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Visiting Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates on my way to Nairobi, Kenya. Photo of the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. lifeisamazing

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"Os animais aceitam e os seres humanos têm expectativas. Você nunca ouvirá um coelho dizer "Espero que o sol apareça de manhã para eu poder ir até o lago brincar". Se o sol não aparecer, isso não estragará o dia do coelho. Ele simplesmente é feliz sendo um coelho". Robert Fisher Por isso agradeça cada dia, tendo sol ou chuva Aceite cada dia com suas tarefas e desafios e faça o sol brilhar dentro de você! 22h30 20Graus spring LifeIsShort LifeIsAmazing

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We all post tons of photos and tag all the places we go but we can not and should not ever forget those that support us. We make friends, we make enemies, we go through life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Life is so Amazing and people connect for different reasons. Oh Val you are more than just a comedian . You are a great friend and mentor. You are appreciated. Beyond the bright lights, cameras, and stages. You Are An Extrodinary Phenomenal Woman to me. 🖤✊🏾 blackentrepreneur blackowned blackwoman OHVALCOMEDIAN RaffleQueenPaula ladiesnight femaleempowerment businesswoman lifeisamazing beautyandbrains Intelligent intellectual knowledge supportyourfriends highervibrations higerconsciousness socialexperiences

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“Because when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing.” 🌎 I’ve been trying harder lately to be more “in the moment”, and I’ve noticed there are so many more little details I see about the world we live in. We have this whole big beautiful planet with all of these little things happening at every millisecond of every day, and it’s such a beautiful feeling to know that you’re a part of it all stopandlookaround loveourplanet beautifulearth inspirationalquote lifeisamazing hanafred

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"ENJOY EVERY MOMENT" Each woman has a story herstory We are great individually but together mentally we are all MIND BLOWING, BOLD, COURAGEOUS, BEAUTIFULLY EDUCATED, FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 RaffleQueenPaula iammikorichh arnimal_handsmore queenwalker blackentrepreneur blackowned blackwoman blackgirlmagic BlackGirlsRock ladiesrock ladiesnight femaleempowerment businesswoman lifeisamazing beautiful beautyandbrains Intelligent intellectual knowledge sheislight highervibrations higerconsciousness socialexperiences

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Smile Because Life Is Beautiful 😃 Paula, Miko, Shontell, and Valonna This may just look like a beautiful picture in a frame but it so much more Is Black Excellence, It's Women with Careers, It's Women with Degrees, It's Female Business Owners, It's Entrepreneurs, It's Feminine Empowerment We can smile because we are beautiful inside out blackentrepreneur blackowned blackwoman blackgirlmagic BlackGirlsRock ladiesrock ladiesnight femaleempowerment businesswoman lifeisamazing beautiful beautyandbrains Intelligent intellectual knowledge sheislight highervibrations higerconsciousness socialexperiences

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MANIFESTANDO seu INCONDICIONAL AMOR, Deus nos deu a justa opção de escolha. Podemos seguir nosso coração ou seguir sua SANTA PALAVRA "Ora, não há nada mais enganoso e irremediável do que o coração humano, e sua doença é incurável. Quem é capaz de compreendê-lo?" Jeremias 17:9 Que nosso coração esteja sempre apto a aprender com o BOM PASTOR que deu sua VIDA pelos seus AMIGOS 😭💙 "Ninguém tem maior amor do que aquele que dá a sua vida pelos seus amigos." João 15:13 Muito obrigado, amigo Jesus! 🔥💘 ThanksLord gratidão solitude

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«Сегодняшний день — хороший повод выйти из берегов, каждому — из своих. Потому что всякий человек — океан, и глупо всю жизнь искренне считать себя лужей, пусть даже самой глубокой и непросыхающей в микрорайоне.» ~ Макс Фрай . beautifulday суббота природа allabouttheview мысливслух keybiscayne майами memoriablemoments lifeisamazing atlanticocean 305 russianmade русскиевамерике потянулонафилософию everythinggonabealright beachmore worryless relax напозитиве friends fun kayaking dayout florida onelove жизньвкайф

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I'll be there for you, cause you are there for me too!❤❤❤❤ Dankie julle. Ek sal nooit vir beter kan vra nie. Julle maak my lewe soveel beter. Ek is so dankaar om julle te hê. Op een van die bestes. Dankie vir al ons grappe gesprekke en net vir alles.🏝☁️🌻 movies friends f•r•i•e•n•d•s best tjabest instagood kannievirbetervranie dankie thankyou blessed outing goodtimes enjoylife kindness friendship daydreaming lifeisamazing amazing laraismybestevriendin

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dustinmlt 🥳🙌🏽 nowordsneeded 😏 . Most people know him. DJs love him and get diabetes. He is well on the way to legend. Keep up the good work. See you soon 🤟🏼 . —————————————————————————— rawhardstyle raw djsliebling MOLTZAHN legend legendsoftomorrow keepitup hardstyle festivallover heisgreat crazyguy rawking hardstylelife hardstylegirl lifeisaparty lifeisamazing 150bpm nicetomeetyou seeyousoon fuckyeah hardismylife hardismystyle hardstylefamily harddance hardfest throwback memories

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Гэты доўгі-доўгі, насычаны падарожжамі з жыццяпіснымі краявідамі, велічнымі палацамі, палямі красак і парушынкамі ў небе, няспраўджанымі і чаканнямі і, наадварот, зусім нечаканымі адкрыццямі, праляцеў, як адно імгненне. Даўно так не было, каб столькі ў адным дні: каб расказваць, чаму крапіва пячэцца; каб ляпіць на нос курносікі; каб назіраць за хрушчом, падстаўляючы палкі; каб разглядаць асаблівасці посуду з лазы ці з гліны; каб ткацтва; каб саламяная птушачка, якую абавязкова зразіць увосень; каб малюнкі на фальзе; каб уджаленая стрыкозка; каб а ведаеце, я нават не магу ўсё ўзгадаць, і толькі памятаю, як раз за разам запаляюцца агенчыкі ў вачах малой. А яшчэ знайшоўся час для нас дваіх - калі проста пасярод палацавага прастору ў дзьмухаўцах, і няхай толькі некалькі хвілін, але ў іх было так шмат. Сёння не будзе фота з падарожжа. Сёння проста кветкі ў колер настрою. embracingtheseasons seasonspoetry inspiredbynature beautifullnature momentsinthesun myfamilyadventures thingsiwanttoremember thisishowihueit ourweekendstories snapfromtheheart livebeautifully seekmoments prettylittletrips ihavethisthingwithflowers flowersinbloom humansofjoy ourlightwithin livelifehappy lifeisamazing lovelifeoutside one_magic_moment vesna_2505 belarusonelove the_camera_clique searchwandercollect follow_this_light belarusgram inlovewetrust

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If someone comes into your life and has a positive impact on you, but for some reason they can’t stay, don’t mourn for too long. Be thankful that your paths crossed and that they somehow made you happy, even if it was just for a short while. Life is change. People really do come and go. Some come back, some don’t, and that’s okay. And just because one person leaves, doesn’t mean you forget about everyone else who’s still standing by your side. Continue to appreciate what you have, and smile 😊 about the memories. moveforwardwithwhatyouhave moveforwardwithwhatyouvelearned alwaysmoveforward lifeisamazing peoplecomeintoyourlifeforareason peoplecomeandgo

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Today when I look back.🙈 Today when I look back, i realize how much i have grown as a person. I realize how little were the things which once seemed to be huge boulders.🌸 Today when I look back, i realize forgiveness is the best way to let go off anything that holds you. I realise that Self love is the biggest gift for oneself. ♥️ rideinmountains backpackerlife traveldiaries travelphotography travelawesome traveladdicts travelporn letstravel travel_captures travelersnotebook travelwithme wanderingsoul neverstopexploring packyourbags nexttripsoon wanderlust keepexploring keeptraveling keeplearning lifeisbeautiful lifeisamazing bethepartofmybeautifuljourney 😘🤟🏻

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I am taking a moment to call in the memories, that have now turned into strengths, from the Wild Goddess Bali Retreat this April. Landing in this magical place, Mama Bali, which holds so much power and transformational energy, on the very day I left my 20s behind and came into my 30th year, has become a catalyst of transformation I my life. I hold so much gratitude to the woman (and women!) behind the magic sarahjaneperman pulls her energy directly from mother earth's reservoir. She is a master facilitator of helping you to finding your truth and wield that truth into your source of power Weather you believe in masculine and feminine energy's. Weather you believe that balancing those energies is how we find harmony and equilibrium in our lives. I found a way, through this amazing Retreat, to see what I thought were my weaknesses, as my strengths I learned what true self care and consideration is. How crucial these acts are to help replenish and fortify my own reservoir, so I may continue to share my strengths and be of service to those in my life; long term or short term connections The energy that each individual woman brought to the group, was such an intricate part of the work we did. Most of us didn't know one other, yet we made deep bonds and shared such intimate truths with another, which added to the healing of the collective feminine energy I don't have many words, just a deep knowing that, through the morning meditation, yoga, and evening workshops we all became better woman, mothers, wives, sisters, daughter's, friends, girlfriends and over all better humans A special thanks to all of the beautiful woman who made this experience what it was. Sarah-Jane, Claudia, Fie, Lanissa, Beatriz, Annie, Artemis, Isabel, Alisha, Heba, Natasha, "P" 😉 and my soul sister and roommate ❤Xenia❤ . 📸 norawendel Wild Goddess Bali Retreat 2019 sarahjaneperman wildgodessbaliretreat baliretreat goddess gooddessenergy feminineenergy feminine selflove selfacceptance findingmyway lovethyself lifegoals lifeisamazing travel bigadventure bali balitrip balitravel triptobali traveladdict paradise paradiseisland findingmyself

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Here Is a Creature And a Flower,, These Both Make Each Scenario Beautiful in a Little Duration of Their Lives These Little Beautiful Creatures Named BUTTERFLY & FLOWER,, These Always Makes Each & Everything Beautiful This Always Happens With Us in Our Lives Also ,, Nature Has These Things in It & We All Have Also Two Weapons In Our Lives PATIENCE & CONFIDENCE That Both Turn Our Worst Conditions Into GLORY, so Know the Differences, Feel the Truth , Try to See the Essence of These Lives & Make Your Life HAPPY 😅😅💑 Post is reposted by rajputyash on our 💑official page dreams_officialphotography 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 PC : irfanislek80 butterfly butterfly🦋 birds flowers repost nature sweetpost colourful beautifullife birdslife amazingnature gallerymyphotos rose🌹 birdlife_insta cool_macro macrophotography lifeisamazing lovefornature loveforbirds junglelife lovenaturephotography followforfollowback followme likeforfollow followmypage👌.

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И жизнь хороша✨ и жить хорошо🐈🤗💗

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Живя в жаркой и сухой стране мне не хватало нашей природы , пожалуй, даже больше, чем наших людейНе хватало Леса, запаха елки после дождя , подснежников в начале весны и просто зелени🌲🍃🌾☘️🌱 takeyourtime lifeisamazing happy perfectgirl

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What is your favourite childhood movie? 📽 — Hey, how are you today? 👋 Hope you're doing fine. I really have fun and love writing this piece, this is chapter two of "the old owl" conversations/stories the first one is between the old owl and "me" talking about sadness/sunset/sleep that inspired from the little prince book, you can scroll down my timeline to read it if you haven't 💌 — 🌴 poetryatlantis poetryatlantis 🔔turn on your post notification & check out my other post in case you missed it 🖼 : Pinterest writing prose poetry tales reading deadpoetssociety words scribblersword stories packpoetry aboutlife poets lifeisbeautiful thoughtfvl omypoetry future spilledwords silverleafpoetry stars light night lifeisamazing inspiration life world love dream hope magic