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I just cut the cutest girls hair and I put purple streaks in it and she thought she was a unicorn after.

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Liam (right), pictured with our Executive Director, Charlie, is 6 years old and has a fascination with legos and all things building-related. When he grows up, he hopes to build homes “for everyone who doesn’t have one.” Recently, during a neighborhood garage sale, he raised money to donate to Habitat for Humanity by selling cookies, water, and flower vases that he made out of legos! We are so grateful and fortunate to have such amazing individuals that support us! Thank you Liam! rockstar kalamazoo lovewhereyoulive thankful kalamazoovalleyhabitatforhumanity legos supportlocal discoverkzoo habitatforhumanity whatwillyoubuild peopleareawesome fundraiser lucky minecraft liam

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☁️🐚ɴᴇᴡ ᴇᴅɪᴛ🐚☁️ 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ harrystyles liampayne louist91 zayn niallhoran onedirection 💍🛁 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ ~Tᗩᘜᔕ~ harrystyles liampayne louistomlinson niallhoran zaynmalik onedirection 1dcomeback 1d boyband overlaysforedits fans idols edits love harry louis liam zayn niall styles payne malik horan tomlinson explorepage explore 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ シシ🎲🔗🚿🛁☁️💍

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Puntata americana di ieri: Hope a Thomas "il nostro matrimonio é finito" Brava Hope 👍👍👍 Yesterday's American episode: Hope to Thomas "our marriage is over " Good Hope 👍👍👍Épisode américain d'hier: Hope to Thomas "notre mariage est terminé " Bon Hope 👍👍👍 instagram instalike theboldandthebeautiful 21august hope liam thomas like4like

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・・・ ̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴ It was a normal sunny day, As A Familiar Figure stood infront of a grave, It was His First And Last Lover's grave, Liam didn't notice (Y/N) walk up behind him, After Her death few years back he fully gave up on love, He started to break down in tears and started to cry alot thinking of her, as (Y/C) walked closer to the sobbing mess that Liam was, he hadn't noticed (Y/C) , (Y/C) figured out there must be a story behind her death, a tragic one As Liam cried more and more as he turned more into a crying, sobbing and ruined mess (OPEN RP) ̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶ Tags ̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶-̶̶ BNHA BNHARP bnharoleplay MHA MHARP BokuNoHeroAcademiaRP BokuNoHeroAcademia MyHeroAcademiaRP MyHeroAcademia Liam dovahkiin liamdovahkiin dovah kiin dovahkiinliam dovahliam kiinliam liamkiin liamdovah thelastdovahkiin thelastdragonborn open openrp roleplay openroleplay Spacer Mains ̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶̴̴~̴̴̶̴̴̶

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🚨READ POST! Miley Cyrus has finally comment on her split. She never cheated on Liam. That is not where their relationship faulted. The artist went on a twitter rant exposing her past mistakes while stating she will never be a liar. She’s grown up, and is the happiest she’s ever been . Miley has everything on the table, and she’s happy to own up to it. mileycryus miley liamhemsworth liam tea gossip love truth loveyourself

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Poor Harry 😂

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So cute 😂

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Look who’s back, Liam! Our little buddy Liam - friend of cats and kittens of all shapes, sizes and ages - has been in foster for some time now - we’ve watched him grow from a little kitten into a big ol’ bunny rabbit like dude! Why hasn’t he been adopted you ask? I have no idea! He’s such a love and so playful, I know in my heart he’s destined to be someone’s very best friend. We just gotta find that someone 👍🏻💗👯‍♂️ loveyourferalfelines liam notliamhemsworth catandcraft bestfriendfinder

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“we're all a little bit ɢ̶α̶y̶ clowns, aren't we?”

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Harry with a patrice.evra in London recently 💥

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i’m so fucking hyped for louis’ show in madrid

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Lost & Found, Part 12/?. I really like the movie Leap Year that is mentioned here, I definitely recommend you to watch it if you haven't! Hope you like this one!😍❤

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📸|| Harry with a fan in London recently ©️ Patrice.evra August 22nd 2019

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Rollin with my Nephew settin up for the arrival of his&BrittSon Liam Family Love and Light 💛💚💜🧡❤🖤💙💪🏾🙏🏾✊🏿

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[harry and a fan in london] -recent- lmao i can’t breathe anymore- i HE LOOKS LIKE A BABY WTFFHEGEYYS😭❤️🥰 IN FULL BLACK ASWELL

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La cara que se te queda cuando vomitas tres veces en un día.