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Over 20,000 hrs on this girl and still going strong. You won’t see many of the other brands running strong after 20k hrs! builtforit CAT finning logging logloader

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•The  Sulu bleeding-heart (Gallicolumba menagei) is a species of bird in the pigeon and dove family. •It is  endemic to the island of  Tawi-Tawi and its surrounding islets in the  Philippine s' Sulu Archipelago. •The population is assumed to be tiny (fewer than 50 individuals and mature individuals) based on assessment of local reports and area of remaining habitat which concluded that the population must be extremely small and on the verge of extinction. It is reliably known from just two specimens collected in 1891; there have been no confirmed records since and repeated surveys in the 1990s failed to find any direct evidence of the species. •The Sulu bleeding-heart is considered to be  criticallyendangered by the  IUCN.In 1994, remaining primary forest on Tawitawi was being rapidly cleared and the areas of forest left were highly degraded and recently logged. In 1996, there were plans to replace even these with oil-palm plantations, but in 2006 some forest tracts reportedly remained. Logging of the few remaining tracts, now confined to rugged, mountainous areas, is on-going. Small-scale logging operations occur on Tandubatu, Dundangan and Baliungan. No forest remains on the island of Jolo where there is an historic, unconfirmed report of the species. Do you think this bird is still struggling to survive? nature conservation bird animal wild wildlife

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Love when my contract gets extended a little longer 🥰 Same again next week 🙌🏼 TV Logging Crew

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Made a hoist out of one tree so the other wouldn’t go up under the rock logging

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A good example of putting safety first Sorry for the quality, just emphasizes the importance of always being safe. No matter how small the tree. ▪️ Credits unknown please DM. ▪️ 🙏Follow Us For Daily tree.surgeon To Brighten Up Your Day 🌥 ・ treesurgeon loggerlife forestryequipment timberfalling treeclimbing droppingtrees phanner pfanner arboristlife arboristsofinstagram professionalarborist myhusqy westcoastlogging arborist logging stihlchainsaw arboristfail ropewrench arblife thetreesarecalling arboristofinstagram tsumura logset treeman loggersworldwide

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Roads aren’t always the best option

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ridersedgesuspension keeping me in control of my kawi no matter what the trail has to offer. Check them out for all your suspension needs and more 👊🏼👊🏼

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Applying the penetrating sealer from masepoxies pouring the main epoxy tonight !

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I’ve started drawing an Amur Leopard to raise awareness on the effect of global warming , farming , logging and illegal poaching , there is now only around 84 individual Amur Leopards left before they become extinct in the wild , all due to human activities . stopglobalwarming stoppoaching stopdeforestation globalwarming deforestation logging stopillegalpoaching antipoaching stoppoaching saynotopoaching poaching extinct endangeredspecies endangered art artistsoninstagram animalart prismacolorpencils prismacolor pencildrawing wip colouredpencil drawing sketch sketchbook artist artistsupport animalartists

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The ms462 fullwrap doubbeldogs😍🥇