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[Takeover by afrohomo] Concept & Performance: Kieron Jina Performance Title: Emerge-in-see Materials: Pink Fabric, Pink balloons, white high heels, sand, radio & scissor Duration: 30mins Venue/ Festival: 1) My body My Space festival, FATC, ekurhuleni. 2) Against gender based violence, Plat4orm, Johannesburg. 📷 Khutjo Green Inspired by ‘Pink money, religion, protest and liberation.’ Let’s face it: With the rise of oppressive policies and homophobic attitudes across the African continent, it has never been more important to research, discuss and understand the criticized and disparaged queer community. Performance artist Kieron Jina, investigates the diversity of masculinity in Africa, sourcing material from the sex industry, African traditions, religion and popular culture. Spectators are encouraged to participate and join the celebration of difference.

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Such a Mic Drop Moment 🎤💖 bhytes

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If not you then honestly i don’t know who. I’ve reconstructed the very foundation of my livelihood around you. To me there is no second choice, no other options to consider. You are the one&only person I have ever been able to see myself w/ long term. You encompass my thoughts and make yourself at home in my dreams. In my mind exists a fantasy where we’re already happily together. I’m just waiting on reality to catch up. To be honest, I can’t even entertain the idea of someone else taking your place. I’m convinced you’re the one I’m meant to see Forever w You are my idea of perfection. The closest thing to flawless there is. So tell me, if not you, then who? The pedestal I’ve placed you on is unreachable. It’s a seat only comfortable to you. In all honesty I’m scared to consider anyone else. I’m afraid of going thru the process all over again just to realize my “next” only serves as a pale reminder of you. In my heart I knows, It must be you. It just has to be. There is no option 2, no plan B. I’ve invested my everything into the belief that you are my One&Only, and truthfully, there’s no going back for me now WordsOfJayPat lovepoem oneandonly soulmate foreverlove gayart lgbt lgbtart loveislove reassurance poet poem poetry igpoet instapoet malelove notmyart pinterestart spokenword creativewriting freewriting poetrycommunity blackpoets ineedyou poetryporn wordporn

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Transfigure Candles melt the way I have melted. I discovered I was queer with equal measures of fear and rapture. I mourned myself. I still mourn myself. I mourn the loss of my religion. I have burnt up that part of myself. It is a continual process, to slowly dismantle and deconstruct the lessons, the doctrine, the dogma—but also the love. And yet, I chose (choose) to consecrate that holy, secret part of myself, that part that was rejected by my church and myself. Something organic, authentic is forged from the flame: a new shape of myself, a new form of worship, the sacrament of my body. It is a sacred ritual to let ourselves burn with abandon, formless and amorphic and unbidden. It is not a loss, but a gain. contemporaryart lgbtart queerart

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⚜️Jason Avery 💠 (my grey marker hates me)

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Dance with me? • • as of this piece, there’s only one piece of art left up on my personal instagram! after that there’s two that are done that I haven’t posted! anyway, about this piece, it took me like a month cuz I kept erasing the background and I couldn’t decide on the lineart, but I actually kind of like it, now that it’s been done for a while! enjoy some soft Johanna and Delilah, we haven’t seen them together in a while! art artistsoninstagram illustration originalcharacter originalart originalcharacterart lgbt queer queerart lgbtart wlw wlwart sapphic sapphicart

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Meant to post this yesterday. We will be holding an art competition! Anything lgbtq will be accepted, so that can be lgbtq YouTubers or characters , OC’s, or anything else. DM your entry’s to this account, the winner will be posted sometime late next week. Have fun! lgbt lgbtq queer gay queerart lgbtart gayart bi trans nonbinary pansexual

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kitchen greenery abstract art + collage - I had a lot of fun painting this! I love working with green and bon appétit always has the best photos and recipes.

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Taiyari playing guitar🎸🖤 And I finally did a background on something it was fun Tai is very passionate about music and he writes all his own songs (most of them are about him pining over his best friend Kal lmao). He mostly plays guitar but he also plays piano and ukulele. His favorite genres are classic rock, grunge and a bit of hip hop! reyg_ocs digitalart art originalcharacter oc music guitar myart lgbtart lgbt

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💖Forever aint half the time i wanna spend with you💖 Art of Klaus and Dave from my AU where they both live and are happy >:/ The anatomy might be shit but I dont draw kisses often I FINISHED THIS AT 2AM FJSJF

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Sometimes I worry that people consider the LGBT community to be superficial, if all a cisgender heterosexual person experiences of it is the performative veneer of drag and pop art and 'yahhss qwain'. We use humour as a protest against our pasts/struggles and try to make beautiful things, knowing what it feels like to be handed a flaming bag of crap. Though maybe that's just a comment on the resilience of people in general and not just the LGBT community 😅 lgbtart lgbt transgender transartist enby queer art painting drag statue britishmuseum

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Join the DragKid revolution hotdocs_ with dragkidsdoc - read about it in today's Globe and Mail, link in bio 💎💎💎💎