost 😊 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 avatarthelegendofaang avatarthelegendofkorra avatar korra bolin avatarthelastairbender avataraang aang avatarkorra opal juicy avataraang atla lok kataang legendofkorra bopal thelegendofkorra legendofaang thelegendofaang thelastairbender airbender appa air zuko azula sokka toph katara 21.11

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Sokka gets all the girls

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Selección Personal. Semana 21 Detective Comics No.1004 The Flash No.71 Avengers No.19 Venom No.14 Monstress No.22 Road of Bones No.01 Legends of Korra - Ruins of the Empire No.01 Animosity No.21 Faithless No.02 The Goon No.02 comics  comicbooks  newcomicday newcomicsday newcomicbookday  ncbd  dc  dccomics  marvel  marvelcomics  imagecomics idwpublishing darkhorsecomics aftershockcomics boomstudios albatrossfunnybooks actioncomics batman flash avengers venom monstress roadofbones legendofkorra animosity faithless thegoon panamacomicfans  readcomics

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[Cave of Two Lovers] Karma is a biTcH Sokka 🤑🤡😘 - Sokka or Aang?

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Mako + many more enjoyable pics and videos from this costest enjoy ✨✨(also Korra in the avatar state 😂) - I had such a fun time cosplaying form Korra with jessikarah I’m hopping to do another costest real soon✨thank you for all the kind words and funny comments😊✨✨❤️

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Hey guys, Dana here - back and better than ever! That little social media break was just what I needed! And I finally finished this History of Hikaro cover art 🙌🏼👊🔥💙 I absolutely love it. I'll be uploading the wallpaper version of it to my Instagram story! If you use it on your phone/tablet, send me a screenshot so I can see. I hope you like it! ~ Dana legendofkorrafanart legendofkorraart legendofkorra korraavatar korrafanart mako bolin komatsuoc hikarooc thealterersff thehistoryofhikaro legendofkorrabook4 legendofkorrabook3 legendofkorracomic legendofkorrabook4balance dbzoc dbzfanfiction dbzoclove dragonballfanart dragonballz dragonballart dragonballxenoverse dragonballxenoverse2 dragonballoc animecrossover clipstudiopaintipad clipstudiopaintart clipstudiopaintapp clipstudiopaint clipstudiopaintex bien_arts legendofkorra legend_of_korra_ legendofkorraa

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Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony

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Having sisters is fun, they said

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Which do you like most? Been messing with different color pallets to change the look of a picture! The original, daytime edit, then saturated nighttime edit 🙌🏼 • • “I like your hair” ❤️ uwu • • Follow my.girl.katara for more! • • katara aang kataang sokka toph suki appa momo zuko iroh avataraang azula mai tylee legendofkorra avatar atla watertribe lok korra korrasami avatarthelastairbender water earth fire air waterbending earthbending firebending airbending

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Chibi shorts are great

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The Northern Air Temple was one of the four original temples that belonged to the Air Nomads. Located in the mountains along the northern coast of the Earth Kingdom continent, this temple was one of the two temples that exclusively housed male airbenders. avatar avatarthelastairbender aang atla arte artsy art artist artwork creative design digitalart fantasy fanart air airnomads airbender airbending graphic illustration instaart instaartist korra legendofkorra thelastairbender render rendering 建築 設計

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[4:12] Our Salami deserves the world🤧♥️ Poor baby girl

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"Messy hairs, no cares" - Korra the Rat This lady is so in love with me, and i have never met such a talkative rat. Constant bruxxing from this lady when she gets cuddles! The best little food smuggler you'll ever meet, she often has treats hidden in her mouth when she comes out of her cage (saving them for later, when she's inside my sweaters).

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This week’s new comics are out on the shelves, there’s something for everyone this week! If you’re into magic and the supernatural, check out BLACK MAGICK HARDCOVER, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER VOL.1, & REDLANDS VOL.2 If you love sci-fi and the political machinations of Game of Thrones, give EAST OF WEST a go Love spy stories & clandestine secret ops? BLACK BADGE VOL.1 & COVER VOL.1 will be right up your alley Plus as usual there’s heaps of new manga like ELFEN LIED, PLATINUM END & EVE X EVE! Swipe ➡️ for more of our faves from this week - happy reading! 😁

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Another legend of korra graphic novel thing came out I love these two so much! I'm internally screaming the whole time I'm reading. 😆😂😍💕 korrasami legendofkorra comic love shipping

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Monsieur Éric Cantona ⚽️🙏🏾