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Lizard breathing underwater?! 😱🦎 Follow fathomlesslife for more amazing underwater nature videos! Nature never ceases to amaze me! Tag someone who needs to see this!👇🏽 ~ Herpetologist Lindsey Swierk captured footage of a water anole, a lizard native to Costa Rica, breathing underwater with a giant air bubble around its nose. The anole used the "scuba tank" breathing method to be submerged underwater for a record 16 minutes. It's possible that air pockets are trapped around the creature's head and throat, so the breathing with the air bubble allows for the "trading" of fresh air among the air pockets. WHY DO THEY DO THIS? This is a unique evolutionary strategy to avoid predators 🤓 ➖ sealife lizard underwatervideography reptile costarica ocean earth instagood earthpix wonderful photography beauty art love travel nature oceano animals place natgeo discover worldwide explore instagram colorful cute awesome wildlife world amazing

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ライちゃん、最近口を開けることが多くなりました。体温調節するのが難しくなってきたのかなーと思ってますが、もうそろそろ薬がなくなるので、病院で聞いてみようと思います。ライが苦しくないのなら、できるだけ長生きして欲しいです。相変わらず、ピントが合いません😁。 Recently, Rai started to open his mouth often. Maybe, it's getting difficult for him to control his body temperature. He's taking his medicine, but I think it's time to talk about his future with his doctor. It's whether he will continue taking his medication. I want him to live long if he isn't in pain. フトアゴヒゲトカゲ フトアゴ トカゲ 爬虫類 beardeddragon beardie lizard reptile

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🇨🇵 Kasekoï_05, tout simplement sublime 🤩 elle est disponible à la vente, pour en savoir plus, n'hésitez pas à me contacter en mp 🇬🇧 Kasekoï_05, simply sublime 🤩 she is available for sale, to learn more, don't hesitate to contact me in pm!

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🦎 1/3📍Bahamas

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🎊🌟🎊 Yoga Challenge Announcement 🎊🌟🎊 day 5 of Werkyourbalance lizard or pigeonpose 👉done😘 July 15-21 . 2️⃣Follow all hosts: lukegraeber jennyg2bfit suchitra_rx hfm_yogaholic 3️⃣Follow all sponsors: werkshop teamWERKSHOP mayellaorganics yogisurprise yogalotusmatstore khromaherbs astha8yoga Pose line up : 1. Crow/Crane✅ 2. 8 Angle/Elephant Trunk Pose✅ 3. Fallen Angel/Side Crow/Chinstand✅ 4. EPK 1/2✅ 5. Lizard/Pigeon✅ 6. Firefly/Grasshopper 7. Yogis Choice challengethyyoga igyogachallenges quatumnyoga igyogacommunity igyoga igyogachallenge yogachallenge creativeyoga yogaeverydamnday yogajourney yogaart namaste yoga balance armbalance yogalove yogafun yogalife Instayogachallenge yogaeverydamnday FitFam yogainspiration yogalifestyle hfm_yogaholic yogaindonesia

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Cresce l'interesse a livello internazionale per la didattica Lizard; dopo la Cina e la Spagna nuove sedi anche in Russia, a dimostrazione del successo di un metodo efficace, innovativo e all'avanguardiae noi siamo sempre più soddisfatti ed orgogliosi di fare parte di questa importante realtà staytuned stayrock LIZARD accademielizard laforzadelgruppo batteria pianoforte tastiere Dopo nove mesi di lavoro, possiamo finalmente ufficializzare l'apertura della prima Accademia Musicale Lizard in Russia nella città di Mosca; l'accordo è stato siglato a Firenze lo scorso 5 luglio a Palazzo Vecchio. Onorati della presenza, ringraziamo Maria Federica Giuliani (Vice Presidente Consiglio comunale), Giovanni Unterberger Direttore Generale e proprietario del marchio Lizard Accademie Musicali, Tatiana Panina proprietaria della sede di Mosca ed esclusivista delle affiliazioni al brand Lizard per il territorio russo, Matteo Giannetti, Marco Caputo e Florindo Terrani della società Crehathor, rappresentante esclusivo del brand Lizard in Cina, Russia e Spagna. lizard lizardinternational lizardcollege laforzadelgruppo lizardcina lizardspagna lizardshanghai lizardmadrid lizardrussia lizardmosca moscow florence italy musicFlorence musicacademy accademiemusicali firenze CrehathorXLizard crehathor

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Немного затюнил старого китайского друга aneta8 . Новый нагревательный блок, система вентиляции, улучшен нагревательный стол. Пока новый никак не довезут 😉 приходится старый модернизировать ⚙️🛠🦎 3dprint thingiverse 3dprinting lizard 3d 3dprintnn

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Всем привет, я Владислав и да, я розовый🦎Hey everyone, my name is Vladislav and yes, I am pink lizard ящерица

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새식구 블루텅 스킨크 아가 대려왔어요😍 태어난지는 두 달 정도 되었구 로컬은 할마헤라에요😊 아직 이름은 생각중이고ㅎㅎ 블텅아 우리 집에서 잘 살아 보자아~~