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🌮 Taco Sunday 🌮 doesn’t have the same ring to it, but who cares! These corn tacos with beer battered catfish, shredded cabbage, 💚salsa verde 💚 and salsa negra served with rice and beans from cafehabana will take your tastebuds south of the border 💃 💃 ! MainSqueeze CatchOfTheDay AllButtonsBursting

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The Last Word. This pre-prohibition era cocktail is herbal and boozy. Simple to make but complex on the palate. Equal parts gin, green chartreuse, maraschino, and lime juice. DC Cocktails

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Your classic guacamole is just avocados, lime juice, and salt has staying power. It's not a fad. Once people have tasted POM Wonderful, they say they are addicted - and it's a good addiction to have. greenjuice lime limegreen freshlemon lemon lemonade mint nightlife 🍸🍹🍋🍈🍐

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Can’t wait for these Avocado Spearmint bars to be ready to use! The spearmint scent came through so well and with the added avocado it make this bar extra creamy and nourishing for the face and body! 🧼🥑🍃 sweetfacesoaps spokane washington artisan coldprocesssoap instapic handmadesoaps spokaneart artisancrafts handcraftedsoap smallbusiness momlife skin health realfood instasoap handmade lime etsyseller artisansoaps realfood skincare natural organic health wellness nontoxic beauty

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Насыщенный, солнечный, яркий, искристый – это все о лаймовом цвете. Он словно наполнен жизненной энергией и источает ее окружающим! Его главное преимущество – это энергия и неординарность. Лаймовый цвет поднимает настроение и несет радость. Как правило, его выбирают люди, не опасающиеся экспериментировать, стремящиеся показать свою индивидуальность! шиномонтажскат шиныдиски покраскасуппортов покраскадисков caliperpainting subaru wrx sti lime eyestopper

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Fresh Sqeezed pls! Sub out 🍋 for Limes for Limemade 🤗 citrus {recipe link in bio }

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The last two have already been posted, but this is the complete set (Also running low on lemon/lime memes if you wanna DM them to me)

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SOOO🤔 This Was My First Attempt At Making A Pistachio Bundt Cake The Taste Was On Point, BUT The Visual Didn’t Come Out As Expected. I Posted This Picture Because I Wanted You Guys To Know That Just Because Your Cake Doesn’t Come Out As Planned Means Absolutely Nothing! Just Continue To Monitor Your Baking Time & Let The Cake Properly Sit! Also Grease Your Pan This Cake Is Quick, Easy & Oh So Good! A Super Moist Cake, Full Of Flavor That Can Be Served Year Round, For So Many Occasions. This Awesome Dessert Is Sure To Get Rave Reviews From Family & Friends & Become A New Favorite😋🍰 pistacho homemade stpatricksday pistachiocake cake bakemode whitechocolate homemade firstattempt secondtimearound ganache recipe bundtcakes bundtcake dessertstagram lime freshproduce itswhatsfordesserttonight divascancook heavycream boston glaze thisdivacancook hobby desserttime northmeetssouth shecancooktoo

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Tried out larb today. mincedchicken salad that is a must eat when in thailand or must make if looking for a healthy highprotein salad option. With thaibasil thaihommalirice lemongrass mint coriander chili fishsauce jaggery and lime this easy salad recipe is a quick meal and oh so satisfying. The best part is that the herbs came from our balconygarden truehappiness sgigfood sgfoodlover sgig sgfoodies nomnomnom delicious tastyandhealthy teampixel foodgasm foodie foodporn homemade chefathome foodieforlife nomnomnom

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Yes to all the delicious infused waters! 🍓🌱🍋🌿🍊 Tag someone who might find this helpful! 💕 via holisticali

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Mystification C’était acide, très acide. Et un peu amer aussi. Ça s’appelle la désillusion et on refuse d’y croire. On garde alors de petits espoirs bien cachés pour continuer à rêver. Et ça, ça s’appelle la mystification. C’est rafraîchissant. Ça nous pousse à l’avant. On veut y croire. On y croit. C’est gai, c’est festif, c’est la vie ACID ILLUSIONS Cultured lime cream - Basic cake crust - Spinach coconut purses and confetti - Kelp noodle fragile strings - Dream fillings - Refreshing mint drops - Lime breakable glass Raw - Plant Based - Gluten Free - Refined Sugar Free illusion desillusion mystification demystification rawplantbased plantbased plantbaseddesserts lime acid passion confetti vegandessert rawvegan artofplating foodphotography foodstyling green sproutonmars etherealcuisine

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Ok This lunchbox is super cool one Have you ever heard about fermentedbeancurd or fermentedtofu So definitely ur chance is here to learn about the cook. 1st. Let make a guess! Where is it?? The fermented thing which makes some of you grossed out whenever thinking about its smell & taste. Trust me! Dont know it's bc I'm Vietnamese or I'm already get used to the taste of it but it's totally amazing I know! It's absolutely normal to get the wrong one which is not fermented nicely or too salty or whatever. But for my mom, she always knows what is the best or at least she can make them taste good again. Can you see the lunchbox where there are some chopped onion ? There you go It's poached chicken with fermentedbean sauce . Never eat the raw fermentedbeancurd immediately right after u open it. It's damn salty! Here is the recipe: add a little sugar few spoons of pickledchili + few drops of lime then mix them all up! Try again by dipping one single chopstickhmmheaven is here If you found ur right proportion of adding those seasonings, u definitely know what I mean. Dont forget the cucumber , never allowed to miss that one to dip in the bean sauce! vietfood vietnamesefood homecook lunchbox momcook Time for the garlandchrysanthemum soup , u think? Yes that green box is what saving your day. I can feel the fresh & healthy vibe in every spoon with it. Trust me, .chewingchewingwhy? Apart from the chrysanthemum, there are white fishcake there as you see. Lovely They are unseparated combo Try to go to Viet market & buy this green grass once, asking the seller what is the best way to cook with it. Then here you go: fishcake . No idea if it's fruit season of guave or what but mom makes it as my daily dessert for 2 days already.