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WE ARE MULTIDIMENSIONAL Sometimes I want to to be around people other times I don’t. Sometimes I speak non-stop other times I have nothing to say. I don’t eat gluten or dairy but sometimes I’ll eat a Tim Tam. I’ll have times where I’m in my masculine energy doing, creating, working and other times in my feminine energy where I relax and read. I’ll be reading a book on self-development where I’m learning and at the same time I may have a moment where I’ll scroll on social media watching a video on animals. And it’s all ok. As humans we are complex and have many layers. It’s unsustainable to be one way all the time. It’s ok if you eat that chocolate biscuit. It’s ok if you have a day of relaxing watching Netflix. It’s ok if you want to stay home and not go out. This is all part of being human. The Yin and Yang. The light and shadow. Be kind and gentle to yourself when you aren’t following your ‘rules’. Be self-compassionate. It’s all good. It’s all perfect. 🥰 thinkbigger lifecoachforwomen makechanges lifecoach2women personalgrowth positiveintentions powerofthemind mindwork empowerment powerfulthoughts lookwithin innerbliss innerwork inspiredwomen madeformore womenempoweringwomen innergrowth mindbodyspirit powerofthemind growthmindset soulwork bekindtoyourself multidimensionality beinghuman lightanddark yinandyang lightandshadow selfcompassion selfcompassionjourney itsallgood

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★ 『朝日?夕日⁇』 結構聞かれる 苦笑 ★ 真実は見る方の👀と💛の中にしか御座いません。 どうぞご自由に御解釈くださいませ◡̈⃝⋆* ★ “Is it the Rising Sun? or the Setting Sun??” ★ The answer is only in your eyes & heart ! ★ SONY α7RⅡ with carlzeiss C sonnar T 1.5/50 ZM adapted by Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus Adapter ★ bnw bnw_planet bnw_of_our_world bnw_life monochrome lightandshadow light shadow photography street streetphotography landscape landscapephotography ファインダー越しの私の世界 東京カメラ部 sonya7rⅱ sonya7空っぽのヒカリありったけのカゲmentalblackandwhitephotolyzed心象blackandwhitementalBNWphotolyzed心象BNWmentalmonochromephotolyzed心象モノクロームmentalsketchmodified心象スケッチカゲトヒカリのひとくさりづつ

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石頁環島手札 | 第六天 回顧 美美子みみこ 空間篇 日景 店名 | 美美子みみこ homemade cake 空間類型 | 咖啡廳/甜點店 營業時間 | 11:00-1700(目前無限期休息,請至二店) 所在位置 | 宜蘭縣羅東鎮維揚路245巷1號 消費族群 | 網美/觀光客/文青/學生 座位數量 | 14位左右 消費 | 60~150元(低消100元) 停車 | 路邊停車,走路入內,機車佳 備註 | 在羅東小鎮散播希望分享愛的美美子 小女子我在這世界上唯一的希望就是自己以及所有人都可以身體健康平安,所以美美子產出的蛋糕絕對不會添加任何人工添加物、人工香料、來路不明的產品及不新鮮的食材或是任何危害身體健康的原物料,堅持絕對的簡單及自然還有品質是美美子的原則,畢竟讓大家從心裡感覺幸福是最重要的一件事了。 (節錄於美美子みみこFB) 美美子是在羅東鎮巷內的一間很有名的甜點店。空間其實就是輕裝修,車庫內的植栽與實木家具的結合,店內放滿著生財工具到簡單裝飾與品牌識別,可以說簡單而溫馨。拜訪當天其實是平日時間,店內依舊排隊一位難求~好不容易等到位子後發現各品項的甜點快要所剩無幾,趕緊點了蘭姆葡萄微醉Cheese Cakeu 配上黑咖啡。咖啡品質其實蠻不錯的,不過更令我驚豔的還是甜點,蛋糕入口香濃,吃到蘭姆葡萄的時帶點微微的酒香,搭配上咖啡更增添其中的風味。其實聽說真正招牌的是焦糖布丁,不過因個人偏好的關係只好之後再看有沒有機會嘗試了~ yilan 宜蘭景點 宜蘭甜點 dessertshop desserts 美美子 みみこ homemadecake afternoontea interiordesign shopdesign cheesecake daytview raining lightingdesign lightandshadow keepwalking photography canong7xmarkii 7thday taiwantravel taiwanfood sosorecommend 環島旅行 環島 石頁甜點手札

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Beautiful, creamy goats milk, just for you, courtesy of Penny Lane. 🥛

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Close Encounter Of The

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Which side?

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roller coaster

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👥The call of subconscious… 💿『STREET READY』(′89) 🎸 LEATHERWOLF (米) ・ 一昨日の投稿pic.💡~潜在意識に眠っていた🛌このアルバムカバーの記憶が呼び覚まされたのかも❔🤔 💭翌日会社にて・・・ 👩「ジャケットみたいですネ」 👨「"レコード" ジャケット?」 👩「昭和の人ですねぇ(笑)」 というやりとりで💥ハッと思い出した😲 ・ 米国の正統派ヘヴィメタルバンドの3rd🎶 前作のインパクトが強すぎて、印象もセールスもイマイチ💧だったような不遇の作品🙏 でも、⑨Lonely Road は当時の "My Play List" のヘヴィローテーションだったし、🎦PV投稿の③Hideway も心揺さぶるパワーバラード💓長いこと棚に眠らせてたのが勿体ない😰 日本盤ボーナス ⑪Alone In The Night は、87年公開のホラーコメディ映画『バタリアン2』のサントラ収録曲で、映画のエンドロールに使われてました☝️ ─────────────────────── レザーウルフ ハードロック ヘヴィメタル ジャケット写真 光と影 潜在意識 バタリアン 音楽好きな人と繋がりたい メタル好きな人と繋がりたい 映画好きな人と繋がりたい 写真好きな人と繋がりたい leatherwolf hardrock heavymetal music lightandshadow subconscious motionpicture thereturnoflivingdead

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The difference between depression and a dark night of the soul is that depression is a mood yu endure and try to get thru while a dark night is a process in which your course soul is refined and your intelligence deepened That sweet night; A secret. Nobody saw me; I did not see a thing. No other light, no other guide, Than the one Burning in my heart. ~ John of the Cross ☦️ alchemy alchemist shaman shamanism shamanichealing healingvibrations healingenergytools healingenergy cosmicegg triplegoddess darkphoenix erzuliedantor maat goldenegg lawofone lawofoneness mentalism aliestercrowley alienabduction wolfpack mindcontroll illuminated lightanddark lightandshadow sacredgeometry sacredunion divinetiming

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Looking for some reads/podcasts to help expand the way I see see things creatively. Send a suggestion my way. 💡

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This cane and bamboo feature wall proposed for a living room is a perfect play of light and shadow, solid and void, geometric and organic, golden ochre of cane against royal blue studiovinami interiors interiordesign interiordecorating livingroom canecraft cane featurewall royalblue lightandshadow geometric walldecor canebaskets bamboointeriors bamboodesign bambooindia bamboocraft handmade bangalorearchitects bangalore lights beautifulhomes bangaloredesigners bamboo design architecture color indigo