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6 hours ago

You came into our life unexpectedly and I so I tried to make every plan until your birth. But then 41 hours later with 108 fever, pre-eclampsia, and then c-section, I made it through and we welcomed you, into this world. And as they, it was true, it was the most pain I have ever felt in my life, to bring me the most joy I have ever felt in my entire life. You were worth every second, and now our world, our little babygirl harleymae812 littleleo newbornstory

10 hours ago

Oh these are the days. The all encompassing, often overwhelming, heart warming days. 😍 Please don’t ever think that I’ve got my shit together by looking at these pictures. I can assure you that my life is chaotic at the best of times I choose to document moments like this one because when it’s all said and done, this is what I want to remember. (And not so much the projectile vomit in the car situation that happened a few days ago😅) besttofocusonthesecutetoes thesearethedays honestmotherhood justkeepswimming siblinglove littleclem littleleo

1 day ago

Had a great Easter weekend! Got to see Papa and Nana T (who got me my frog towel), and the great grandparents and Nana and Chris (who got me my Sesame Street towel and truck)! The Easter Bunny also stopped by this morning and gave me fun outside play stuff, oh, and Daddy made waffles, so that makes it a perfect day! Got home for a snuggle and can say mischief was truly managed! Happy Easter! 🐇 ❤️ LittleLeo MischiefManaged AllDressedUp ThatPonytailWasOnPoint GoodHairDay LoveMyFamily GreatDay

1 day ago

My happy baby! Happy Easter littleleo

1 day ago

長崎二往復の週末。 土曜日は息子とおつかれ~と珈琲買って3時間ドライブ! 日曜日、息子の誕生日を祝い、ランチしてから送る。 センノワタ市してたし、千綿に知り合い増えたし、里帰りのように通える幸せ♡ オマケの川登で買ったご当地ドーナツ棒(^.^) 8種類中半分セレクト。 全部、買ってみたい( ^.^ ) 長崎 千綿 東彼杵 littleleo ソリッソリッソ ちわたや 里帰り 大村湾 センノワタ市 黒糖ドーナツ棒 フジバンビ ご当地ドーナツ棒 今週の長崎

1 day ago

I am the resurrection and the life! John 11:25‭ Happy Resurrection Day 💙 from Leo, our working Trooper (who dropped by but couldn't stay long so he couldn't be in the picture) and I 😁 And for a real Mommalife photo, Leo passed out the moment we got in the car after service after running after two toddler girls in the lobby 😂 now for coffee 😬 leonidasjames littleleo firstborn firstbornson communitychurchorange finallysettlinginhere weregettingthere mommalife trooperwifelife firsttimemomma eastersunday alwaysonduty alwaysdoingparentingsolo mommaandleo wemadeit growth findingourcommunity blessedlife butchallenging

1 day ago

1-5. Men’s time (like first time riding my r107) with papa lexpmlee (regarding papa, this 500 SL was bought for me 🙆🏻‍♂️ and I got my cool from him 😎!) 6. Quality time with mama 7-8. First time having sweet potato cereal. 9. First time having Korean rice whatever snack Lol! 10. This is my first Easter ever! Happy Easter guys! leonidas leonidaslee leonidasaelee Apr212019 hair hairybaby hairy curlyhairbaby curlyhair hongkong storm lion babyleo littleleo 李小龍 小霸王 lees lee littlelion hundredandninetysixth24hoursoflife day196 newborn firsttimeridingmy500sl firsteasterever californiaboy boy babyboy happy r107 warrior

2 days ago

Saturdays are the best with Gigi and Papa littleleo

2 days ago

アクア、自転車以外もたまには カオスなアカウントだ(笑) 数年ぶりに電車に乗って、千綿まで行ってきました。 駅舎がいい味出してた。 いつもは自転車で前を通るだけだから、全然気づかなかった。 SUGOCAを使おうと思ったら、ICカードはちょい手前の駅までしか対応しておらず、無賃乗車 なんてせずに、ちゃんと事情を話して、長崎に帰着した時に精算してます(笑) 昼はリトルレオでチワタライスを頂きました。ビーツのフライがめっちゃ美味かった。 その後、ソリッソリソへ向かい、コーヒーを飲みつつ夕方までまったりと過ごす。海を眺めながらのコーヒーは良いね! こういう休日の楽しみ方も良いね!!と思えた一日でした。 littleleo リトルレオ ソリッソリソ 千綿駅 シャレオツランチ