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y’all seeing these hotties 😍 ALSO LOOK AT BRIANS EYES JSBAJXBFKD art

3 minutes ago

The cutest boy ever😆🥰😘

3 minutes ago

if Brian doesn’t post that selfie he’ll be seeing my lawyer

15 minutes ago

What a baby, he's so adorable 👶🏻🍼🍭

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25 minutes ago

"It was World War II !” LMAO 😆

27 minutes ago

I just made a random animation of One Direction - History

31 minutes ago

nine months, four days, seventeen hours, twenty-six minutes since i was screaming to every song and dancing so hard i could barely breathe. harry thank you for giving me a reason to live, you keep so many of us going everyday with even your smile. your kindness inspires me every single day to be like you, to lead an anti-selfish life and accept everyone and the world around me. i love you with everything in me and i know that sounds cringey, sappy or whatever the hell you want to say but harry i want to thank you for everything. please don’t be afraid to be yourself or scared of what others think of you. don’t feel pushed to go on tour or release an album. take your time, we aren’t going anywhere. i love u 🦋💓 - - - - - onedirection onedirectionedits 1dedits harrystyles niallhoran louistomlinson liampayne zaynmalik zayn larrystylinson niallupdates harrystylesedits niallhoranedit niall harry louis liam louisbestfans

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Claritin D gets me so f-ed up. I don’t know if I’m dehydrated, starving, or just drowsy but I fell asleep between 6 and 8:30 watching Avengers Infinity War. I feel like I’m going to fall asleep and never wake up again.

40 minutes ago

remember when harry first wore these boots and we all collectively lost our shit now they’re just his casual slippers

46 minutes ago

he’s the apple of my eye

46 minutes ago

How's that possible? How can a man be this handsome??? I meaN LOOK AT HIS FREAKING SMILE, HIS EYES I CAN'T-

49 minutes ago

which eleanor look is your fave? 1, 2 or 3 😉💕

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—thread: harry + cameras📷🍂💫,, this gives off boyfriend vibes. just imagine hanging out with harry and pulls out his camera and starts taking pictures of you, because he likes admiring you🥺🥺 ++ i’m low key so mad that i can’t go and support my friends at the track meet tomorrow. it’s gonna rain and i’m gonna be busy, i’m so mad. i’ll just text them either tonight or tomorrow morning ugh hope you all had an amazing day today, i love you all💜💜

57 minutes ago

[He dies]. - Feel free to repost! Just give creds -

1 hour ago

SO SO PROUD OF THIS MAN Proud is an understatement of how amazing the boys are!🙏🏼❤️😍 😻🎤🎧🎼🎸🥁🎹🏆💸🔥