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Today we're sharing 3 ways to step up your brunch game! Head over to our stories/highlights for our NationalCocktailDay Bravazzi recipes. 🍊

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It’s amazing how clear your mind is about the things you want to do when you are in alignment with God. But the clarity fades as your alignment fades. You can know what you want and need, but somehow, it’s not quite clear how you would get from point A to point B even though the answers seem so simple. Your alignment with God matters. Lemons, lemonade, lemonade stand.

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The last two have already been posted, but this is the complete set (Also running low on lemon/lime memes if you wanna DM them to me)

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When gives you lemons, order the lobster tail! 🍋🦞

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Luscious lemon bars for a sunny Sunday! So happy to start some colourful Spring baking. Tried out my brand new annaolsonkitchen pan and the recipe she posted recently. These sweet and puckery squares have a shortbread crust and silky filling thanks to cream cheese. I added in a little bit more lemon zest for some extra zing. 🍋What’s your favourite spring flavour? springhassprung lemons springbaking sprinklesandcrumbs annaolson

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TIP: Remove dried food particles from the microwave without scrubbing!⠀ ⠀ Place two lemon halves and a half of a cup of water in the microwave, then heat it for 5 minutes. When the time is up, wait 15 minutes with the microwave door shut. Times up! Open the door; wipe it out with a dry cloth, and voila! No more baked on food.⠀ ⠀ blackhillsparent cleaning parenting lifehacks lemons

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Guests enjoying their Sunday shopping at the organic farm in the village. Our happy shoppers filled their shopping bags with everything organic - lemons, mushroom pickle, juicy maltas, hemp seeds, tea, honey and turmeric organicfarming organicfood organic goorganic farmer farmtour localproduce uttarakhand ruralindia lemons turmeric farmlife freshfood freshproduce instagramhub instafarm igers instagram instagood picoftheday holidayshopping shopping sundayshopping holidaymood holidayfun ruralindia groceryshopping farmer buylocal traveltolearn

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I feel it would be remiss of me not to share a Sunday afternoon tea cake. After all, what's tea without cake? This lemon curd cream cake leans towards effortless baking, the kind that's doable and rather splendid in the end. I love it with fresh strawberries, although tart granadilla pulp would be equally delicious. I'll put the recipe link up in the profile. Happy Sunday! bibbyskitchen baking cake lemoncurd citrus lemons bakersofinstagram thebakefeed homemade bakefromscratch foodfluffer homebaker feedfeed gloobyfood buzzfeedfood foodandwine thatsdarling lifeandthyme f52grams food52 hautecuisines deliciouscake beautifulcuisines foodblogfeed foodphotography foodstyling

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When life gives you lemons make lemonade. 🍋or buy a really cute lemon top. So adorable with shorts or a skirt for summer! Entire outfit available online + in-store. [$36 + free shipping] shoplinkinbio

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You do you Baby Girl! 😃 ° There's that famous phrase my grandmother use to say to me, “when life gives you lemons”…. Now you could either be bitter? Make lemonade? Make lemon soufflé? Lemon tea? Who knows?! That's why I love it… It Is what you make it, take it however you want to take it. Let your own self determine the interpretation. And isn't that what life's all about! It is yours at the end of the day! For the longest time I was living a life for other people, their options, their reasons, their beliefs, their life choices. I was out of control of my own self and mind, having to follow what I thought was the path I had to take, regardless of whether I had actually chosen that myself. I was being pushed and pulled and moulded into someone that I couldn't quite figure out. I was more lost than I had ever been. I woke up one day and realised that I wasn't happy, I wasn't content, and that I wasn't being me. I didn't even know who 'me' was. Sometimes decisions we make in life can lead to battling a mindfield of heartache and upset. Walking over hot coals to try and accomplish happiness or contentment or just plane sanity. Its exhausting. But my goodness is it exhilarating! Right now I am the happiest I've ever felt. Which considering the last few weeks I've had could sound rather odd. I lost my job, I found a new one. I lost my house, I found a new one. I fell so super sick I was hospitalised, it knocked me for six, but I'm recovering. Knock backs or ‘lemons’ come at us always, but it's how we take it, how we place it in our mind and then use it to grow and carry on that is the real accomplishment. See the good from the bad. I'm happy, I'm smiling and I'm winning… Because baby, I'm just doing me 🐞 🌻 💜 📸 jed_nbbs

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When life gives you 🍋 🍋 🍋

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The best thing you can do for your skin. Water. Lots and lots of water. Adding lemon to your water promotes hydration, provides vitamin C, supports weight loss, aids digestion, freshens breath, and prevents kidney stones. I love sipping a glass of warm water and lemon first thing in the morning to balance my ph levels which helps the body function at its best. nourishyourskin lemons hydrationiskey

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🍋When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. —Easy to saynot always easy to do.😉Alice Warner Johnson figured it out though and shared how to do it in her talk, “Heavy Trials. Tender Mercies.” She says, After I became partially bedridden with multiple sclerosis (MS), I was asked to speak at a Relief Society meeting on the topic “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade.” At that point I was no longer able to sing, play the piano or cello, conduct a choir, or even walk—activities that had brought me much joy in the past. However, along with these trials, I have experienced many unexpected blessings. So I altered the title of my talk to reflect what I have learned: “Trust in God That When Life Gives You Sour Lemons, He Will Make for You a Sweet Lemonade.” —-all people experience adversity during their lifetime. Trials, disappointments, sadness, sickness, and heartache are a difficult part of life, but with the help of the Lord they can lead to spiritual growth, refinement, and progress.”Hope so much that you can “make some sweet lemonade” from something you’re going through.🍋 Happy Sunday, Friends💛 XO Amy lemon lemons lemonadequote inspiration inspirationalquotes inspirationalquotestoliveby happy gratitide gratitudeattitude spring happiness attitude positivity positivementalattitude positiveattitude attitude attitudequotes inspirational happyquotes happyquotesforthesoul happinessquotes happinessquotesforlife cozyhome farmhousekitchen modernfarmhouse kitchendecor hygge hyggehome homeinspo