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Can I be on a holiday that never ends?

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When I was in active alcoholism I tried really hard but I was so depressed. When I got sober I promised my self to stay as positive as I absolutely could because I spent alot of my life feeling sad & with sadness came Suicidal Thoughts & I said I never want to feel like this ever again I only live positively ❤ sobriety recovedalcoholic recovery soberlife cleanandsober addict instasobe alcoholfree 15monthssober blessed freedom healthy life selflove alive sober love soberlesbian proud hardwork paysoff sobercook takenandsober vermontlife youngartist photography livinglife lifejourney lifestyle

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She has seen me at my worst and seen me during my best. Most importantly she has never left my side at any point. I count myself blessed to have a person this caring and supportive. She does everything genuinely from her heart ashmitabhimji ❤❤ soppywednesday bestfriend bestie highschoolfriends teenageyears beauty stillheretogether likenoother bestiegoals buddies glam dressed posers indian dressed support blessed lucky heartofgold amazing girls excited happiness livinglife best shesgettingmarried bridetobe insta igers

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Wise words I've lost so much as far as loss & losing the ones I love this has tough me a valuable lesson we all think we have time but we can be taken at any moment so live life to the fullest and live it the way you want to not the way others say you should! sobriety recovedalcoholic recovery soberlife cleanandsober addict instasobe alcoholfree 15monthssober blessed freedom healthy life selflove alive sober love soberlesbian proud hardwork paysoff sobercook takenandsober vermontlife youngartist photography livinglife lifejourney lifestyle

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*Appreciation post* My Ma en Pa van Switzerland! Soveel baie dankie vir die geleentheid dat ek by julle kan kom kuier het! Baie dankie vir al die great tye saam en die trip af Nice toe! Dankie vir al die raad en uithelp en lesse wat julle my geleer het! Haha jammer vir die grys hare wat ek julle maybe tydens die trip gegee het! Haha julle is sulke special mense en dit was regtig pret om die tyd saam julle te kon spandeer julle is so goed vir mekaar. Mag die Here julle pad hier in Switzerland uit en uit seën! Geniet julle trip wat voorlê! Julle het diep in my hart geklim🖤 Tot n volgende keer! fun friends feelslikefamily memories switzerland travel 2019 holidays awesomehumans livinglife hartsmense liefde love tillnexttime thebest powercouple

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Thoughts from a balcony

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Astrong mindset is more than simply refusing to quit. True strength of mind comes from a combination of awareness, focus and resiliency A strong mindset is what allows you to stay focused on your intentions, instead ofnegative thoughts. It's what helps you understand that struggle is impermanent and won't derail your success. It keeps you from making self-destructive decisions motivationalquotes junoon passiontoprofit work ethics livinglife hardwork resilience

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A day without writing is like a day gone, wasted ! If you love to do something , try to manage at least an hour or so to pursue your passion everyday ! You will start enjoying life 💖 Follow us 👉 onlismallbiz_ig for inspiring quotes and small biz tips. Visit our website (link in bio) to learn easy tips to successfully run your online business . dream passionforwriting writersofinstagram startnow followyourdreams starttoday livinglife instathought dailyinspiration grindtoshine bossladymindset bossbabe

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Sunshine we’ll be cruisin’ Just loving spring in Paris now🙏🇫🇷☀️

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740 euro Per info contattare 3400505496. Volerò Shopping Online, Tavolo Trasformabile, Meccanismo Saliscendi, Modello Achille, Top in Legno Col. bianco laccato, Struttura in Metallo Col. argento, Dim.max.196L 74l 80h Dim.min.120L 74l 30h • APPROFITTA DELL’OFFERTA LANCIO, SCONTO SPECIALE SULLA TARIFFA UFFICIALE E SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA. CONSEGNA GARANTITA PER GIUGNO 2019 • Tavolo design da salotto trasformabile in tavolo da pranzo per 12 persone (numero massimo di posti a sedere) con 2 prolunghe laterali a scomparsa, top in legno laminato antigraffio, struttura in metallo satinato • Disponibile nei colori noce, wenge (legno scuro), frassino, bianco antico e bianco laccato • Prodotto pronto per l’uso (assenza di parti da montare), facilità negli spostamenti grazie a due ruote su un lato del prodotto • Lunghezza: cm 120 (chiuso) cm 158 (1 prolunghe aperta) cm 196 (2 prolunghe aperte) Larghezza: cm 74 (fissa) Altezza: Altezza regolabile con una leva che comanda un pistone a gas, da 30 cm a 80 cm Descrizione: Achille è un tavolo trasformabile con prolunghe laterali a scomparsa che permette di ospitare fino a 12 persone. Il prodotto, grazie al suo design ed alla sua gamma di colori, è adatto sia ad ambienti moderni che ad arredamenti più classici. Realizzato con top in legno laminato antigraffio e struttura in metallo satinato, è veloce e semplice da utilizzare, e si trasforma in pochi secondi da tavolino da salotto in tavolo da pranzo grazie alle prolunghe laterali a scomparsa ed al sistema saliscendi. Il sistema saliscendi consiste in una leva che comanda un pistone a gas e regola il prodotto ad infinite altezze intermedie. Il tavolo, in base al numero di ospiti, può essere esteso grazie alle prolunghe laterali a scomparsa . trasformabile tavolotrasformabile arredocasa milanodesignweek casa arredamento arredo Tavolo Voleroshoppingonline Tavolino table design livinglife interiordesign instahome italydesign salvaspazio tavolosaliscendi saliscendi fieradelmobile ostia tavolosalvaspazio sedie sediepieghevoli sedia consolle tavolosalvaspazio tavoloallungabile tavolosollevabile portasedie sedieconcarrello

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Never forget what you loved doing as a kid⛅

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We tend to think, if we Don't force things - nothing will happen! That's right - nothing, accept of what is really You, will happen! So you get busy forcing things - & - things happen, which are not you! Than you start to force things in a opposite way & realize, that you are again somewhere else You will run thru this process for quite a while, again & again, till you get absolutely frustrated about life, because you think it's not going to happen for me in this Life Than you are absolutely sure there is no way of getting there - & you start to say fuck it & let go - Then You realize You are there! You did it! That was the thing You waited for! You were it from the beginning but you (the ego) couldn't trust Your Self (the spirit/the real you) In the End you realize, that you always just did the learning part of the process of Life & didn't thought of the most important part of the process - the other Un-Learning Part After this you are the Buddha again - You(the self)was it all the time - you(the ego)was just clinking on things which were not You, this World is the road of realizing this both☯️sides & experiencing all the dimensions of feelings you can have here & so picoftheday livinglife passion feeling spirit self universal art philosophy work yoga meditation freedom love lifegoals lifestyle dancer of life

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'Appreciation is not just a word. It is acknowledging what was and how it is now; As a result of what those before us have experienced in clearing the path for us. Our existence isn't just a mere coincidence. We are here, living and experiencing what we are, good or not so good for a reason we may not know - just yet. Appreciate your days and your nights. Appreciate the sunsets and the sunrises. Appreciate the gift of appreciating.' ~ RC anzac anzacday sunset sunrise life livinglife trees earthday appreciationpost love poet author inspiration hearts colors artist Australia Melbourne italian italiangirl world music food inspiration eppimg city

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Goal: travel the world with someone 🌍 Tag your travel bae ✈️ selfcareworld