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🚨Putting allllll the new releases here! 🚨 More fun summer colors! And Clasp bras 🤩🙌🏼 New women’s and some hats! 🙌🏼 Y’all these vintage Ts are AMAZING All fit True to size!😊 • • • • meetmeatthegym gymlove gymgear workoutoutfit joggersarelife joggers gymgearallday whatiwear comfyclothes liftingislife gymclothes leggingsarelife gymshark lululemon beachbody workoutoftheday workoutwear workoutgear workoutgirl girlswholift hiitworkout meetmeatthebarre yoga zyiafitlife zyiaactive

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150 for 5 reps. So since my little hiatus I decided to enter in a late August meet for Bench only. Not really feeling totally into doing a full power and I’ve been chasing a 200lb bench since the dawn of time. So this will give me time to focus on my bench and finally achieve that goal. 🖤

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180kg Hip thrustsI’m back getting the gains in 🍑🔥🍑🔥🍑🔥Surprised I haven’t lost much strength as I haven’t attempted this weight since April when I got 190kg for 8 reps. The human body amazes me! teamphysiq physiqtraining

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Every man and woman who lifts is a person who takes their health seriously. When you learn to love yourself, become healthier in (mind, body and soul) by doing appropriate exercises, diverse movements and practical as well as functional exercises Is the person who is willing to change and subdue their environment. Lifting a kettlebell also releases hormones and encourages the human body to improve in the following areas. 1. Diabetic health 2. Digestive health. 3. Circulation health 4. Immune health Find out more about what I offer by email today. functionaltraining weightloss dietetics liftingislife trainingtime exercising kettlebellswings kettlebells nutritioneducation weightliftingcoach strengthconditioning immuneboost diabetesawarenessmonth educated digestivesystem circulation immunehealth nhs cleanliving

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EXCLUSIVE! Hey fitfam 👋 bodybuildingcom has given me an exclusive code which allows you to save 35% on ALL Signature branded products until June 23! 🔶 Use the link in my bio to make a purchase and enter code: JUNE35 🔶 Also, started a summer cut this week. Who’s with me? ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ teambodybuildingcom teambbcom bbcom promotion bodybuilding getstrong getfit lifting weightlifting fitness fitnessaddict gymrat doyouevenliftbro girlswholift strong summercut shreddingseason bulkinglife gains fitspired workoutwednesdays noexcuses strongwomen thickthighssavelives liftingislife fitforlife fitnessjourney physique figure progression

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This is great for really getting your hamstrings fully engaged. I demonstrate this on a Swiss Ball as an alternative but can be used on any leg curl machine. Simply point your toes down (plantar flexion) and either turn your toes in or out depending on what part of the hamstring you want to focus on. The difference I could feel in my hamstrings was incredible. Give it a try on your next leg day legday hamstring hamstringexercise legs pt personaltrainer personaltraining exercising exercises legcurl legexercises lowerbodyday coachingonline bodybuilding active liftingislife

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Transformation Tuesday Alert: I know these posts are so cliche but I was looking at old photos and barely recognize myself. It's crazy what we can do to our bodies over time, there is really no short cut just a lifestyle of consistency and hard work with fun on occasions (because we all have to live a little). I really hope everyone knows it's possible to make small changes daily and live to be their best self, also remember health is much more than a number on a scale.Happy Tuesday everyone. transformationtuesday liveyourbest change workthroughit itsworthit healthylifestyle onedayatatime onerepatatime weekdaywarrior gainsville itspossible

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Working on putting some thickness on my back & trying to pack on that sizeeee🍖 🥩

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The only limits in life are the ones you make.⠀ ❗️⠀ .⠀ 💋⠀ .⠀ 💃

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New skills 💪👊

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Our Clean and Jerk workshop will run on Sunday 21st July from 13:00 to approximately 15:45. With a focus on improving technique, let us help you improve your movement patterns and understanding of the lift, so you can see the results in your numbers. Our workshops are small group based, with a small amount of theory and plenty of practice. You will get plenty of individual coaching cues and feedback from BWL Coach maloneyperformance Limited places to allow for more individual coaching, so get in early. The cost of the workshop is £25.00, payable via PayPal or bank transfer. Early bird rates: £15.00 if paid by 24th June £20.00 if paid by 1st July For more details click the link in our bio or contact sean

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Keto is not special. It’s like a middle . Loved, but forgotten. Hopefully. I’m kidding. Kinda. Can keto help you lose fat? Yes. Can it do it any better than calorie restriction? No. Does it kind of suck to follow? I think so. But, that’s just me. If you like keto, go for it. That’s cool. I’ll just be eating my donuts. And ice cream. And cookies. And every other food that’s not keto and amazing. But, you do you keto, I’m not judging. Just remember though. You’re not special For coaching, inquiries click the link in my bio, DM me or email me at bobby liftingislife gyms fitnessbody gymaholic fitnesstips fitnesscoaches bodybuildinglifestyle winnipegfitness fitnessaddicts bodybuildingnation weightliftingcoach fitnessbodybuilding weightliftinglife fitnesslife fitnessfun dietstartstoday keto sorrynotsorry ketofitness

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I wore this outfit to the gym last night and I can’t believe how well the pants stayed up! 👏🏼 I never once had to pull them up throughout my workout in a 95° heated class! 🥵 That is a win in my book! Even my Lululemons constantly creep down and I’m having to adjust them all throughout class. These are the Light n Tight style with the Copper Charged tank. • • • • meetmeatthegym gymlove gymgear workoutoutfit joggersarelife joggers gymgearallday whatiwear comfyclothes liftingislife gymclothes leggingsarelife gymshark lululemon beachbody workoutoftheday workoutwear workoutgear workoutgirl girlswholift hiitworkout meetmeatthebarre yoga zyiafitlife zyiaactive

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When shit goes down your true friends will always be by your side 💕💕 Im also grateful for the friends from my outside world who make me laugh 🙏🙏 thankyou you all know who you are 😜 value the people that care for you 😜 they are the ones that have your back bereal beyou behumble truefriends you can't change yesterday, no guarantees for tmz just live for today quote dalailama and laugh makeplans to travel eattrainsleeprepeat liftingislife warrior liftingismymedicine 🙏

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Good morning my warrior friends😎 How are we today? A new day ready and waiting to be conquered Here we are in another bathing suit season. 🤯😫😫 Even though I am stronger than I was last year and I am still working hard at making changes to my body I get frustrated sometimes. I see pics of people who don't seem to have parts that need any work. I wonder though what is inside their heads. My coworkers are some of the fittest, strongest women I know and they all look awesome! So if I am having a day where I am in my head I talk to them. They help me see my progress and that I am being way too hard on myself. Are you doing that to yourself? As I have said before genetics plays a huge roll when it comes to body shape. So you can't compare yourself to anyone else. You are you. If there's something you don't like then take the steps to change it. You have to be realistic too. You may not be able to get to a certain number on the scale if you have a lot of muscle. So forget the number it doesn't make you who you are. You decide who you are and what you will do. Society has put us into the mindset that to be considered beautiful you have to be thin and basically have no muscle at all I don't agree with that! I will take having a strong body over being small any day of the week! You can have lean muscle and still look awesome! For me being strong physically is equal to being strong mentally. It's a great feeling! So look at those pics and move on. You are you. You do you. You are freaking awesome So my warrior women let's go crush today Go. So. Sweat! Move forward We got this! 💪🏋️‍♀️😎 fitnessinspiration fiercetofabulous cardioqueen iamatrainer gymrat fitnessmotivation ilovemymuscles liftingislife

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Jeg har sagt det før og kommer nok til å si det mange ganger til så bare bli vant til det. Jeg har virkelig verdens beste PT. Og i dag etter treningen så skulle jeg så gjerne gitt deg dette kruset som et bevis på det. For å komme ut fra en treningstime hvor jeg startet helt på bunn, og viste meg fra min mest sårbare side, så klarte du bare ved å være deg selv å la meg gå ut fra treningen med flagget nesten til topps. Så johnmarcoslettenI thank youyou made my day 🤩🤩 kickfinnsnes gymgirl gymtime trening treningsglede aktivhverdag sterkejenter aktivejenter aktivlivsstil selflove selfcare dowhatmakesyouhappy happiness hverdagslykke mentaltrening styrketreningforjenter liftingislife strongmom helårskroppen styrkejenter jentersomløfter garminvivoactive3 workouttime happiness hverdagslykke justdoit sunnfokus minlivsstil livsstilsendring

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3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣✖️3️⃣ back squat tonight 🙌. I failed 315x2 but madathletes is going to make me do it again next week 😭😭. Soooo, I’ll get another crack at it. Learning to be okay with failing & moving on with the rest of training used to be something I majorly struggled with. I’m getting so much better with it.

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I just finished kurtrawlinsfitness 25 minute workout 🏋🏻‍♀️ it is a good one ☝️ this past year I’ve learned so much about physical and mental health and how they go hand in hand 🙌🏼 this past year I have begun the process of loving and accepting my body in every stage it is in ♥️ I workout to have a healthy mind and strong body not to ever meet any unrealistic body expectations 🤷🏻‍♀️ follow me for encouragement on loving and accepting the body you’re in and tips on how to keep your body and mind healthy. Sending so much love to those struggling with their body image. ♥️ everybodyisbeautiful positivemind bodylove bodyacceptance fitmom fitnessafterkids fitnesslover real everybodymatters mom weights lifting liftingislife bodypositive hellyeah fuckfatphobia amazing strong therapist cbt mentahealth physicahealth workinprogress inlove process motivation motivateothers empoweredwomenempowerwomen empoweredwomenempowereveryone

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“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn” So let me ask you this how often do you go to a PT session or a small group training and just go through the motions then leave? You should be taking away at least one new piece of knowledge in your session! Now’s the time to try something new, contact The Muscle Lab to try fitness with a difference.

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12x2 deficit deads 180kg 45sec to a minute rest between sets working on power and speed with litchfit giving me a bit of guidance on my deadlift setup to get the most out of it, and it feels far better the videos are the 1st middle and last set and all seem consistent with speed very happy💪 Coached by litchfit strongman strongmantraining strength powerlifting power bodybuilding fitnessmotivation fitness cerberusstrength anarchystrength gains nopainnogain deadlift deadlifts beefers liftingislife fitfam muscle strong weightlifting darefitnessltd squats strengthshopuk sbdapparel cerberus_strength

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I can’t get enough of these joggers! Is it ok to wear the SAME pants everyday? 🤔 They come in black, navy and plum-I’m thinking I will need to get alllllllll the colors They are so comfy and easy to dress up or dress down. Check them out by clicking the link in my bio! • • • • meetmeatthegym gymlove gymgear workoutoutfit joggersarelife joggers gymgearallday whatiwear comfyclothes liftingislife gymclothes leggingsarelife gymshark lululemon beachbody workoutoftheday workoutwear workoutgear workoutgirl girlswholift hiitworkout meetmeatthebarre yoga zyiafitlife zyiaactive

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I dag ble det to nye bøker med inspirasjon på matfronten. Jeg sliter jo litt med å være kreativ der føler jeg selv, og trenger litt input til noe godt man kan spise. Har to av Kristine Weber sine bøker fra før av og synes hun har mye godt å vise fram, så valget falt egentlig veldig naturlig på henne da jeg skulle investere i noe nytt 😊 gymgirl gymtime trening treningsglede aktivhverdag sterkejenter aktivejenter aktivlivsstil selflove selfcare dowhatmakesyouhappy happiness hverdagslykke mentaltrening styrketreningforjenter liftingislife strongmom helårskroppen styrkejenter jentersomløfter workouttime happiness hverdagslykke justdoit svettefest kondisjonstrening suntfokus minlivsstil kristineweber kriweb_no cappelendamm

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Throw your ego out the door 🚪! That shit ain’t wanted here! With my recent back issues, I was reminded to take things slow, baby steps! A lot of time well most of the time, I want to do it all and do it all at once. That usually leads to overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and finally burnt out mode! Then I end up giving up on everything, which then leads me to think that I suck at life! The past 6 months I have been working on my emotional health and have come to realize that baby steps are the way to go. Things will reveal themselves when I am ready for them. It’s like learning to walk. You fall a million times till your body knows what muscles to balance and engage. So today I’m a grateful for hurting my back because of its lessons. Also because it’s forcing me to do yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️, which I always loved but never made time for! All “failures” lead to good shit!

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BACK CONDITION I’ve seen big gains in my back size and strength since training jamesharrison.hsc. Plenty of super heavy deadlifts, rackpulls, weighted chin-ups and big rows. I know pics of my back aren’t as popular as front pics, but it’s prob the body part of which I’m most proud 😎 Pic is from great workout with big guy l.ward92 Wishing I was nearer to back width of my pal doubleophysiquecreation ageisjustanumber leangainz fitover50 naturalbodybuilder naturalbodybuilding ukbodybuilding lats thickback strongback liftingislife backgains💪 mensphysique noimnotonfuckingsteroids

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Good morning warrior friends😎 Here we are the beginning of a new week. Another clean slate. Last week is done. So what will you do with this week? Every week you should set new goals for yourself with your workouts. I am not talking about anything major. It could be as simple as doing extra core or 5 extra minutes of cardio. Extra is extra and when you are working towards a goal it all counts. So do you still have that one person that tries to sabotage you? They may talk down to you and try to make you feel guilty. They may make fun of you and tell you it's crazy that you are working so hard. They want to see you fail. Don't let them into your head anymore. If it does happen that you slip and have to pick yourself up that's ok! That's what we do! We all have times when life is cruel and crushing us mentally. If you listen closely you will hear a little voice telling you not to quit on yourself! Trust me it's there because I have been down for the count and thought I couldn't continue. I couldn't do it though. I couldn't stop fighting. Every time I got up I was a little stronger and my warrior mindset was coming to be. Now here I am. Finally able to laugh when I see people who wanted me to fail. It's an awesome feeling. Don't get me wrong life still throws curve balls and sometimes they knock the wind out of me but I will not stop. I regroup and continue on my way. Are you with me?? I got your back. Nothing can hold you back but you! So let's go! Get up and move Go. Do. Sweat. Move forward! You go this🏋️‍♀️💪😎 fitnessinspiration fiercetofabulous cardioqueen iamatrainer fitnessmotivation youcandothis iloveworkingout burnthatbutt liftingislife

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B A C K • O N L I N E my lovelies had a nice few days away with the family and feeling refreshed and raring to go. Sometimes that’s all it takes to refocus and get back on it back to the gym tonight with my little buddy hets07 can’t wait 😘 backtoit weighttraining liftingismytherapy liftingislife legsday legsworkouttoday illbewalkinglikejohnwaynetomorrow bitofhiitthrownin mixitup gym fitlife fitfam fitness gymtime gymlife liveit loveit workit happymonday shortweekinworkforme onefullday 🤣

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The only energy I accept around me these days are people who vibe with me on this level. No drama, no bullshit. We plan mommycations like this and while on it, we talk about motherhood and what’s working and what isn’t; where we remind ourselves that we’re still women with big dreams big attainable dreams Energy like this where we’re putting down deposits for the next big trip. Energy like this where we’re talking about collaboration and contribution. If you ain’t about that progressive movement and elevating, keep moving. sincerely_nga23 fitmom fitlife thickfit polyfitmovement transformation fatlossjourney bodybuilding polytwerkteam momswholift fitinspiration herbalife girlswholift samoan phoenixaz phoenix polynesian brownskin islandbeauty exotic polyfitwomen liftingislife polythick islandthickness samoanfit hamofit gymrat the weightloss bigbooty libra

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State record squat for my age group. I had lots more in the tank but my knee is toast after today 551 lbs, and i have UNFINISHED BUSINESS with my bench and deadlift August is only 2 months away😁💪🏋️‍♂️👍 powerlifter powerliftinglife powerlifting squatbenchdeadlift benchsquatdeadlift squats 600poundsquatclub quads legday ilift liftordie liftingislife ilift secondhome gymlife gymmotivation gymlifestyle gymfamily oldmanstrength oldschoolstrength mydadsasuperhero mydadisstrongerthanyourdad💪 norestforthewicked norestforthestrong norestforgreatness stubborndetermination illsleepwhenimdead competitionready downingsgym

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My cardiologist advised me to stop lifting but I just can't put an end to it so I just went for 40LBS. Lighter but safer for me. I couldn't risk my health either anyway. 😉 🏋️🏋️🏋️ squats bodybuilding musclebuilding workout gym gymrat legsworkout bootie fitness fitnessjourney weightloss workoutroutine exercise toned abs weighttraining barbells fatlossjourney muscle progress bootybuilding fitnessmotivation fatloss gettinglean liftingislife mindsetiseverything motivated committed workoutmotivation bodytransformation

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Tricep workout from a few months ago💪🏼 able to make it up to 30 lbs with my wrist support

2 days ago

Best line I’ve heard in a while effort earns respect! I have the utmost RESPECT for each and every one of you that steps through the gym doors each day. Some days are good, some days are shit but I’ve come to see everyone at CFE always puts in their best EFFORT. Repost teamwodnation with get_repost ・・・ Effort earns respect. Amen to that! ⠀ crossfit teamwodnation crossfitgirls crossfitter wod fitnessmotivation crossfitlife crossfitchicks wodnationgeardotcom crossfitproblems liftingheavyshit fitnessfreak liftingladies fitnessjourney crossfitmotivation crossfitwod liftingheavy fitnessaddict liftingislife crossfitgear crossfitmom crossfitapparel workoutmotivation beastmode