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With love and patience, nothing is impossible

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God is always good. And in 16 days, 9 hours and 29 minutes (or so) I get to see one of the biggest manifestations of His goodness for my life thus far. June 5th, 2019 at 6:30pm myself and the team will be standing in a redemption moment, a moment of fought for victory as we record new songs for our church and the bride as a whole. My mind is blown. I can still remember the first time I felt stirred in worship and knew that I was supposed to lead. I was 22 years old. I remember hiding in the choir because I didn’t like the sound of my voice. I remember when a relationship fell apart that made me want to leave the church altogether. I remember God calling me out of that church into another one. I remember how I didn’t even tell people I could singbut one of the prophets of the house,in an act of obedience to God signed me up for a vocal audition without me knowing. I remember not going out of fear. And her signing me up again 🤣. I remember learning how to lead. How to flow in the prophetic. And then I remember more relational trauma happeningmy dad leaving, me making dumb choices that resulted in my stepping down from leadership and honestly thinking I would never sing again. And then God brought me to mycenterpoint. He washed me. Healed me. And put a bold cry of victory and gratitude deep in my soul that has continued to bubble out. I almost left last year when life got super crazy once againthe devil loves trying to use relational trauma to uproot mebut I took a risk. And I let my roots run deep. And now in 16 daysI get to taste the fruit of that choice. I get to stand with my family, my brothers and sisters, wrapped in the goodness of God & boldly declare, “I will rise in victory, cause you are calling me”. I get to “shout it out from the mountain top, no valley will steal my praise”. I get to “tell the world that You are my God, King Jesus”. I get to shout His name. If you have been a part of any leg of my journey come out. This live recording means the world to me! Let’s ride in on waves of promise together 🔥. liverecording 16days june 5th joinme singer singersongwriter worshiper newmusic original originalmusic undefeated VHAS

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Yes Sis! mollyb_sings We really can’t wait Thank You for being a blessing to us at onehourwiththeking Family, we love and celebrate you 🎉 Repost mollyb_sings with get_repost ・・・ SATURDAY And Abuja will not be the same We are Ready and the host of heaven is Ready One Hour With The King 6th Year Anniversary Come bless the Lord with me That the mountains will tremble before his Presence timiprewolo mollyb weworship liverecording yearoflights newsong madebygrace musician newmusic instamusic livemusic musicvideo musicislife trapmusic musiclife electronicmusic indiemusic musicproduction countrymusic

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Check this out, y’all! If you’d like to take a listen to themarkwestbergexperience’s time on the radio that took place this last Monday the 13th, it is now available on Mixcloud for your audible pleasure! Rock on, lovelies! 🤘🎸🎵🎶⚡️😎📻🎙

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"Home is where the record player is." - Unknown We're so glad to see vinyl coming back strong. Do you have a record collection? Are you listening to old records?

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Check this out, y’all! If you’d like to take a listen to my time on the radio that took place this last Monday the 13th, it is now available on Mixcloud for your audible pleasure! Rock on, lovelies! 🤘🎸🎵🎶⚡️😎📻🎙

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I love watermelons🍉 | Rate this beat with 1🍉 / 10🍉 juicy melons! | What are your thoughts about watermelons🤔 ——————————————————— Beat Name: Watermelon Beat Story: I went to the vegetable store nearby my house and bought a watermelon. The fruit gave me such a summer feeling, so I immediately started cooking 🥘 some new stuff. This one had to be a summer type beat, I failed😂 it’s more dark and a bit unique. ——————————————————— Are you looking for beats, but is your budget not that big. No problem, there are always deals available so that every person can enjoy making music without getting bankrupt. Send me a dm or look instantly to the beats you want in my web shop. Link in bio. ——————————————————— Full rights/credits goes to: beatzbyfrenk

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Muy privilegiado de ser parte de esta Grabación en vivo del proyectoseoye de mi amigo ezequielquinterosof, direccion de audio, microfonía, rider técnico, 32 tracks, preamps premium. Nunca dejamos de aprender al lado del gran Aldo Montalvo y Oscar soto, gracias al equipo y apoyo barrientosllallire y Tommy, esten expectantes del próximo lanzamiento. liverecording recording livesession neumann telefunken schoepsmics avantonepro shure sennheiser akg neve ruperneve universalaudio chandledlimited tlapreamps vintech avalon proyectoseoye

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Reposted from iam_michaeldavid - Hello friends. Mike & De-Glorious album, titled "VICTORY" is now ready and available for pickup (DVD and Audio CD format) and download from website. Enjoy and be blessed Don't forget to watch out for worship and praise experience videos. Watch out for the WAPE4 videos loading WAPE4, WAPE2019. degloriousng, timgodfreyworld music musician recording performing artist songwriter beatmaker musicband liveband musicproducer recordproducer afrobeat soulmusic gospelmusic livemusic liveset studiosession digitaldistribution musicstores bloggers bookingagent musicpromoter artistmanager recordlabel entertainment artistmanagement musicbusiness liverecording

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Merindukan sosok orang tua sangatlah berat terlebih lagi iya sdh dipanggil menghadap yg maha kuasa ALLAH S.W.T hanya kenang2ngan yg tersisa/terselip didalam lubuk hati yg paling dalam ini bukan berbicara soal keikhlasan hati tapi hati ini hanya rindu jdi ingat alm. Ayahanda yg menderita sakit stroke disaat sy berumur 10th dan akhirnya sy bersama saudara sy putus sekolah dan terpaksa harus bekerja untuk memenuhi kebutuhan hidup sy mungkin pantas menyandang gelar si miskin, si bodoh, sikumuh, tukang pemulung dll. sebab kata2 seperti itulah sudah menjadi sahabat masa kecil sy btw udah dulu ya curhatnya iniloh saya irfanyusuf14 dan putraadamopolii yg gak fit krna lagi flu coba sempatkan bawain lagu andmeshkamaleng_ hanyarindu kali ini cobain live recoding di luar ruangan yg kebetulan lokasinya kami pake di stadionmandalajayapura video fullnya bisa cek di youtube link di bio tanglewoodguitars tanglewooduk indomusikgram musikindonesia musikindonesiakeren hitsjayapura hitsjayapuraofficial coverakustik coverlagu coverlaguindonesia cover coversongindonesia akustik akustikcover akustikindonesia cloudmusikgram videomusikgram videomusic videomusikindonesia videomusikcover irfanyusuf youtuber anakjayapura musicproducer laguhits laguterbaru laguindonesia liverecording

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the_bombastics HQ studio looking pretty for our Livestream Showcase last week. 🎸🎤🥁🎹 Have you checked out our “The Bombastics Live” Facebook page yet? Head there to view our full Livestream Showcases and highlights reels!