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벌써 집 . 가 고 싶 . 어

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PC jovanyeltorres 3 years ago I started playing PokemonGo out of curiosity. 3 years later, I am at the highest level there is! When I started dental school 4 weeks ago, I had to put many things on the side because I had no free time besides going to classes and studying. When people asked me to do raids for pokemongo, I always refused because I had to study for exams. Today jovanyeltorres and I spent 2 hours during the Turtwig community day, trying to catch as many shiny as we can! It felt great to take a small break from studying and just do something you love! Don’t forget to dedicate time to things you enjoy in life, especially when life gets busy and overwhelming!❤️❤️ dentalstudents 1styeardentalstudent detroitmercydental pokemongo pokemongocommunityday turtwigcommunityday life happygirl annarborlife

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Consistent. The thing about me is that I don't like to do things half way. Been working out for the past 8 years ( at least 4 days a week ), and been counting/estimating my calories for the pass 5 years. Once you make it as a lifestyle, it will become a routine that you can't live without. Cheers 🙇‍♂️. LOVE LIFE HUSTLEHARD STAYMOTIVATED CONSISTENCYISTHEBESTPOLICY TRINITYBREED

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Came a long way from 3 years ago was in jail now looking at the view it’s beautiful 🤙🏾💪🏾🙏🏾

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Buona Notte!

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Got the pleasure of meeting with one of the patriots running back sweetfeet Shoutout to the patriots team for taking the Win 43-0

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“Magic words will not gain you entrance Good deeds will only shape your intention But still not let you in Open your back and front Open the waist Open the arms and legs Play freely without judging your gifts and your deficits For your entire being Is a treasure “. ~Teachings from the Tao☯️~ A film by lukesendlwalker With ladianne

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다시 돌아갈래 😭

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Home is where i'm with you🏕☀️

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Hello Toworrow Jika menghitung langkah kaki, mungkin sudah jutaan yang terlewati. Seribu cerita. Gelap dan terang. Tawa dan air mata. Tak satupun yang kusesali. Mengenang bahagia untuk bersyukur, dan menyeka air mata untuk lebih kuat. Takdir sudah ditentukan. Yang dibutuhkan hanyalah keberanian. Keberanian untuk menjalaninya dan mengambil makna dari semuanya. Bahagia bukan cita2, tapi sesuatu yang pasti diberikan sang Pencipta. Dan aku berani melangkah maju membuka lembaran baru pada umurku dan menikmati kisah2 nya birthday virgo woman gratitude goodlife humbleyourself lifequotes journey positivevibes positivemind pink enjoy life tafakur moslem pray outdoor photography

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Week-end vibes

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