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Absence in the presence, to become just shapes (just memories) but isn't that better than being just a number? Being a shape gives the ability to have volume, to have a say (did you see what I did there?). Shapes filled the photos, shapes filled with obscure levels of meaning. Shapes without colours. You would not give shapes without colours, but you have tasted life, you can fill these shapes using your own colours. blackandwhite dissertation family objectsandmeanings grandpa familyalbums shilouette lightandshadow

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Life in the capital

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And the sun will set for you to light up the darkness

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Ciudad de México, 2019

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great britain . ———————————— XIN XCI 個展「影人 EIJIN」 KG+2019 ———————————— . 写真 動画 音響 香 : XIN XCI (全日在廊) 時: 2019年5月9日(木)〜19日(日) 場:「月と」京町家ゲストハウス&サロン kyoto 京都 影人eijin kyototsukito SPiCollective awagami ilfordphoto noir shadow shilhouete lightandshadow kgplus kyotographie2019 leicaphotography leicatl2 pentaxqs1 grdigital2 streetphotography fineart ig_streetphotography ig_street street_photography thestreetphotographyhub capturestreets japanesetraditional magnumphotos burnmagazine LensCultureStreets streetmagazine 京都カフェ kyotocafe

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Episode 6 from the phase "The far wind".