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This dude stood right behind me staring while I was working out tonight. I always wonder if these people think we’ll finish faster? I think not, more like take longer. Gym etiquette asshole, learn it. I mean look at your phone or stare at other stuff. LOOK AWAY BRO gymetiquette lookaway rude creeper gym gymmemes gymlife gymtime gymrat gymjunkie gymfreak gymmotivation workout workouts workoutmemes workoutmotivation fitness fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle fitnessmotivation selfmotivation motivation instafit instafitness getfit livefit stayfit exercise exercises exercisemotivation

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Стартирай незнаен, завърши незабравим!

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Sometimes shopping for healthy foods can be a challenge, it can be daunting, boring, or even a chore. However that has more to do with your mindset and less to do with the actual process. It’s all about how you focus your thinking. Spend more time looking at your goals. Focus on where you want to be daily. Realizing food is simply the gas in your tank to drive you to your destination. Once you realize that, you will enjoy shopping for healthy alternatives and you will enjoy your meals more knowing that you’re that much closer to your goal! Think about itand then go crush your goals livefit protrainf3 transformation lifeisajourney bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation motivate motivation growth goals training fitness workout gains gainz change focus mindset strength strongman strongmind

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🍑🐒 legs in summary ; Made up of introducing pin squats , new working weight range , barbell squats and a few machines Squats ; empty 40kg x 10 , 70kg x 2 sets x 5 , 70kg x 2 sets x 5 pin squats (video 6) , 120kg x cardio set , 160kg x 2 sets x 4 (video 1 , 2) 170kg , 180kg and 190kg x 1 (video 3 , 4 , 5) Pac-Man press 2 warm up sets and 3 working sets at 210kg x 5 - 7 reps (video 7) Leg extension 5 sets x 5 reps at a medium safe heavy Have awesome Friday , Great training session and fantastic weekend 🤘🤘🤘 • gym gymmotivation lift followforfollowback strong goals motivation leg train irontanks heavy weights muscle gains strengthtraining strength inspiration fitspo fitspiration gymlife livefit musclenation instagram instafit squats deadlifts benchpress chestday squats micksgym247

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When at gym im finding when you do the same workout as another guy like chest the guys instantly want to comepete and see whos better first its like i am doing my own unique workout so its going to be different to yours second i dont really care. I know its a red blooded guy thing to compete with all other guys but i find it pointless and plus im on my own journey like they are and its stupid to cross into competing with others Unique journeys 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ chestworkout armsworkout upperbodyworkout gymlife livefit gymshark life journeys mensfitness mensphysique active arms chest shred bulking bulkingseason gents menstyle

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Remember the time in school when you used to run up the staircase with your buddies to see who wins? Every place used to be your playground. Well, just because you have started working doesn't mean you can't relive your childhood. Just take your work buddies before lunch and have a fun stair-climbing challenge. A cool way to burn calories and have fun, isn't it? Activefriday TIHwellness TIHconceptsglobal hitbusinessfitpeople corporatewellness corporatehealthtips workplacewellness wellnessmotivations corporatefitness officefitness fitnesslife fitnessinspiration workoutfitness TIHstessbusters letsworkout TIHconcepts fitnessconceptsbyTIH justfitenss inspirefit livefit

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2 years ago, 1 year ago, and now. When I first started working out, I was 130lbs(first pic). Then I decided “dirty bulk” to put on some size after a couple months of consistently working out. I got up to 175lbs(second pic) and since then I have been cutting/maintaining (third pic). I don’t think I’ll ever dirty bulk again because of how sloppy I look and feel, it’s good to do if you are just starting out and you’re really skinny like how I was in the first picture. It’s pretty crazy how much you can change your body by just working out consistently and having proper nutrition. bodybuilding asethetic gymshark back backworkout transformation motivation livefit posing inspiration

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Good pump day! Bench Press 5x4 (205lbs) Bench Press 4x10 + mid band flyes 4x15 Incline DB Press 4x10 + high band flyes 4x15 Be sure to check out Bendin’ Barbell Talk Show, link provided in BIO powerlifting lvft benchpress chestworkout train liveforfitness teamlvft livefit fitness powerlifting goaldigger gymflow fitnessmotivation fitfam beastmode swolemates motivation getfittogether seekthesimplicity livethelittlethings nike niketraining nikewear lululemon fitnessjourney fitspiration fitspo nurseswholift murse bendinbarbell

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I'm not always in a suit & tiebut when I am, it usually means I'm getting shit done! Same concept in that kaigreene / ryderwear apparel. 2 completely different environments. But, just the same, we handle business . 😈 ✖ marks the spot. tattedup inkedandfit tattedandfit tattoofitness tatted muscle instafit workout lift tattedmuscle rhb fitfam fitspo fitness gymtime gainz workout bodybuilding fitspiration gym exercise weightraining training abs sixpacks muscle strong lift weights Getfit aesthetic celestialbody celestialbodiez

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You CAN eat healthier on the go & stay on track with your goals! For lunch today I put this delicious filling healthy salad together from wholefoods 👌🏼 You ALWAYS have a choice! Remember that!👍🏼🥒🐔💪🏼 salad nutrition healthyfood healthyeating mealideas healthylifestyle lunchtime fitnessmotivation fitspiration fitchick fuelyourbody livefit loveyourbody personaltrainer practicewhatyoupreach trusttheprocess goaldigger bestversionofyou findyourfit strongwomen makethechoice onthego workforit makeithappen

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Sometimes you get the best workouts on nights you don’t feel like going to the gym push through 💯 Let’s go

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🌹 Day 22🌹Hip Twist °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° ✔Укрепление мышц центра силы/пресса ✔Укрепление ног °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Welcome March Matness 2019🤗 Hello Spring☘☘☘🌼🌼🌼 Every March Pilates instructors and enthusiasts gather for a global celebration of the work of Joseph Pilates. I am one of them and it is a great ple5asure for me to represent You 34 Classical Pilates exercises as  Joseph exactly invented them 100 years ago. The days will go in the classical order- march 1 is the first exercise and the 2nd is the second exercise and so on and so forth.   InessaPilates pilates marchmatness2019 marchMATness hiptwist hips balance core  contrology mindbody classicalpilates pilatesmatwork pilateslovers pilatescommunity loveyourbody dopilates fitness wellness livefit thinkfit 21

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Got to bring in the conditioning now times ticking 🙏🔥

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[googles inspirational caption]

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Happy Friday to all! 💫⁣ ⁣ As I tell all my clients, the mind is a powerful tool. ⁣ ⁣ In order to achieve anything in life you need to have the right mindset, and even if you fail, pick yourself up and keep pushing! ⁣ ⁣ Believe it or not, I train my clients minds through their training, I'm there supporting them and telling them they can do it! ⁣ ⁣ If it's pushing heavier weights, or holding a plank for that extra 5 seconds, this is a way I can show them they can do it! ⁣ ⁣ You are as good as your thoughts, always be positive, always know it's ok to fail - as we learn through our failures. ⁣ ⁣ Remember, nobody is perfect - all we can do is do the best for ourselves! ⁣ ⁣ Never compare yourself to anybody, only compare yourself to you! ⁣ ⁣ So to all my ladies who have reached their goals this week and have progressed be proud! ⁣ ⁣ Because I'm so proud of you! 😘

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This is the "I've given up on trying to get a decent picture" look. The kitchen has the best lighting in the house. Unfortunately, it's too bright to show off this new outfit. The leggings were so hard to get on. But once they were on, the tummy control is impressive. 1uptransformation 1uptransformationchallenge becomebetter 1upnutrition homeworkout buffbunnycollection healthandfitness fitness fitnessgoals healthy youcandoit improving progress positivevibes positivity postworkout strongereveryday bulidingmuscles weighttraining healthychoices healthylife livefit neverquit nightworkout core upperbodyworkout

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Day 78/365: If you haven’t known yet, donuts are my favorite and my weakness. Not gonna lie and say I haven’t eaten one while trying to cutthey’re just so good. 🍩 Balance FitWithRhemejay Also, if you haven’t gotten tickets for the Chicago Donut Fest, prices did increase from last time I posted about it. But fear not, discount code: RHEMEJAY still saves you $$$! Grab tickets online. Link in my bio workout workouttime workoutflow workoutfit workoutclothes workoutgear workoutroutine lifestyle workoutday workoutlife livefit workoutwear getfit workoutideas workouthard workoutstyle workoutdaily ghostlifestyle broscience foodie😋 gymshark alphalete Rise

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Day 4, DAY 4, 5 miles, 5 MILES Hello For this one I had to do 2 miles before the 3 mile Thursday Night Social Run. I was glad for that 5 min break in between and the water stop! Oh my quads I still caught the sun saying goodbye How was YOUR Thursday? 😊 thetnsr socialrun eveningrun runninggoals 5milesfor5days goingthedistance committed findwhatmotivatesyou mindfit runfit smilefit livefit smileyrunner instarunner planorunner running runatyourownpace dailymovement procompressionambassador sponsored

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So tonight I was pressing heavier again for the first time in like 5 weeks. Hit 315lb for x3 reps, and 365lb for a grind single with my slingshot, I can usually hit this for 3 reps, but still have a small pocket of pain in the AC joint, hopefully it's close to being healed. Finished with sets of 15 banded reps for speed, incline dumbell press, and 4 sets of sled pushed for conditioning workout strength training trainhard fit gym fitfam gymlife health fitness beastmode powerlifting fitspo bodybuilding crueltyfree athlete instavegan vegan instafit fitlife plantbased bench nopainnogain noexcuses getstrong muscle livefit

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It can be scary to start I know🙍 . Your mind can play dirty little tricks on you when you feel ready to make a change - especially when it comes to losing weight👇 . In a split second your mind can sabotage you and your weight loss goals It can knock you right off your feet into a tub of Ben & Jerry's with sprinkles and fudge🍨 . It will tell you EVERY excuse to STOP and just quit It will replay each and every time you fell off the fat loss wagon and convince you there's no point🙏 . It will whisper not so sweet nothings to just keep you safe and comfortable and screw this healthy shit It will try to stop you every chance it gets and every time you're ready to start and make a change for the better ✨So WHY even bother you ask Because the only thing that is stopping you is YOU Every thought and self sabotaging habit you have can be changed into a more positive one.💚 . ✨You have the power to change ✨It's in YOU right now ✨You create your life, your happiness and the healthy body you want ✨It's all up to YOU positive wellness livewell livefit fitlife healthybody healthymind healthyliving fatloss weightloss fitness exercise eatwell nutrition health motivation healthymind journey healthychange powerwithin

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Landmine squats with a focus on keeping a neutral spine

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Chillin 😎

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There are times in our lives that we might feel like we hit rock bottom and being slumped in the mud, nonetheless we ourselves was given that capability to pull ourselves up to keep moving forward. Choices is ours. I create my own rainbow and made my life as colourful as it could ever be, thats the path I choose. Hardship may touched me in its maximum force but it’ll never break me. I create my own rainbow so that no matter how big the obstacles I would see it though. My rainbow 🌈 might not be as colourful as yours but it has guided me and it has reminded me that life is “Colourful” and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. ~Renz~ storyofmylife myrainbow rainbow obstacles empoweringwomen positivity climbing fightingfit loveyourself adversity holdon rugged fitgirl hikersofinstagram livefit motivation likeforlikes likeforlikeback bebeautiful naturelovers thegorge goals gymjunkie smartandsexy sexygirls ambitious nature_addict adventureseeker loveofnature naturelovers nature_

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Intensity and Hard Work. That’s all you need. I just keep visualizing in my head the final product of where I want to be with my body. I will not be satisfied until I have achieved my goal. I have come a long way from that shrivelled up skeletal corpse I was just 5 years ago. Lots of work left to do; I love it. 😈👊🏼. fullsteamahead

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today I was feelin empowering and I had A LOT on my mind last night/today. So I decided to cut off some toxic people in my life *cough* boys and friends that just don’t treat me right. I decided to get my life together, and focus on me & me only! Then ya girl got her grind on at the gym after I did all that. 🤪 • • • ok sis now mute his Snapchat story, stop looking at his pics, beat your face, treat yourself to some fries, and replace him! • • Haha but in all seriousness, don’t be afraid to cut toxic people off in your life. Don’t feel bad that you’re doing it to them because you’re doing it for yourself and you don’t deserve them. And they don’t deserve someone amazing like you. -Val🌻 • • • • beavisionary fit fitness fitnesswomen gymshark gymsharkwomen girlswholift fitgirls livefit getfit fitnessmodel weightlifting fullbodyworkout booty legday upperbody armday bodybuildingwomen glutes weightloss weightlossjourney fitnessjourney gym gymmotivation workout