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3 months ago

WE MISS YOU! - I took a break after getting lots of incredibly rude & nasty messages from a “rescue” & people associated with it claiming Milly was malnourished, underfed, etc. (Clearly not the case.) I was taken aback and needed a minute to weed out that negativity. We’re back & she’s better than ever. Move over haters, Milly’s not going anywhere! 👊🏻 MillyRoseMiniPig oinkoinkminipigs haters lessthansmart healthy happy minipig minipiglife wesleychapel tampa florida love

6 months ago

Ok, so you agree with the wall being built. Cool. Do you realize that it doesn’t matter because they build underground tunnels anyway. I’m all for boarder security what I’m not for is a Racist, sexist and lying President. You’re so blind by the wall that you don’t even know he’s disrespecting you to your face and could give a hot damn about you. joyvilla I was going to say you should be ashamed but ignorance is bliss. So I’m just going to pray that you will stop disrespecting yourself and your family Heritage. joyvilla lessthansmart wakeup idontunderstand grammys2019 grammys bostonblogger bostonbloggers viralpage notfunny notsmart explorepage crazy nycbloggers labloggers lablogs bostonblogs nyblogger nycblogs

1 year ago

After the new tax bill I'm not sure this guys should still be a Trump supporter lessthansmart

3 years ago

breakingIG is this photo of yall girl blacchyna new tattoonow yall know how I feel about tattoos of people your dating lessthansmart but what do you guys think? Btw his baby mama been throwing shade too! Give us your thoughts ⤵

4 years ago

It's about damn time 😳😳😳 Naruto Sasuke after all of the fillers and flashbacks finally 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

4 years ago

Stop playing lessthansmart and you won't have a smartass on YA hands gottaspillthetea like I said you owe me an apology if you think I'm going to continue on with your rudeAss self! babytooready is not waiting either part2 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣 So I damn sure ain't Finna get no soup from you 🍜

4 years ago

The smart one who decided to cut off a speeding ambulance and cause an accident. 🙏🏽 I hope they make it where they were going on time. lessthansmart

4 years ago

Ok how you gonna call yourself miss carter then shade the queen? And who are you to say anyone has any anointing she ain't singing for you it's for god and if he's pleased why are you bitch-fitting and she's saying "looorl" if that's what you wanna call it or thought that what she said because she was anding soul she was chewing her words for effect and if anything that's probably how it sound when she sings with her southern accent😒 beyonce beyhive queenbeyonce KingBey MrsCarter Yonce SashaFierce BeyonceKnowlesCarter QueenCarter Royal RoyalFans BeyGood LessThanSmart DumbAss Haters Ignorant