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What do you think the 3 most important habits you need to become more successful? lionsight

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Some identity and logo work I did for a cat1 team. I’ve been very selective about - and lucky to have been able to work with some great clients who and see the value and experience I can bring to them, their business and their brand. realdeal_racing is one of those clients. Having a client that has confidence in their designer is how you get the best work from them. design cycling cyclingteam bikerace roadcycling trackcycling bikeracer graphicdesign identity identitysystem canada lion

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danielhabif. Lo deja mas que claro en este video. Hay que empezar desde abajo, y al principio no va a ser algo fácil. Vamos a pasar por momentos difíciles y de prueba que nos irán forjando Se bienvenido a NUESTRO ESTILO DE VIDA🔥✈💎 Te invitamos a unirte⬇ our_style_of_life business 2018 osol our_style_of_life negocio motivacion consejo millonario cash frase adolescente style estilo estilodevida life proverbio unico frases emprendedor empresario empresa emprendimiento millonarie nevergiveup equipo lion dinero joven viaje

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I'm tired too after a long day on safari.

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Wake up, workout, be happy and repeat! 😁🤙🏿 No time for excuses 🦁😤 - Follow m.k.motivation

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Lion Heart of a King . This is my first post ever on IG and I hope to get the best out of every experience there is to derive here. I’m a Happy Man and I love to show passion in anything that I enjoy doing. I hope I find some good friends here. Have a Beautiful Weekend ahead. ❤️🙂

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Friday Mood : I went to the gym goodlifefitness to do some lifting tonight 💪 Usually I leave the gym feeling better than when I came, but that wasn’t the case tonight. Tonight , I felt a guy, probably about 15 years older than me, out-of-shape, staring and smiling at me continuously during my workout - like non stop/over the top. 🤮 I did my best to stay focused on my workout, my form & was literally telling myself to use my annoyance to dig deeper 🔥 When I was done - I put my weights back and, OF COURSE, HE met me there at the rack looking like they had something to say. I took off my head-phones and he started: “you’re stunning and tiny” looking me up at down. I didn’t say anything. He continued “and I think you’re too hard on yourself - you were lifting heavy weights - and doing quite a few reps - you know you could injure yourself. “ I said nothing. He continued to ‘educate’ me: “When you’re lifting as heavy as you were with your size you should only do a few reps. “ Then said in response in “It’s ok. I am used to it” - then I put on my head phones and walked the fuck away. 🦁 lion grace iknowwhatthefuckimdoing also: its2019 fuckoff ✌🏻 lions losers notimeforthat creeps strongnotskinny gymlife stupid annoyances bye getwiththeprogram getwiththetimes focusonyourself metoo boundaries beastmode lift equality feels ladieswholift leaveusalone bye friday enough fuckoffsusan walkaway timesup

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Drop it like it’s hot 😴🔥 introducing the new Unisex Streignth Sportswear tees, available now!

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✨TUĞRA RUBBER KILIFIMIZ✨ Kılıfımız; 💮IPHONE 💮SAMSUNG 💮HUAWEİ 💮SONY 💮GENERAL MOBİLE 💮ASUS 💮HTC Telefon modellerine göre bulunmaktadır. ÜCRETSİZ KARGO🎁 KAPIDA ÖDEME İMKANI🏡 case phone phonecases luxury luxurylifestyle likeforlikes like4likes likeforfollow likelike likeforlikeback follow followforfollowback followme gold goldenglobes turkey turkey_shot photography photoshop photo beğeni takibetakipbeğeniyebeğenivar takipçikazan lion pearly atılımüniversitesi takipcikazan beğeni çankayaüniversitesi cases

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👑 More game of Game of Thrones flash 🦁 Here are some designs of Ice and Needle, the stark valyrian blades finding their deserved homes in a Lannister head 🦁 . Im offering these bad boys between 4 inches to 6 inches for $150-$200 We can always go larger as well DM me if interested! I have a few spots in April left to schedule!